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I said it before and don't recall positive responses, but here goes again. Jayco could offer an optional in-factory PDI which would cover all the things that we non handy, non mechanical types are supposed to find on our own. That option would also agree that anything still missed will be brought up to expected standards by dealer or the factory itself. This would be more than simply an extended warranty but a near guarantee that you get what you expected. Let Jayco set the price and the buyer make the decision.

If Jayco quality is sufficiently high, I would expect that the majority of fixes would be done in the factory and cheaply for Jayco. The occasional major problem that could not have been found in-factory would hardly take the profit out of the total option income.

It might be expensive, sure. But in my mind a far better investment than a bunch of dollars for a pretty but glorified space heater of a "fireplace" that so many pop for.

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I think the issue is with the theory of paying EXTRA to make sure the product was right in the first place...

In reality, Jayco should increase the price per trailer by $90 and pay a quality control employee $30/hour to spend 3 hours poring over every single trailer before it leaves the factory. For $90 (or less, not sure what a reasonable hourly rate in Indiana might be...) Jayco can ensure better initial quality, can better track what crews are making specific problems, and fix things better and cheaper at the factory than at the dealership.

There is no reason that something like this doesn't get done. I can't imagine that a $90 price difference would cause any loss in sales, especially if that $90 investment created a better overall product.

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Spoon059. A price increase would soon become precisely that, with zero degrees of separation between today's product and tomorrow's. Of course, that's just my opinion. And I think the possibility of increased profit from my plan would stimulate more company interest.

Maybe others agree with you. Maybe other ideas are out there. But I'm darned if I'm buying a replacement for my 2011 near perfect still Eagle after reading the increasing number of complaints over my years of ownership. And mine gets the heck kicked out of it the first five miles every time we use it, plus we've wintered in it for every winter but this last one. So it's had lots of use.
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I don't agree that we are seeing a great increase in the percentage of units with "issues". What your seeing is an industry pushed to the max to build units to meet the demands. 1% of 1000 units is 10 problems. 1% of 300,000 units is 300, an increase in numbers but not percentage wise.

Also, Jayco does have at the end of each line, a team that just go over the units. Cleaning up caulk, dirt and dust, etc. they are humans, not perfect but do a good job, I've watched them. Doors not closing, especially all the doors, would make me think out of level and racking the unit. Moldings, will shrink and grow with weather. Made when it's dry, get it to a higher humidity area and your likely to pop a nail or two, not the hill to die on. Ones person huge issue is another persons ho hum. As I get older I have less and less hills i'm ready to die on. I also realize I'm not perfect so how can I expect others to be.

Long as Jayco steps up and takes care of the issues it a moot point to me. Should it happen, of course not, does it... yep. And Doctors make mistakes that kill people, have not heard of people dying over loose molding.

We need to keep things in perspective, if you hate Jayco there are dozens of other companies to choose from. I've been happy with my TT, and happy with Jayco...

FYI at $30 an hour, your paying an employee about minimum wage...cost will be closer to double that for average factory worker. Government regulations adds HUGE to your cost of an employee...mandatory healthcare, WC, payroll taxes, vacation, sick pay, etc etc etc.
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I enjoy reading the practicality of some of the posters on this site. I'm also intrigued by those who tinker with their RV's that were recently purchased, and they're not happy with. While I understand doing a simple fix yourself, the downside of doing that is Jayco will never get a full picture of potential quality problems, and therefore Jayco won't fix what they don't know is broken. You don't know what you don't know.....
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Hi Five to Spoon---
Great idea and IF these people are making $30.00 /hr the product and company get a Bad Dog Bone for allowing stuff to ship the way it does.
I'll bet the wages are closer to half that in Indiana.

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