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I would defiantly get the 6.5 box and 3.73 rear ends. Plus you have to have those options to get the max tow package that is available on the f150.


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Previous posters have answered the question more completely than I could have. Towing my 5th almost 4,000 miles Minnesota to Maine last year, and 5,300 Minn to Calif/Oregon this year. Went through the Big Horns, Yellowstone, Sierras, Coast Ranges and etc. - several mountain crossings with many miles of 6% grades. We always maintained speed, and were among the fastest ones up the mountains - passing all the other rigs and semi's. The Maine trip averaged 11.5 mpg, the West Coast trip 10.5. Around town city/hwy I get 17.5. 21 mpg on the highway for long trips. 14-16 mpg highway pulling my 3500 lb boat.

Make sure to ALSO get the Max PAYLOAD package, in addition to the Max Tow! We found that even the dealers are pretty hazy about that one - our first truck was refused because the dealer though Max Tow and Max Payload were the same - they are not. It will increase both the tongue weight you can carry, as well as give you more overhead for "stuff" you can put in the truck while towing.

Only issue with ours has been one bad catalytic converter, replaced under warranty.

2012 Ford F-150 Eco, SCrew, 4x4, MaxTow, HD Payload
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You can get a max tow package with 3.73 rear end in 5.5 ft box, I have one, and it tows great. When loaded my trailer comes in around 7500 lbs, toes very comfortably, I am currently looking at upgrading my TT and have no concerns about throwing extra weight behind the truck
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I just sold my 2012 F150 w/ Max Tow and HD Payload and it did great towing both our Jayco 22FB (from TX to ME) and our Jayco Eagle HT 27.5 BHS from Des Moines to TX. I've since upgraded to a 1 ton dually but that's more because we are looking at much heavier trailers. On long trips I'd say we averaged around 11 mpg towing the 22FB and roughly that with the 5th wheel. Never had a lick of problems with the EcoBoost and it was a little monster with the 3.73 rear end.

BTW, the cargo capacity on the EcoBoost was about 500 lbs more than our F250 FX4 we recently traded
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We have 3000 miles on our ecoboost and like it. It has plenty of power for our Octane 222 (6~7000 lbs) I have not pulled up any mountains yet but it gets ~8 mpg towing and 18.5 highway not towing.

It pulls our TT as well as my buddies Dodge Diesel that I borrowed to tow the camper home.

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What I don't understand are the guys out there that avoid the EcoBoost because of the turbos. Those same people are perfectly ok with buying diesel trucks, or VW Golfs or Jettas, etc. and it's the EXACT SAME THING! The Eco has top quality turbos too. Borg Warner K03 which are water and oil fed for cooling. There is no reason to fear these things as long as you know how to take care of a turbo vehicle. That means high quality oil (I run Mobil 1 but the Ford semi-syn stock oil is fine), regular oil changes, and letting the truck idle and cool down before shutting it off after running it hard and towing.

The turbos ARE covered as part of the 5yr powertrain warranty too, should anything happen. I had a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo for 11 years that I just sold last year. The turbo on that car was original and was still spooling hard with no problems. With modern engineering and materials in this day and age, turbo technology is at an all time high and there are very few failures. The Eco is no different than all the other turbo engines out there, and there are LOTS!
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I've had my 2011 F-150 EcoBoost 4x4 w/MaxTow & HD Payload for 1-1/2 years now and I love it. I bought it used. The previous owner ordered it from the factory on a lease, and the holes in the truck bed indicate he towed a 5th wheel with it. It's a Supercrew w/ 6.5' bed, so it's one loooooong truck! My Eagle TT is just under 30' long w/GVW of 8000 lbs. It pulls my trailer like a dream and I had no problems gaining speed while going up some pretty steep inclines through Missouri on my recent trip from Michigan to Texas. I just gave the cruise control a little "foot assist" to kick it down a gear, and up we'd go. As others have said, the engine braking on declines is not the best, but my transmission has a manual override button on the tree, so I'd just hit the "- button" to force a downshift; then hit the "+ button" to send it back into automatic mode. I always tow in the "tow/haul" mode, and my mpg while towing has ranged from 6.5 to 9.5, depending on terrain and (mainly) head wind. Don't expect to get over 19 mpg highway when you're not towing, though. That is, unless you want to drive 55 on the freeway.

The only complaint I have is that it is so long, I do have a little trouble getting into some campsites. As everyone knows, state park campgrounds have notoriously narrow roads. If there's a tree, sign post, or shrubbery across from my pad entrance, I have some trouble getting my rig backed in. I've learned to select my campsites accordingly, and I'm getting better at backing with more experience. One last thing: in extremely strong side winds, I do get some side pull when a semi passes me. I purchased a second (left side) sway control bar, and that has made a huge difference. I also think replacing the "P-rated" tires with "LT's" sometime this winter will probably eliminate that completely.

In short, I love my F150 EcoBoost, and would certainly buy another. I do think I'd move up to a 250 or 350 if I ever got a bigger trailer. The stiffer frame and suspension would be needed to handle the wind resistance of a rig 35' or more.

2013 Eagle 266RKS
2011 Ford F-150 w/3.5L Ecoboost & H.D. Tow Package
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I have a '13 Ecoboost Screw short bed with the Max Tow package. Before I got my Greyhawk, I towed a Keystone 272BHS TT that weighed in around 7K loaded. Truck towed beautifully. It is still my daily driver. Would highly recommend the Ecoboost. I bought it specifically for the TT but even now that I no longer have the TT I don't want to get rid of it. Great truck.
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I really dont have the garage space for the 6.5 foot bed in a crew cab. Does the 3.55 gear ratio with max tow satisfy your towing demands, anyone?
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Ruswms....they might have changed it for the '15s but my '13 has the 3.73 w/ the short bed

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