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Not sure if this issue applies, but the weight of the generator will be a factor if you are getting it in and out of a truck bed or something. I have 2 of the Honda E2000 generators and they are individually light but when connected together run anything you want....quietly too.

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Originally Posted by mothernaturesson View Post
We got the Champion 3100 after reading many posts on JOF, It was around $750 delivered from Overstock. We used it out there for the first time last week and it's everything it was advertised to be, quiet and fuel efficient. I only had to run an hour a day or less to re-charge the battery and was able to run it on economy mode. The only time we switched to full power was when we blasted the air for about two hours before we left to get some of the dampness out. I like the placement of the exhaust because I was able to slide it under the TT when it was raining and the exhaust blows strait out from under it. My only negative is the weight, I wont be able to load and unload it from the back of the tv by myself in about 10 years. LOL
I use one of these

Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray Cargo Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 300 lbs Stromberg Carlson Trailer Cargo Control CC-255

No lifting or moving.

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Whoa, awesome. I'm loosing count haw many times I find something new (to me) on this forum. Add in a 30 amp extension I'm sure. Do you have any tricks for running it in rainy conditions?
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Westinghouse has a new inverter generator. Nice in between size at 2400 watts. Has a couple of USB ports, too. There is a larger, wheeled one that also is in green colored "Explorer Series." That one has an RV plug. 3250 watts. Both can be found on eBay. I am looking at the smaller one for convenience. There is also a blue inverter generator at 2000 watts that's cheaper.

$650 for the small green inverter and $500 for the larger wheeled one. I do like the price and the RV plug on the wheeled one...
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Originally Posted by mothernaturesson View Post
Whoa, awesome. I'm loosing count haw many times I find something new (to me) on this forum. Add in a 30 amp extension I'm sure. Do you have any tricks for running it in rainy conditions?
I have the generator covered with the standard Honda cover, an outboard motor cover from Bass Pro and then a cargo net to keep the covers from flapping around in the wind. Of course those have to come off when running.

I have the generator bolted to the tray with some bolts I fashioned and protected with some tool steel. I also put a couple of cable locks on it just for grins. It could be stolen but someone would have to show up with some good power tools to cut thru everything. It would take them some time to get it off. The average WalMart parking lot thief probably won't be able to get it.

I intend to fashion a tent fly type cover for when I need to run it in the rain. I'm planning to have a rectangular fly of waterproof material made. I'll connect 2 corners to the front of the TT. The other 2 corners I'll connect to some fiberglass tent poles under tension to keep the fly taut. I figure if I position the fly 12"-18" above the generator and angle it down in the front the rain will run off but good air circulation will still be maintained.

I mostly have the generator so I can run the A/C when we go in somewhere like a museum or something for a few hours while on the road. We have a dog and of course we have to keep her cool when it's hot out. When it's raining it's usually cool enough to not worry about it so the tent fly cover is fairly low on my project list right now.
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We were going back and forth with the generator dilemma for a while recently.

My thoughts are, if money is not really an issue then just get the two small inverter units (like the Honda or Yamaha). Lots of bonus' with those; small, light, quiet, fuel efficient, and pretty much bullet proof. They will fit in the little storage cubby's no problem. And two of them will power everything, even the big A/C units.

If money is tight, then you might as well throw the idea of inverter units out the window.

What we ended up doing was getting a Generac 3250 Watt unit (3750 peak). Menards has them for just over $400. It will power the A/C, which was really the main reason we even needed the generator. Its not super quiet, but not extremely loud either. Its around 110 pounds so one guy can manhandle it if need be. Has wheels and a flip up handle for easing moving. I figure for the price, what the heck, why not give it a try. We have used it once now with the TT and it worked fine.

My only issue will be hauling it. Right now we tow with a Yukon, so no truck bed to toss it in. I dont really want to put it in the back of her car, and I dont really want to put it in the trailer (although it will fit in either easily). Last weekend when we used it we also took my Jeep with a trailer full of minibikes and a four wheeler, so it went on the trailer that trip. Right now I am looking at fabbing up something to haul it behind the trailer.

One thing I will add is with a small generator (like we have) it will not power several big watt items at once. I was originally having an issue with the generator breaker tripping each time she turned on her hair dryer. And it also was doing the same thing when running the Keurig machine. Then I figured out I had the fridge setup on "auto" mode, which switches to electric automatically when it is available. Once I switched it to gas we had no problems after that. But it would not run the fridge and those other items together. So dont forget to switch your fridge to full time gas if you have a small geny.
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We own several generators, but the main ones used for the RV are the Champion 3500/4000, and a pair of Honda EU2000's. The Champion is mounted on the rear of the camper. Yes, it's noisier than the Honda's, I know, but it's function is running the AC and residential fridge while traveling. It handles our 15k AC and the fridge with no problem at all. Once at destination, it's off. The Champion is NOT as loud as the typical contractor generator, even under load. We have those contractor models too, so I can compare all of them. I wouldn't hesitate parking at a rest or truck stop and running the champion as it's quieter than a refer truck or just the semi idling. Ever heard Their onboard generators? I'm seeing a lot of those now. Just as loud. The reason I didn't mount the Honda's on the back is because in order to run them for 8 hours plus under load, I have to use my aux tank I made. I did not want to mount all of this on the rear due to the expense involved in "hiding" everything. I like my Honda's, they are quiet, but they are very popular to steal also. I've got a whopping $400 in the genset rack and all with the set up on the rear now. Nobody ever bothers the champion. However, if I were like some and wanted to use a genset at a camping area, I'd use the Hondas.

The champion addition can be seen at this thread: https://www.jaycoowners.com/forums/f3...hbe-30052.html
Mounted on rubber vibration dampeners. Rack can be removed and rolled around the shop for other uses.
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Thanks for sharing.
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There really are a lot of options. Your selection will be based on how you plan to use your generator, what you want to run and how long you want to run it.

I went with the Honda eu3000is (not the Handi) mounted on the Stromberg Carlson A frame rack because it's quiet and fuel efficient. It can run my 15K A/C, converter and refer all night on a tank of gas. I also don't have any gasoline inside the TT or the TV. Not the cheapest solution but one that starts with a turn of the key, the generator never has to be moved and I can't even hear it from inside the TT.

There are dozens of other choices that will work just fine to meet varying needs. It's interesting to see how everybody has addressed their own circumstances. A couple of things to consider (1) mounting the generator on the A frame or on the rear bumper will impact tongue weight and TT balance. Also, most bumpers can't handle the weight if not modified. (2) most open frame generators will not be very effective for battery charging. Here's a good article that discusses this issue.

Battery charging via generator

Thanks to all for the information and good luck finding a solution that meets your needs.
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I sold my Honda 2000 for $850 on craigslist. My buddy had bought the Champion and we tested the noise side by side. Then we used his to see if my 15k AC would turn on. When it did, I knew I had to sell the Honda and get the Champion. It was on sale at Costco for $699 and it goes on sale every three months or so from what I can see. Great upgrade in my opinion. Best part is I bought my Honda for $899 on sale and used it for a year - not much, but it only cost me $49 for the year. Also, since I bought it at Costco, if I ever have a problem, I can return it for a full refund.





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