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Cool 29fbs opinions and experiences???

New member and 1st post . . . We're considering purchasing a used 2005 Jay Flight 29FBS. Looks to be be in very good condition. My current TT is a 2003 Jay Flight 24FB. Need a slide and a couple of bunks. A couple of questions for the group:

Any opinions on the 29FBS floor plan? Things you like and/or things you do not like? Tow vehicle is a 2010 Tundra 5.7L V8 with Tow Package (10,500lb max).

Grey water capacity is 64 gallons - I assume that means there are 2 gray tanks. Can someone please explain this further? Any real advantage other than not having to dump as often? Sounds very attractive as our current grey tank seems to fill very quickly, even when taking few and very conservative showers for a weekend.

Jayco says bunk weight capacity is 150 lbs. Does this apply to lower bunk also? Would like to be able to safely sleep an adult on the bottom bunk.

Anyone know where I can find a copy of the 2005 Jay Flight Brochure. I've downloaded the floor plan and specs from Jayco's website, but woudl like to look at the brochure also.

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Hey Dono - welcome to the Forums! There are a couple of folks out here with that model, so you should get plenty of input.

All the bunks I have seen on Jayflights had a 300 lb rating, was not aware they only had a 150 rating on some.

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About those gray tanks my 25RKS has two also one for bathroom and one for kitchen and I like that DW seems to use a lot of water at both sinks and they both have there own dump valve. there is a post on this site that has a link for Jayco manuals that you can download.
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With any brand used TT you want to look very closely for any signs of moisture damage and/or leaks...., this means someone should carefully inspect the roof for soft spots or caulking issues. Check interior walls/ceilings for any surface that appears to a rough "dimple" feel to it, look inside cabinets, behind sofas, and in outside storage areas. Check for any dark brown in color staining dripping down from window frames (inside/outside).

RV moisture damage is one of the most expensive "hidden" repairs that can be incurred in any used unit.

Good chance the tires/brakes/wheel bearings may require some attention. Ask for any maintenance records if available, or where maintenance was preformed.


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I received the 150lb rating in an email response from Jayco directly. They did not know the specific model I was interested in, although I specifically asked about model years 2004 through 2009. The response was simply that the bunk ratings are 150lbs. I took this to mean on any unit for any year during that range.
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My family has a 2006 Jayco 29 FBS TT. We bought it at 1.5 years old. And, we've been loving it ever since. And where needed, we upgrade it with "better then factory" fixes. For example, under added belly spray faom, installed "hard wired" Surge Guard, installed 2 x MaxAir roof vents (1 x black and 1 x white - over the bathroom), installed a battery switch, installed rear fridge fan, installed much better brake wiring, re-sealed its 11 windows, etc. etc.

We bought this specific floor plan because of its bathroom layout. As seen in its floor plan layout, the toliet / sink is on one side of the hall. And, the shower / tub is on the other side of the hall. Our son is physically disabled and needs help in the tub / shower. And to keep his body healthier, he aways showers after swimming. While helping, we are "in the hallway" - with lots of room to help. In "single room" bathroom layouts, the person helping (the other person in the tub) has their face in the toliet. Or, the toliet (in the same small bathroom) is in the way to assist them in/out of the tub. For helping a disabled kid or other persons, the split bathroom is a great idea. For safety and "ease of help", split bathrooms are a must have....

On a positive side benefit of "split bathroom" is its "end / end line of sight" layout.. For example, its hallway and its door is now in the middle of the trailer. My wife (laying on the left side of the master bedroom bed) can easily see all the way down to the opposite end of the trailer. She can see our kids getting out of bed in the morning or watch "with one eye open", who is making themselves breakfast. If our disabled son tries to make breakfast, we have to immediately assist. With traditional bedroom wall (and doors on far side of the wall), one needs to keep getting out of bed - to peak around an off-set bedroom door way. Now, she can lay on the left side of the master bed, read a book (or sleep in) and still keep a clear view on things. Ther person on the right side of the bed cannot see down the trailer. Thus, the right side of the bedroom has more visual privacy for this person. And, allows a little privacy area to change one's clothes in the master bedroom as well.

The power vent above the kids sleeping area lets in too much light. Last summer, we installed a Maxair (actually, MaxMate - different vent company) and we purposely picked Black color. Thus, blocking more light in the rear bedroom area. I also tinted (dark limo) the larger (lower) bed winder as well. Thus, creating a darker area - for kids to sleep in longer. The closet across the rear bunks is great. If kids are small, I'd recommend a safety rail on its upper bund. When kids were small, I created my own safety rail from steel pipes and painted them brown. Clean and simple.

The lower rear bunk can support a heavy short person. If worried about over weight (on the bottom bunk), simply open its under side storage compartment and install some 2x4s - to create vertical supports. The upper bunk won't hold very much body weight. Max 150 lbs sounds about right. The upper bunk is good little kids but not for a heavy adult. Do keep in mind these rear bunks are short. They are made for kids - not tall adults.

If I remember correctly, Jayco made the FBS models until early 2009. (last build in late 2008). The newer models have the same floor layout. Except the kitchen counter top end area comes out (creating more counter space) and their TV/DVD Entertainment area has different cupboards (actually, newer years have flat TV counter top instead of factory shelfs). And its "under the slide" area above the sofa has some little storage cupboards as well.

With large TTs (like the 29FBS), most people "load heavy". Its like one of those, "larger garage = more stuff one has" things in life. Therefore, do view your loaded 29FBS trailer behing near its max loaded weight. Especially if you have kids and they need lots of stuff as well.

For water tanks size, not too sure. We have our TT at a seasonal site and the CG staff empty our tanks every Tuesday AM (or Thursday - if Tuesday is rain day). Thus, we don't over fill our tanks.

