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Do you have any Regrets? is the quality still there?


My husband and i have been searching for a couple months and I feel like my brain is melting from all of the conflicting information.

There are die hard Jayco owners, and the dealers swear by them and one has said he's sold them for 17 years and never had one leak unless it was due to owner maintenance issues.

And then you see posts about Jayco being junk, that they are rushed through an assembly line and the builders are paid by the piece so therefore if they can get a unit or part built in 2 hours when it could take them 4, they can build it fast and get out for the day - implying that the quality is not there. Then I hear that being wood frame construction, the Jayco will have issues on long road trips and screws will pop. That they USED to be built like rocks, and now use cheaper materials and rushed construction. Having someone tell you that Jayco has been the best for 17 or more years, when you hear stories of them being GREAT 10 years ago, and crap now, well, it doesn't instill a lot of confidence.

I am still leaning towards Jayco because of it's long history and can only hope that we don't get a lemon or one that isn't made well - but in reality, that's where I am on this. That all trailers are basically junk just waiting to fall apart or have something break, and that every year you own one you are living on borrowed time waiting for something to break. Either I have become extremely jaded before even BUYING one, or these truly are a horrible investment, worse than a car.

So I have come here, and am asking real OWNERS their opinions. if you had to do it all over again (and I think I'd be asking those with 2010 or newer) would you? I say newer units, because if you bought one 10 years ago, it might have been made with that better quality and attention to detail that 'seems' to have been lost depending on who you talk to.

the unit we are looking at is the 2016 28 BHBE Elite, with the 15k A/C, the TriFold bed and thermal package added on. We were hoping for an 80" long mattress but have learned it's not even an option for the queen. for those of you with Travel trailers 2010 or newer, would you do it again? any advice?

we bought a camper in May, had it for a little over a month and realized we both LOVED it for what it did for us, but also hated that it was too small to bring any other family or daughters friends along. we sold it - it was a solid unit in good shape but we wanted to upgrade. It was built in 1991 and now i am wondering if we should have kept it. 2 months in and it has been sold. we need to buy, and I'm scared to death of getting junk.

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A brand-new unit will have a warrantee, so small stuff can be fixed. There are stories that Jayco has replaced RV's that 'were not up to par'.

I've had my Jayco for only a few months and the luster has not worn off yet. There were few minor issues that the dealer took care of before delivery. And a couple that I've noticed since.

Being very handy, I can live with a drawer that doesn't auto-lock until I can dig in and see what's wrong. Or the light switches being configured 'funny'.

Now, I bought one of the smallest/cheapest TT's that Jayco offers. So the cabinetry and the other fixtures and fixings are the same as the more expensive/luxurious units. Therefore, I feel I got a good deal.

Slide-outs, built-in gensets and other accessories add to the complexity of the purchase and operation of the RV. I've chosen to stay clear of such things.

If you are afraid of buying junk, then don't. Rent hotel rooms. If you want to own an RV with all the nicety of having your portable house with you, you'll have to take the risk of owning a complex machine that will need fixing from time to time.

What your choices are, and what size/equipment is good for you are your decisions.

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Keep this in mind. Don't get discouraged by what you read here on the forum. But rather learn from it so you can make a good decision and also what to look for. The negative that you read here on the forum is just a small percentage of owners that have had problems as compared to those that have been very satisfied with their Jayco. Those problems are in the Auto industry as well.

If you do decide on a Jayco I would suggest that you find a dealer that has a good reputation both in sales and service.

Good luck with your search and also keep in mind that to much information can be just as confusing as too little information.
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I bought new in 2014. I have had quite a few things go "wrong" with my trailer, but with that said, the warranty is 2 years long and has worked perfectly so far. I can tell you that I was looking at about 5 different manufactures and was searching forums, going to RV shows, looking at used trailers, going to multiple dealers looking at trailers before I bought. I had rented for a few years, borrowed friends trailers for a couple of years, bought a Class C Fleetwood. My opinion is they are all built to the minimum specs that they can and they all have their own problems from time to time. I will say that I would definitely do it again. I have actually thought about selling my trailer right before the warranty is up and replacing it with the same exact model, just to get another 2 years of warranty. I can't guarantee I could get the good deal I got on mine, so I won't be doing that. My only real advise to you is buy something that you like with all of the features that you like and get the best warranty you can. For me, Jayco has stood behind their product.

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First things first, welcome! You've come to the right place.

Second thing. Trailers are indeed a worse investment than a car. But you don't buy a trailer to get money back out of it. When all is said and done, it is a luxury item. You buy it simply for the enjoyment and the memories. We've been camping in one form or another for 30 years, tenting, 2 pop-ups, and 2 hybrid trailers. We haven't regretted a minute of it, nor the money we've spent on our choice of vacation.

We're 3rd time Jayco owners. We're on our 3rd season with our 2013 Jayfeather X20E. It's as solid as our previous 2003 X17a. My only annoyance with Jayco is the finish work. Little things like loose screws, misaligned screen door, misaligned bathroom door, missing or loose trim. That kind of stuff. All 3 Jayco trailers we bought new had these issues, 1993, 2003, and 2013 (BTW, the 1993 pop-up and 20013 hybrid we owned for 10 years each). If you catch in the PDI it can be fixed right away by the dealer. In my case I found it all after the fact and chose to fix the stuff myself.

