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I ordered my Eagle 284BHBE and picked it up in Albany, NY, last year. The local dealers prices were significantly more than a $2750 price increase and the local dealers were clueless and the local Jayco dealer (only one for Eastern Ont.) telling me that that the Eagle 28 BHBE did not exist and there were no Eagle tow trailers to even have a look at. Given that I was going to have to purchase a trailer without seeing it regardless of whether I purchased online or from a local dealer made the decision to purchase online easier. I found RV Direct great to deal with and our saleswoman Debbie was very knowledgeable about Jayco products and the trailer came in exactly as ordered and they supplied a 30 day travel permit as well as all the paperwork necessary to bring the trailer across the US/Canada Border.

With the trailer VIN # I was able to phone my insurer and arrange insurance. We booked a nearby campground the weekend we picked it up and if anything major had been wrong we would have left it there for any necessary repairs and returned a week later. Jayco quality, fit and finish were excellent and they spent about 1.5 hours doing the trailer demonstration to show us the ins and outs of the new trailer. Once we got home, we had to pay our provincial salestax and take it for an inspection which was completed in 30 minutes to get our provincial license plates for the trailer.

The only hiccup we had was that I decided on a Propride Hitch (Similar to Hensley Arrow) and despite assuring me repeatedly that they would be able to install the hitch, they were unable to install it properly and I had to re-do it myself. All in all, the experience was very good aside from the hitch installation. There are definitely benefits to a very good local dealer and I would be willing to pay a 10 to 15% premium for piece of mind but I was not willing to pay a 50 to 60% premium to buy from the local Jayco dealer(s). I accepted that if something seriously went wrong with the trailer during the first two years under warranty, I might have to haul it 300 miles back to the dealership in Albany as I do not know how supportive the local dealership would be if there was a warranty dispute.

As to payload, that will be an issue you will have to examine closely. One disadvantage to ordering is you are going by the catalogue weight. For example, my 284 BHBE was listed as 6600 lbs dry with a 630 lbs tongue weight (9250 lbs GVWR). When delivered, it had a weight of 7300 lbs dry (due to added bikerack, upgraded countertops, fold out couch, gel coat sides etc.). With both propane tanks and the battery, I am about 950 to 1000 lbs dry (which accords with 13-15% tongue wt). Loaded for camping with no water, we have 750 to 1000 lbs of cargo depending on whether we bring bikes etc., which is less than half the cargo capacity of the 284BHBE and adds another 100 to 150 lbs tongue weight for a total of about 1150 lbs. My F150 with Maxtow package has a payload of 1650 lbs which after deduction of my tongue weight of 1150 lbs, I am left with 500 lbs of payload.

From this I deduct my 50 lbs over the average driver of 150 lbs (trying to remember the last time I saw a 150lb driver in a pickup with a camper behind it), my wife at 110lbs, kid and dog 100lbs and 70lbs and 120 lbs for my hitch brings me to 450 lbs out of the 500lb payload. Without the F150 Max Tow package the F150 has similar payload to the Chevy and I would be about 200 lbs over payload with these items. I am closer on payload than I would like and I am currently looking at upgrading to a new F150 with a HD Payload package which is supposed to provide 3300 lbs of payload. Everybody’s needs and loading habits are different, but this should give you an idea of average or typical loads.

Towing mileage is really variable depending on terrain, wind and speed. I currently get between 9 and 12 mpg with a 5.4 gas and 3.73 rear-end. 65 mph does not get me anywhere faster than 55 mph because usually any time saved is spent in extra time at the pumps and 5 mph really does make a significant difference when towing. Gas saved going down the mountain does not nearly make up for the extra gas burned going up the mountain. With wind, think of carrying a 25 lb sheet of plywood and then walk with it broadside into the wind; that is kind of what you are pulling behind the truck. Somedays the wind is at your back which will slightly increase your mileage but it never makes up in mileage for those days with a headwind. Weight is also a factor but a 1000 lbs more or less is not going to be as significant as the other three factors.

If you have additional questions about RV direct, do not hesitate to PM me.

