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Thanks for the responses, a lot of great info.

To clarify, the battery did not get hot until it was being charged.
when not on genny or shore power, battery is cool to touch. When on genny or shore, battery gets very warm, almost hot.

I went out and got a new multimeter as my last one was over 20 years old and seen better days. Calibrated, and tested the cables when removed from the battery and plugged into shore - 13.0 vdc steady. (a bit low but factoring in voltage drop maybe not) not sure if I should see 13.2 or 13.6.

It is an Interstate Battery so getting it replaced should not be an issue. Thinking a gel battery may not be that bad.

I did have the trailer plugged in to my house about a week just prior to last outing when this was discovered. Coupled with warm weather then quite possible it is just the nature of the battery.

I used to maintain batteries on M1 tanks and never had an issue with Lead Acid deep cycle, and they where under much bigger loads.

Well I am gonna try and get the battery replaced under warranty elsewhere, since the dealer wait is just plain stupid. get a gravity tester and carry plenty of distilled from here on out.

I will post a follow up

Thanks again for the input.

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Bill, that business of carrying plenty of distilled water is not.necessary. If your battery and converter are working properly, adding water is not a regular thing at all until possibly the battery has number of years on it. If you had an interstate battery and it failed, you just had bad luck. They make a good battery and chances are that after you replace it, your troubles are over. Pull it and have it checked. It is just that simple. Don't make more of this issue then it is. My wet cell batteries stay plugged in when ever I'm home and do not need water added!! If you want to go gel thats just fine. Just don't jump at gel because of someone else's opinion. That business of " just being the nature of the battery" is false. There is something wrong.

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Originally Posted by Loboclone View Post
Simple Response here. Wet batteries boil dry when plugged in.........if a wet battery is on shore power they boil dry. Short out yes, stop storing yes. Go AGM batteries, dual them and you got power! You can leave it on shore power and no problem. They cost more but replacing wet batteries due to boil over is a waste of time and money,
Very misleading and false. Generates unwarranted distrust in wet cell batteries.

I have had the original wet cell battery that was supplied by the dealer 4 years ago. It remains on shore power 75% of the time. During the summer it is always on to keep the temperature under 85 degrees. In all that time I have added less than 2 ounces of water. I check it monthly and seldom have needed to add water.

As others have said if the battery is not faulty and you have a 3-stage converter the should be no issue being connected to shore power 24/7.
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how can you tell if you have a 3 stage converter?

it is a WFCO WF-8735-P. I see no indication of it being a 3 stager.

What other types are there? single and /or 2 stagers? what could go wrong if it is a single stager?

Trying to get the battery replaced under warranty.
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On page 3 of the operations manual it lists the 3 stages of your unit. It is a 3 stage unit.
Google "WFCO WF-8735-P manual" and click on the PDF file.
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So after much research I have found that the WFCO maintain charge is misleading and doesn't work the way one would anticipate. Evidently, the only way they go into the maintain mode is if EVERYTHING is turned off.

I went ahead and got an Intelli-Power 9200.
Cut the power cord, removed the storage box, converted to a plug in shorepower.

Ripped the guts out of the old converter. Cleaned up the wiring and was just about to hook up the negative side of the circuit and ran into a small dilemma.

The 8AWG white wire was disconnected and my dumb butt didn't take before pictures.
all my small white wires go to a ground bus along with a bare copper (Chassis ground?) I believe the 8AWG was also connected to this bus.

So 2 favors.
1) can someone confirm this?
2) anyone know how I should connect the Chassis ground to the grounding (not negative) lug? Should that Bare wire (if it is indeed the chassis ground ) even be connected to the bus? the converter document states that the ground should not be connected to the same wire as the negative.
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Unless there is more to the story then you have told us. You have went to a lot of trouble over a bad battery!!!!
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My rig came with 2- 12v wet cells. I do have a 3 stage converter and my last 2 rigs also have had the same setup except with only one 12v battery. My rig is plugged in to 120v when I am home or camping.

My experience with using Marine type batteries is they they usually last 4-5 years by using the charger I have and regular checks of water levels. I hardly ever have to add water.
Just make sure the contacts are clean, tight and no corrosion .
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You likely have a shorted cell in your battery as many have already stated. If that's the case then, in effect, you have a 10 volt (5 cell) battery. The 13.5 charging voltage is 5.5 volts over the proper charging voltage for a 10 volt battery. Hence the boil over of the remaining 5 cells.

Take the battery out and put in a new one.

Are AGM's better than flooded lead acid? Probably in most applications but I'm not sure you can justify the additional expense. Can you leave your standard flooded lead acid on a properly operating charger? Of course you can and there will be no problems involved.

However, you do have to maintain flooded batteries on a regular basis. If you aren't willing to do that you might want to look at AGM. I've had flooded batteries in 10+ different RV's and several golf carts with no problems leaving them on charge all the time. But I do properly maintain them.
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I have a replacement battery that I am just about to put in.
Was able to get it under warranty.

My request isn't so much about the best battery, but rather if someone can snap a pic of their un-modded wiring and if there is anyone who might know about the the chassis ground.

I appreciate all the input on the best battery and might open up a thread specifically dealing with that.

Thanks in advance.

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battery, boil over, charging, converter

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