Other than that they make a solid product. And just like your house, they do require care and maintenance. Seals dry out and need re-caulking, moving parts need lubricant, the plumbing system needs to be sanitized properly, etc.

Keep in mind too that especially with the Internet, you'll read about far more complaints than praise. Walk around a campground on a busy Saturday and ask some Jayco owners what they think. I did that when we bought our 2003 X17Z. I couldn't find one person who didn't love their Jayco.

And as mentioned above, having a good dealer is critical. The RV industry is decades behind the auto industry. A bad dealer can sour your outlook real quick.

And yes, when the time comes (10 years?) Jayco will at the top of our short list.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

We have zero regrets other than my wish to have a TT with a slide...it does get a bit cramped with 2 adults and 2 kids running around in there. My wife was not on board with buying a TT at first but she loves it and wants to make camping in one a regular routine as long as we are able to.

You will see some bad comments about a model on here and other boards because this is mainly where people go when they have problems. Not all of us experience problems with the dealer or Jayco's products. We bought out 26BH new in the spring of 2013 and we have only had minor issues that I corrected all myself...not once did I have to call the dealer or take it back for repair.

One major thing I learned about buying a TT is do your research on your vehicles' tow limits and performance or you will be buying a bigger tow vehicle.
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We bought our 19RD in 2012, and love it. It replaced a Fleetwood Arcadia PUP, (which we had for 5 years, and were lucky setting up/packing up rain free). The 4 minor issues where fixed before delivery, except a ragged decal, which was replaced in our driveway by the dealer tech. He drove 15 miles, so we didn't have to tow it to the dealership. That was above and beyond service "with a smile". There have been no other problems or warranty issues since, except one shade string, which was an easy repair. We WOULD buy another Jayco in a heartbeat. Just our .02. As with any vehicle, there may be issues that pop up, but as already said, that's what the warranty is for. Happy hunting!
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We've owned 2 Jaycos and have been very satisfied. IMHO the trailer life is best suited to someone who is able to perform his/her own maintenance. Folks that just want to hook up and go expecting zero issues would probably be happier in a hotel.
These things are like boats and airplanes in that they require maintenance. Keep up with it and it'll probably be reliable. Oh yeah, boats, airplanes and RV's = holes in the water, sky, highway we throw money into.
Jayco, having a 2 yr warranty gives you some extra time to work thru the serious issues. I've had warranty claims on both TT's the most serious was the front cap oxidizing on the 5th and Jayco stepped right up with the fix.
If the current 5th disappeared or otherwise went away I'd almost certainly replace it with another Jayco.

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We bought our 28 BHBE new in '14 (1st travel trailer ever owned), and I have to say, I've had only one somewhat major issue since I bought it, and that was fixed promptly (and done very well I might add) under warranty by my dealer.

All of these little finish issues that people talk about were non-issues on my unit. So either it wasn't built on a Monday or Friday, my dealer did an exceptional job at PDI, or I'm just lucky. I like to think it's some of all three with an emphasis on "lucky".

I shopped for 2 years before we purchased. I read all the forums (especially this one) and I eventually came around to Jayco. The 2-year warranty was a big selling feature for me, and I even went so far as to basically interview the manager of the dealership I bought from to make sure I would be taken care of after the sale. I believe it's true that no matter which manufacturer you go with, you'll have problems. And I was ready for it, but so far, I have not been even a little disappointed in my Jayco.

I agree that to look at a TT as an "investment" is a mistake, unless you consider "enjoyment" as a "return". These things are an absolutely horrible "investment". I consider it a "hobby". I like to tinker and work on it, and I love taking my family out in it.

Would I do it again? You bet. Probably a bit smaller next time; hopefully we'll be rid of the kid (at least for consistent camping with mom & dad) before we buy another unit. DW has her eye on a Class C, and I can tell you when the time comes, Jayco is where we'll begin shopping.

Edit: Iraqvet is right on when he talks about closely examining your tow capacities. I'm one of the ones who bought an appropriately sized truck AFTER dragging it around for over a year.

More: I would encourage you to consider the horror stories though, don't just search for things that validate a positive opinion, make sure you take a close look at the complaints and determine whether you could handle it if it happened to you. I looked at all that and decided Jayco was what I wanted for better or worse.

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Originally Posted by Camper_bob View Post
We bought our 28 BHBE new in '14 (1st travel trailer ever owned), and I have to say, I've had only one somewhat major issue since I bought it, and that was fixed promptly (and done very well I might add) under warranty by my dealer.
we are looking at this exact same unit. we have a Ford F150 so I am hoping it's going to be enough to pull it. on paper it is. but from what I am reading, that's not always enough. our tow limit is 7700 lbs. the 2016 elite is going to run us about 6700 or 6800 lbs so about a thousand to spare roughly. On paper. of course we'll be adding stuff to it, but not likely a thousand pounds worth. This is a far more stressful decision than I ever anticipated..

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