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Thanks again to everyone who replied to me in this thread, I really appreciate it! So much to learn, so much to remember, I think I'll put together a checklist to keep with my TT so that I can remember all the things to check before leaving on a trip .

I put down a deposit yesterday on an '16 X213, going to pick it up next Saturday. Not as roomy as the 23MBH for sure, but we decided we preferred something small for our first TT -- easy to tow, easy to park, etc. We're planning a lot more camping than traveling. DW and I are committed to sticking with the F150 and the X213 for a minimum of 5 years before letting upgrade-itis take hold. We'll see how that works out...

Along with the TT, I ordered a 1000# Equal-i-zer hitch. I think I'll pay the techs at the dealer to install it, rather than try to do it myself in their parking lot ;-). I could probably accomplish it but it might take half the afternoon.

Again, thanks! I love all the useful information and helpful people on these forums. Some day maybe I'll have enough experience to give back to the community.

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Congratulations on the new trailer!

Before, and after, the dealer installs the hitch, it's a good idea to go over the manual (it is available online) and the hitch setup to double check it. Some techs at dealerships are savvy and get it right... others, not so much.

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What Oldman said. Read up on WD hitch setting up. There are instructions as to measuring ground to top of opening over front and rear tires before and after hookup. Heights should be close to the same if dealer sets you up properly. Chances of that are 50/50 at a Camping World.

You may want to practice backing up if this is your first time with a trailer. My wife and I have worked with hand signals and find they actually work better than walk-talkies for us. She'll back it in as often as I do.

It's especially important for the DW to be able to handle things at the wheel if it's raining cats and poodles when you get to your site. Unless, of course, she's a natural mudder, which mine isn't. Except when she's on her ATV. Whole different person then!
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Congrats!!! Bet you can't wait for p/u day!!!

Concerning the hitch, you should learn about it as much as possible. As mentioned, the chance of the dealer setting it up correctly for a loaded, ready to camp trailer is slim. They are only setting the wdh to an empty trailer. Follow my signature links for a ton of wdh info. The hard part will possibly be having the proper size tools to readjust the wdh.

Do you have the factory brake controller (can't recall if you mentioned it)? If not, look into a Prodigy P2 or P3 controller.

If you need help with the need accessories, just search a little or ask, we are here to help you outfit the rig. You will want a better sewer hose than what the dealer will probably give you to start with.

Good luck!!!
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Looks like you have a real nice setup!

One suggestion, get a backup camera setup, they are cheap. I put one on the bumper aimed right at the hitch ball. Being single, it took a lot of hassle out of getting in and out. I back up and drop on the hitch the first time.

I got mine off Amazon, the camera (with night vision) was $15, the monitor (with two inputs) was $35, and the RCA cable was $5. That was five years ago.

I added another camera in the back window of the TT. Since the monitor has two imputs, after I hook up, I switch over to the camera in the back window. Nice to see behind when on the road, and also when backing in a spot.
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Definitely want a backup camera. Got addicted to it with our van, and even on my STI, which is a fairly small car, I find it's really handy to have a camera that can see directly behind the car. Tomorrow will be the first time I've hooked up the trailer 100% by myself, today the dealer did it after installing the hitch before I was even done with paperwork.

I looked over the hitch real well and I'm satisfied it was installed correctly, at least competently mechanically speaking, but the tech who did our 'hitch class' seemed a bit lackadaisical about the adjusting. I said something about adjusting it once we had it loaded and he said "shouldn't need to." Ooooookay, I don't think I will take that advice.

It pulled like a dream today (hardly would know it's there except for that occasional tug to let you know you had a couple tons of weight hanging out behind you). 7-pin connector on my truck is broken, though, someone pulled the harness from the back without unlatching it and broke the latch, so the connector kept disconnecting/reconnecting on the way home (truck notices, puts a big message on the screen warning you the trailer is disconnected, beeps at ya ). I played it very safe on stopping distances and it was only about 20 miles, all freeway; new connector arrives Tuesday and we're not going anywhere until next weekend at least.

Backing is harder than it looks ;-). But I did pretty quickly start to get an idea of the pattern, and I think it'll turn out fine. A bit weird to wrap your brain around.

If you're still reading at this point, I do have a question. I must have slept through part of the PDI. We have six keys -- two of three different kinds. One set of black keys that unlocks the cargo hatch and the outside shower hatch, and some pink keys that open the human door and the cargo door on the left side. Then we have another set of pink keys, and I can't figure out what lock those go to. Am I missing something?

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If you are new to backing a trailer, just go slow. Use a spotter and don't be afraid to get out and verify what your doing.

A good tip that can help you... If you put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel In the six o clock position as your backing in reverse. If you want the rear of your trailer to move to the left you move your hand to the left. If you want to move the rear of the trailer to the right, move your hand to the right.

When I am teaching new drivers to back trailers most of them appreciate that tip and it helps them when backing into spots.

Enjoy your new trailer. It looks like a nice rig!

I'm going to guess that the majority of people never adjust there hitch from the dealer installed position. Get yourself a tape measure and go through the hitch setup just as though your were installing it yourself and take the measurements. Don't change anything just yet. But go through the process of measuring the squat of the rear and the change when adding the bars to the front. It will give you reference points for if / when you do feel like messing with it. I have the 14K version of the hitch. The equalizer is a great product and easy to fine tune.
You will hear a lot about adjusting your hitch on internet forums because you are dealing with people who are true enthusiasts or have had a problem and are seeking help. Again most people don't get on internet forums until they need help or have a problem. My guess is your rig is going to tow fine.
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Regarding your extra keys.. was a hitch lock installed? a lock on the spare tire?
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I added a pair of towing mirrors to my F150. Got them at A1Auto.com. Great quality, plug and play and a fraction of the cost of OEM. What a difference they make.
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Excited for you! We jump in and as long as you cover your bases by over planning you'll be fine. Equalizer is good. Plan for heavier than you need. We're getting the 23mbh- giving up our roo 23ss. Sounds like you will do fine whatever you decide. Enjoy!

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