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Originally Posted by cekkk View Post
But don't you sanitize the brewing equipment with hot, not cold, water? I make wine and always use hot. Just asking.
I've never used hot, or even warm water and I don't believe there are instructions calling for a certain water temp (I could be proved wrong on this). Previously, with granular sanitizers I used warm water but only to dissolve quicker. The only possible problem with using this type of sanitizer would be the foam that can be created by the sanitizer. The other possible benefit is that it only takes two minutes of contact in order to sanitize whereas the bleach/water system calls for a minimum of 4 hours. Still researching


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Originally Posted by us71na View Post
Refill with just enough water to pump fresh water through all the piping and then drain the tank. You are good to go until you fill up the next time you plan to use your camper. No need to rinse as any remaining bleach will be diluted by the fill up of the tank and other than taste it won't hurt you.
My Jayco Owner's Manual says to completely fill and drain with potable water and drain (after the bleach/water treatment). It also says that if the chlorine taste still lingers fill the tank again with a solution of vinegar water.


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I also hate wasting all that water to sanitize the FW tank we rarely use. This year, I plan to flush the anti-freeze with the city water then use the winterizing port to sanitize the lines while the water heater is still bypassed. If I need to use the FW tank later down the line, I'll sanitize it.

I also homebrew and checked the Star San label and it does not specify a water temp. I believe it's an acid based sanitizer so it's probably not temperature dependent.
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From the 2015 Eagle manual:
 When your RV is new.
 At the beginning and end of each season.
 When the water system becomes contaminated or every three months of use.
How to sanitize with a water pump
1. Level the RV and drain the fresh water system. (see Draining the fresh
water system).
2. Close the drain valves.
3. Prepare a chlorine solution using 1/4 cup of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) to one gallon (3.785 liters) of water in a container. Prepare one gallon of solution for every 15 gallons of tank capacity. This will result in a residual chlorine concentration of 50 ppm in the water system. If a 100-ppm concentration is required as discussed in step 10, use 1⁄2 cup of household bleach with one gallon of water to prepare the chlorine solution. One gallon of the solution should be used for each 15 gallons of tank capacity.
4. Pour the chlorine solution in at the gravity fill connection (if so equipped).
5. Continue filling the fresh water tank with potable water until it is full.
6. Turn the water pump ON.
7. After the recommended amount of solution is in the tank, turn OFF the water pump.
8. Open the hot water line on all the faucets until water begins to flow continuously and a chlorine smell is noticeable.
9. Close the hot water lines and repeat with the cold water lines on the faucets.
10. Let the solution remain in the system for at least four hours when disinfecting with 50-PPM residual chlorine. If a shorter time period is desired, then a 100- PPM chlorine concentration should be permitted to sit in the system for at least one hour.
11. After the required period, drain the chlorine solution from the fresh water system (see Draining the fresh water system).

Some solution may remain in the water heater and will be flushed in the following steps:
12. Fill the fresh water system completely full using clean (potable) water.
13. Then,drainthefreshwatersystem(seeDrainingthefreshw atersystem).
NOTE: If a chlorine taste lingers in the water, flush the water system with a solution consisting of one-quart vinegar to five gallons of clean water. Re-flush as necessary.

I followed this and worked well. As others mentioned when I re-filled fresh water tank I used the pump and drained through the faucetts and toilet. 2 advantages I believe. 1. Faster way to drain and 2. Ensures through flush of water lines.
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[QUOTE=krcarter54;377045]I'm curious what others do. When the spring thaw finally arrives and I can remove the pink antifreeze from the water lines should I just flush all of the supply lines real good or should I try and run a little bleach through them also? We never use the water holding tank so I don't know of any reason to sanitize it. If y'all suggest I sanitize then I can fill the fresh water tank partially along with small amount of bleach and use the 12 volt pump to push the mixture through the water supply lines. All suggestions welcomed yay or nay!

if you don't use your fresh water tank then you don't have to sanitize through your fresh water tank. Sanitize thru the same tube where you added the antifreeze at the water pump for winter. You waste almost no fresh water.
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