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Originally Posted by OhioRVMom View Post
we are looking at this exact same unit. we have a Ford F150 so I am hoping it's going to be enough to pull it. on paper it is. but from what I am reading, that's not always enough. our tow limit is 7700 lbs. the 2016 elite is going to run us about 6700 or 6800 lbs so about a thousand to spare roughly. On paper. of course we'll be adding stuff to it, but not likely a thousand pounds worth. This is a far more stressful decision than I ever anticipated..
Not to hijack this thread, but if you're going on the tow limit in the specifications section of the website or your manual you're likely to be disappointed. The weights on the door jamb sticker are far more useful to you. I'd post in the towing section of this forum.

Currently between RV's, and it might stay that way !
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Welcome to the Forums! I think most of us have been where you are. DH is on the phone with the dealer right now about an electrical issue that wasn't evident when we did the PDI, but has shown up 3 days after we brought the trailer home. Frustrating. But yes, we'd do it again, both the trailer generally, and Jayco specifically. Our first PUP was a Jayco, and then we got a Forest River, and had some problem with it every time we went out. Now we're back to Jayco, and happy despite the current problem. In the same way, as homeowners, we find lots of little things wrong, from annoying to serious, with the house - but we love it anyhow, and hope never to rent again. :-)

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Ohio RV Mom.
We really like our White Hawk 27 DSRL. I bought it because of Jayco's perceived quality reputation. I had many problems when we first got the White Hawk and the dealer was not responsive. However the warranty reps at Jayco were great and they authorized a local repair shop to handle the warranty work. With the 2 year warranty and the good support from the warranty reps I would recommend Jayco.
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Originally Posted by OhioRVMom View Post
. This is a far more stressful decision than I ever anticipated..
When you find things are getting stressful Then its time to walk away from the stress and by that I mean close the books walk away from the computer and take a break. Write down your question and ask them on the forum. You will get good replies. And also if you think this is the stressful point just imagine the stress you may have if you didn't go through all the research now. After all is said and done I will bet you will as happy as a new bride.
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  • Would we buy Jayco again? Absolutely, it was a great experience and we're pleased with the warranty. For the bits-and-pieces from our punch-list, our dealer is working with us so we're satisfied.
  • Would we change the model or floor plan we selected? Absolutely not, we would buy the exact same as what we got - and each trip reinforces the fact that we got what was best for us. Gosh, we still have our previous RV - a 1988 Coleman Tent-Trailer; we can only hope this one brings us as many years of fun!
  • Have we had any bad experiences camping? Only from our own stupidity! (drained the battery with the furnace going, so as it should, the alarm went off ... at 5:30am on Sunday morning).
  • Is everything perfect? Hey, that's why you do mods - the first couple included changing lav faucet, upgrading shower nozzle, adding a full queen topper, installing a battery disconnect, replacing the television and doing all sorts of related 'entertainment' upgrades.
  • Anything we regret? It is SOOOO easy to buy stuff ... it can become a money pit if you let it. It even drove us to upgrade our TV (to the DH's delight).
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We purchases a 2015 27 RLS, took possession April 6th and have been in it since. Nothing major to complain about, few minor issues which I fixed. I agree to be happy with an RV it is best if you can handle little things yourself, rather than counting on a dealer to fix them. We work kamp 6 months out of the year and we had enough confidence to pick it up and go to work. We did stay near the factory for a few days to shake anything major (there were none) out before we took off.

The vast majority of units they build have no or very minor issues. If you look at the complaints on here it is a very small percentage of the folks using this forum.

I liked the floor (5/8" plywood) and the roof structure, along with a little taller interior height...most of the other items, stove, frig, hot water, etc are pretty much all similar to other brands...tho the frig is a few feet larger than most.

I would double check not only your towing capacity, but the hauling capacity of your tow vehicle. You may find while you can tow it down the road your over loading your tow weight limits.. Good Luck !
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We just purchased a Jayco 27RLS and pull with our Ford F150 and are completely satisfied and having been enjoying ever minute of our Jayco Experience. Great product, fantastic dealer and great campgrounds all make owning a TT a great experience. also our F150 does a great job of hauling this trailer and our old 30' wildwood. You should have no problems with the right hookup.
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You have a lot to say in one thread.

One thing you must remember, which I think a lot of people fail to realize. These campers are all handmade. I think a lot of people compare them to a car, and they are not. Cars are made with stamped out, molded, and robotics. Trailers are virtually all handmade. Humans have off days. I always say you cannot have a good day without a bad day. Trailers are closer to a house than a car. If you have ever bought or built a new house, there are lots of warranty items that must be addressed. Some are easy and minor some are a bit more complicated.

