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90 Day Shakedown List of Defects.

In June, we took delivery of our new '15 JayFlight 26RKS. After 90 days, and a few long weekend trips, I have a list of defects with the unit. I will list in the order they were discovered. The first seven were found at the walk through, although my wife and son and I found these items, we just made notes, and I repaired myself, at home. I for one, am one of those who can do most repairs, and it has been my experience that I have to go back and fix things after a dealer makes repairs. (Mostly vehicle repairs). At any rate, this is our first NEW trailer, although we have had a few trailers, one travel, and a few Toy Haulers.

Found at Walk Through:

1) Trim at linen cabinet loose and bowing out. Glued and clamped at home.

2) Dinette bed stops mis-located. There are two plastic stops to hold the dinette table top in place when it is in the bed position. They would not let the top go into position by about 3/4 of an inch!! Relocated both 1/2 inch farther away from each other.

3) USB charge port wires were getting hung up in kitchen drawers. The model we looked at when we ordered, had the USB port below the switch panel cabinet door, but our trailer had it in a "blank" between the top kitchen drawer and the counter top. One screw and nylon clamp later, wires secured and out of the way!

4) Dinette 1/2 wall between dinette and TV cabinet loose. Screw totally stripped. Put a metal speed nut inside cabinet for screw to use since wood stripped.

5) TV wires were getting caught in TV cabinet door, when you opened and closed it. Zip tie around cables, small bungee cord, and small cup hook in cabinet ceiling, and a cable guide was born.

6) TV cabinet door was about 1/2" lower at latch side than hinge side. Re-mounted lower hinge, puttied holes, and put in two positive latches on latch side to help support door/TV weight.

7) This and #8 are more design flaws than defects. Bath medicine cabinet door was mounted where it hung below cabinet. I guess they want you to use the bottom of the door as a pull. Myself, at 6'4" wanted the cabinet door/mirror higher. Re mounted door centered on medicine cabinet, puttied holes, and added a nice pull knob.

8) All of the dinette cushion backs kept falling forward, as the velcro holders were mounted on the lower third of the cushions. Added velcro strips to the tops of the cushions.

NOW, on to the stuff we found LATER:

9) Remember the USB charger port wires I tied up? At walk thru, we put an outlet tester in EVERY outlet inside and out, but we did NOT test the USB ports. Plugged a phone in to charge, and no power. VOM, test wires plugged into USB, no power. Traced wires back under kitchen sink to hole in cabinet wall leading to Power Distribution box, and no connections to have failed. Pulled Power Distribution box out of cabinet, and Voila!!! Both the Black(hot) and White(ground) are laying there. The ends were NOT even stripped. Stripped white, and added to an empty ground bar lug. Stripped black, and added to an empty 30A fuse tap. All good!!!

10) Going in and out fixing stuff in camper, and I noticed steps were a little spongy feeling. Took a look, and one of the studs sticking down through step mount plate was empty! No flat washer, lock washer or nut! Added those items, steps are great!

11) Both dinette benches have storage under them accessible from under the cushion and through a cabinet door at the end of the bench box. Well, this is a POOR design, as the cabinet doors are padded, upholstered 3" thick doors that you put your weight on as you get in or out of the seat!!! The latches on both doors pulled out, as did one door's piano hinge. Remounted all, and added a heavy duty "L" bracket under each doors latch side, so it can support the weight, and being very careful getting in and out of seats, and not sitting on portion of seat that is door! Jayco needs to extend the box three inches, frame the top of the box there, and put a std cabinet door over the opening. Door hinges and cabinet latches were never intended to support body weight!!!

12) First camping trip, fill fresh until it runs out of vent at fill point, and two vents protruding through belly pan. Verify fresh shows "full" on monitor panel. 6 Hours of lots of hills later, at camp, check monitor, and it shows "EMPTY" I figure the ground must have come loose on the fresh tank sensor. Never ran out of water over the weekend, but only two showers, and minimal use otherwise. Next trip, I fill water until it runs out of all three vents, check monitor for sh*ts and giggles, and, much to my surprise, it shows "FULL" !!! Those two vents, protruding from belly pan, siphoned the fresh tanks all of the way to camp! Tee'd them together, added 1/2" line to back of trailer, and zip tied to ladder ABOVE tank top level. Fresh stays full all the way to camp! This seems to be a design flaw. Myself, I do not understand needing Three vents for two tanks??? One vent at fill point, and an equalization vent across the top of both tanks (one into the other)

13) Remember the first shower mentioned above? About an hour later, I see water on the bathroom floor, and even a small amount in the living room, which has run along the linoleum under the wall. First thought is shower enclosure leaking at bottom where it mates with shower pan. The small amount of sealant Jayco used here WAS sloppily done. However, after I towel dried floors and shower, it came back, and pump cycled every 20 or 30 min. So, pulled out shower valve assembly, and Voila! they used Pex crimp type clamps on both hot and cold side flex hose to valve connections. Great EXCEPT that the cold side flex line had been cut at MORE than a 45 deg angle, and the crimp clamp was not even over the resulting "low" side. Ran an hour each way to town, picked up a stainless worm gear clamp, and a tube of silicone. Cut crimp clamp off with dykes, cut flex hose STRAIGHT, re clamped, then re sealed enclosure just for the **** of it, although it wasn't the problem.

14) Lastly, the kitchen sink faucet was installed about 30 degrees off! Faucet would barely swing into large side of sink, but would swing all of the way past the small side, and out onto the cabinet. Loosened, rotated, re-tightened, and all is good!

All in all, for as many parts, pieces, and processes involved, it isn't bad. I do think Jayco needs to address a couple of design flaws, and I do think their QC is pretty sloppy!!! But I think it is a good unit overall.

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TIML: "All in all, for as many parts, pieces, and processes involved, it isn't bad."

You're a heck of a nice guy!

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On #11, couldn't help but notice on a 2016 model Jay Flight, that they went to a wood door there. I haven't broke mine yet (it's like yours). Thought about making some doors to replace it. Maybe later.
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#12, there are only two vents. The small vent at the gravity fill, Jayco does not use it. If you can find it inside it will have a small amount of caulk at the nipple to prevent water to enter the unit.
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Mine is easy to access, and it IS hooked up. There is a 1/2" clear vinyl tube run from the vent to the tank, right next to the 1&1/4" fill line. Also, when my fresh water is full, water runs out of this vent.
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So, in summary, when my fresh tanks are full, I have 3 vents pushing out water. 1 at the gravity fill, and 2 stubbed out under the trailer.

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