We've opened every window on our TT except its front window. With front window open, I get a cold / draft feeling. Especially when trying to sleep. Thus, we keep its front window always shut. I do wish its bed was longer (for my 5'-11" body). When its current factory mastress is worn out, I want to replace with a "normal size" Queen bed. Something that is 12" longer. Would loose the "walk around" ability at the foot of our bed. But, with longer matress, I could sleep with my feet under covers - instead of them always sticking out the end of the short bed. On a positive note, the bedroom area layout does allow for a longer matress.

As a minimum, I would recommend removing its 11 windows (yes, simple DIY task over 3-4 weeks), remove their factory rubber gasket and replace this dry rubber seal with soft putty. Thus, sealing the windows properly - the "old school" way. Dry fit windows (that Jayco loves to use) don't work in the long run. Especially on older age trailers. Of the 11 windows on my 2006 Jayco 29 FBS, 3 of them were leaking water. And, one was leaking really bad "inside" the wall. And, I didn't even notice it. For cool video on how to re-seal TT windows, surf:

Due to its large flat slide roof and older age (when floot roofs that pool water start to leak), I'd recommend mandatory slide cover for your 2005 Jayco. If you plan to tow this trailer, get the spring loaded soft awning slide topper. If you plan to park your large TT at a seasonal site (like my family), I'd recommend a custom made "hard top" slide cover. Hard covers can be mounted with more roof slope - which is better in the long run. Regardless if soft or hard, IMO, a slide topper over the slide's flat roof is mandatory. If wondering, I plan to install my slide's custom created "hard top" slide cover in 3 more weeks.

Would I buy the 29FBS model again? Yes I would. Especially because of the many benefits of its split bathroom layout and its "clear line of sight" from the master bedroom bed to the opposite end of the trailer. Clear line of sight is great - especially when one needs to keep "one eye on the kids" while laying in your master bed (enjoying your own space) and reading a good book.

Hope these items help in your FBS research....

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Welcome to the Jayco Owners Forum Dono0013! Lotsa members here willing to help others. Looks like you've already had some good input. Let us know what you wind up doing
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To view an external and internal tour of the 2005 29 FBS, surf:

For this long of TT, I found its floor bouncy. To make the floor firm, do install extra scissor jacks in the middle of the TT (just in front of its front wheels). Install large size scissor jacks by cloning the front and rear jacks. Having middle jacks does remove middle of trailer "up/down" floor bounce. For example, surf: http://rvtravel.com/blog/rvnow/uploa...865-772408.jpg

For my TT, our disabled son destroyed its factory DVD/CD player. Moving parts and his lack of fine motor skills don't mix very well. We removed the factory Jenson and replaced with a Patriot Media Box - Media Player. We lost sorround sound (which is ok with us) but got much better music and movie player with NO "external" moving parts. Simply use a USB stick to "load it up" with desired movies and songs and play away. No physical buttons or plastic trays to worry about. If / when your factory 2005 Jensen DVD/CD Player no longer works, I'd recommend the Patriot Media Player with internal 750 GB drive as well. re: http://www.testfreaks.com/blog/revie...-media-player/

For my family of 5, we needed more kitchen area counter space. Thus, we got a little 2 ft x 2.5 ft chopping board / open shelf unit, put castor wheels under it and use it as a portable island. When we need more cooking counter space, we move this portable island to our desired postion. And when no longer needed, we move it to the side. For example: http://parkpatiofurniture.com/images...tcherBlock.jpg

Hope these other items help as well...

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We Purchased 29FBS new in 2005 and very pleased with the construction and quality of the trailer. Over the last five years we have had no major problems with trailer; regarding leaks or things falling apart only minor repairs. However I'm a firm believer in routine maintenance checks. Problems over the years were the water heater electrode burnt out, air conditioner did not work from day one and was replaced under warranty and the cabinet corner was damaged from placing cargo in the trailer. Easy fix by tacking on an oak corner round.
Things we like about the trailer is the floor plan and bathroom layout as spike99 described. There is plenty of room to shower and very convenient location for kids to access without tracking dirt throughout the trailer. Amble storage inside and outside of trailer for all your camping needs. Couch is large enough to hold three people and plenty of storage underneath. Other things we like are the open floor plan and how the bunks are hidden. I am 6'4 and weigh over 200 lbs and have slept on the bottom bunk several times with no issues. I can almost stretch out and have no fear of the bunk breaking. Dislikes about the trailer is the lack of counter space and graphics on outside of trailer are starting to peel off.
There are two grey tanks one for the kitchen sink and the second for the bathroom/tub. Dumping is not a problem since all discharge through one 3" pipe. Also like how the dump is in the middle of the trailer and have been fortunate to get by with a 20' sewer hose. Because, one never knows where the sewer outlet is located on full hookup sites.
Best of luck and as a family of four we love the layout and design of the 29FBS.
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Another very happy 29FBS owner here as well. We bought our used in Feb 2010, it is an 08 model. We like the floor plan because after the kids go to bed, we come in from the camp fire and don't disturb them when brushing teeth/using the toilet. Most bunkhouse TT's have the bathroom right next to the bunks and we didn't like that.

There is a sticker on the wall near the top bunk that says MAX WEIGHT 300LBS
I don't know if I would put a 300 lb person up there, but apparently it's built for it. I like the single over double configuration with the bunks.

I think Spike and Rolling Condo covered just about everything. The only thing I want to add is about the freshwater tank. It is located in the rear of the TT, almost all the way back. I think it is about 4-5ft in front of the rear bumper. If you use it, make sure you load the front compartment heavy to compensate for the weight loss on the tongue with a full tank. I tried it once-won't do it again. We don't stay at campgrounds without hook-ups, so that is not a problem for us.

Good luck with your purchase,

Dave and Amy
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