2015 Eagle 284BHBE

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Originally Posted by sully585 View Post
as far as mileage goes, we are planning on taking a trip to Montana in July. the mileage from my home in Texas to Montana is 1450. if we bought locally, we would be towing the TT the entire way. if we decide to buy from RV Direct, we will just take delivery as part of our July trip, and we will have to drive my truck (with no TT, obviously) to Des Moines, IA, which is 693 miles from here, to get the TT. after we take delivery, we will then drive 1166 miles from Des Moines IA to Montana. so i will have to drive an extra 400 miles out of my way to pick up the TT, but will save a little bit of $$ in fuel expenses since i won't be pulling the TT. ...snip...
My original post was getting long so I cut it short...
Like you, my DW and I went through similar contortions for our trailer (on order) and traveling 1,800 miles (one way) to pick it up in Middlebury. We have to be near Middlebury sometime this summer anyway so we thought about combining the two trips. We eventually nixed that idea because
1) what if there were problems with the trailer and we COULDN'T take when we planned and
2) having to plan very well and load EVERYTHING in the truck for weeks of camping. It's our first travel trailer and came to the realization we didn't know enough to be exacting enough. We would likely have stuff we couldn't put in the trailer or stuff we left behind that we need and then need to buy. It seemed the added fuel cost wasn't enough to risk it.

So someday soon I'll be driving to Middlebury and bringing our trailer back to AZ. Then we'll have lots of time to pack what we need in places we KNOW it will fit.

There's no right way to do it, just what works.

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Originally Posted by sully585 View Post
5. What kind of fuel mileage will I get in my TV when pulling this RV?
As stated, 8-10 for the most part. Keep your speed down and it saves gas. Most of find that the "sweet spot" is somewhere between 60-65 mph. I generally run about 62/63. Get to know how it handles, take notes on the mileage you get and average it out over a typical trip. Then monitor the mileage every now and again, not because you want to brag (or cry), but because a drop in mileage can mean there is a problem with something.
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wow, y'all rock! thanks for all the great advice. i've pretty much made up my mind that i will go ahead and spend the extra $$ to buy it local. our local dealership (Patterson RV) has a great reputation, i have several friends who have bought there and have nothing but good things to say.

several of you made good points, especially since i was planning on incorporating delivery of the unit into a pre-planned vacation that has hard dates. if something were to go wrong with delivery, we'd be stuck.

i think i will take the RV Direct quote into my local dealer and see if i can get another $1000 off. can't hurt to ask, right?
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Originally Posted by oldmanAZ View Post
#5) Gasers up to around 7mpg; diesels around 10mpg
Holy cow, I'm glad I don't have that gas engine truck! I get about 10 mpg and tow at about 65 mph. Up mountains is a couple worse, down mountains is a couple better.

I got a price quote from RV Direct and my local dealer came within a couple hundred dollars of that price. I figured the price of gas to drive there and back (Albany, NY) was more than the difference so I bought local. I'd suggest you take your quote to your local dealer(s) and see if they are negotiable. Now... if the price difference includes shipping from Jayco versus you picking it up, you aren't going to be able to make that cost go away.

Your truck should be able to handle those weights, but you need to provide more info to make an educated answer. You have 1400 +/- payload, but we don't know how much your family weights. Your dry tongue weight is very low. With options and packed for travel it will be closer to 800 lbs. That leaves 600 lbs +/- for your family and gear in the truck. That would be perfectly fine for MY family, but if you have 3 teenage boys that weight 200 lbs each, you are going to have much higher weights than me.

The local dealer might put you to the back of the line for service if you buy elsewhere, but Jayco can send you to an independent repair shop that will be happy to take Jayco's money to repair your rig.

It would be nice to save $2500 and by from RVDirect, but I wouldn't fret too much about it. If you like the camper and are having fun, you won't really care about that $2500 price difference...
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And when considering RV-Direct, don't forget to check purchasing your RV through Costco or Sam's Club. We went the Costco route and ended-up purchasing our Jayco via the Jayco Dealership ... the best of both worlds, happy with price and got dealership loyalty!
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What is your TV's gear ratio?

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Originally Posted by Mustang65 View Post

What is your TV's gear ratio?

3.42 ratio
9600 lb towing capacity
1435 payload
2015 Jay Flight 26BHS
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My dealer matched RV direct also but other dealers wouldn't come close. Plus it's going to a seasonal spot so my dealer will come out 3 times for warranty work. I think I got a great deal!
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I have a similar pairing

I tow a 26BHS with a very similar truck. I couldn't find my truck's payload capacity on the door sticker, but the glossy brochure that the dealer had described it as 1,634 lb. Its a 2013 GMC Sierra, Crew Cab, 3.42 rear end , 5.3 L, 2 wheel drive, with "HD Trailering Equipment Package". I use an Anderson WD hitch, but can't tune it to lift the back of the truck. I guess that it is shifting some weight - scales would tell. The truck and trailer are almost level with no water on board. It feels OK while towing except sometimes there is a surging sensation. I tow in flat areas. I bought the trailer via RV Direct from their Orlando supplier and it worked out fine. The only issue was that it took about 2 months to get it.

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