What I like about Jayco, is there two year warranty. I used it during both years. I could have dealt with a number of minor items, but I just let the dealer do it. One thing I do not like about Jayco is all the staples used.

Jayco like any other manufacture, wants to get the most out for the lowest cost, for the greatest return. Labor costs in a manual process is significate to their bottom line. I think the only camper manufactures that go slow will be for the $500K custom motorhomes. I have in a few and thought that for that kind of money they could have done much better.

There are a lot of different thoughts on how a TT should be built. Now days, everyone wants lightweight and cheap. To build light, you have to start with a lighter frame, which probably flexes more. Then the framing needs to be light. Where I think Jayco and the other companies could do better with is sealing the “envelope” which is how they caulk and seal all the exterior joints. For example, every manufacture uses a self-leveling caulking on the roof. It would be much better to use Eternabond. It’s a better product, but it would take more people and longer to install. Causing an increase in sale cost, or lower profit.

As for the particular unit you are looking at, I am not familiar with it. Expect a few warranty issues, hopefully nothing major. If you do not live near the dealer, camp with it near the dealer for a few nights before returning home, and have them fix them right away. Most of my issues were minor things that we annoyances, like a piece of trim came loose after a few trips, a water leak in the bathroom from the sink. After a few trips back to the dealer, I told them what I thought the issue was, showed a few phots and recommended a repair. They did it, and it has never leaked again. Maintenance with trailers is very important. If you do not check the roof at least once a year you WILL have leaks you will probably have 3 years before the caulking starts to crack, just the way it is.

As for the bed, you might be able to modify the frame for an 80” mattress. The Original Mattress Factory will make custom mattresses to fit RVs.

I strongly recommend going to the dealership, ditching the sales person, sitting in the trailer you are seriously considering. Think about how and where you are going to use it. Then dig through every cabinet, nook and cranny and figure out where you are going to put your stuff, and how you are going to use the TT. Working with a good dealer that has experience and knowledge along with a good service reputation is very important. Bad deallers I think give a bad name to any manufacture.

Lemons are everywhere, just need to learn how to add a bit of sugar and water and make something good of it. If you are really worried about buying a lemon, find the TT in stock that you want. Dig through it, look it over closely, move the slides, and so forth, before signing the paperwork. This way you know if there is a soft spot on the floor, or the linoleum is torn, a drawer is loose. Then go through the comprehensive PDI, once the paperwork is signed.

The only regret is not buying mine years earlier.

Good Luck
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Originally Posted by OhioRVMom View Post
the unit we are looking at is the 2016 28 BHBE Elite, with the 15k A/C, the TriFold bed and thermal package added on. We were hoping for an 80" long mattress but have learned it's not even an option for the queen. for those of you with Travel trailers 2010 or newer, would you do it again? any advice?
Look at the 29QBS, it has triple bunks (in a separate area with heat and AC) and it has a FULL SIZE QUEEN BED!!! We originally looked at the 26BHS, bed too short. Then we looked at the 28BHBE. The bed was too short but my feet could hang off without hitting a wall. The downfall to the BHBE was the lack of AC and heat in the bunk area. I remember taking a cross country 6 week trip 20+ years ago as a kid and having a coffin-like bunk bed. It was HOT in there, no moving air, no AC vents. The 29QBS has a separate room (with a curtain, not a door) and a separate AC vent, heat register, roof vent, tv hookup and wardrobes. That sold it for us!!!

Now on to quality... unless you buy an Airstream you are buying a pile of crap. They are all crap trailers. They are thrown together as quick as they can to keep costs down. My experience is that Jayco is the best piece of crap for this pricepoint. I went to a lot of RV shows in the years before we bought this camper and walked through every make and most model trailers.

The Jayco JayFlight line is just built strong. The floors are solid, the roof system is strong. Cabinets don't feel like cardboard in your hand. Designs make sense, you can fully open cabinet doors and move around inside the Jayco.

I have no regrets about our camper. It suits us VERY well. We are at the beach right now, in fact. The 15K upgrade AC is awesome. We have a much bigger camper with a slide out than my wife's parents. They are in the site next to us with the smaller non-slide camper and a 13.5K AC that doesn't keep them nearly as cool. The slide out really gives you so much more useable space. With a 2.5 year old and 7 month old, we needed room inside to get around each other without bumping or tripping over each other. Very satisfied.

I hope you guys make a decision that you enjoy!
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The 29 qbs is too heavy for us unfortunately..

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