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I have a 35 Gal Smart Tote tank w/wheels. Used it at one of our camp grounds this past June. Carried in bed of my truck. The biggest draw back for me was trying to pull full tank around campsite to my truck to take to dump station. Approx. 280 lbs. was hard to move over grass. The campground ground had "Honey Wagon" service for $10.00 twice a week. For this they dumped all 3 holding tanks. Next time I will leave Smart Tote home and pay the fee. There's only 2 of us and we take Navy showers. (Turn water on to soap up - shut off to wash - back on to rinse). If water comes up in bottom of tub then you know for sure the grey tank needs dumped. Might not be a good idea if trailer has only a shower setup. We have the tub/shower in our camper.

Jayco and all mfg's need to install accurate tank sensors as well as clean out/flush systems with their campers. Especially for the prices they're selling for.

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I bought my Barker 2 wheel version from Craigslist for $50. Its was in near perfect condition, never used for black -- and yes I opened and smelled before purchasing. Being able to spend 10 min at unload ~20 +/- gallons of gray water has been a life saver. We only tote gray water, we can easliy make our black tank last a week.

A couple things about the gray water totes...

1) there are lots of folks like Bradst63 ^ who bought them, don't like using it and eventually sell on CL. Right now in my small area there is a 15 gal barker 2 wheel asking $60
2) there are 2 primary manufactures; Barker and Thetford. They each have there fans, with my research I felt Barkers are better but its not like the others are bad
3) Orignally Barkers had 2 wheel version that you pulled/pushed like a wheel barrel, now they have 4 wheel version you drag like a wagon. Mine is 2 wheel, and I have no issue moving it the 20'-30' to my pick-up in order to pull it to the dump station.
4) Everyone talks about how heavy they are. Its not like you are dead lifiting it. At most you roll it from you TT valve to you TV, tow to Dump Station and at the dump station you lift one side to drain. I can't bench press 300# but I can tip one side pretty easy.
5) Lastly, it seems the common recomendation is to get one that is larger or the same size as your tank so you can't overfill it. I planned to, but didn't becasue I got my used on CL. Its ~10gall smaller than my tank, and I've been using it for 2 years and never had an overflow....I watch as it fills. And now, I wouldn't want one any larger, mine is big enough.

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I use my 15 gal blue tote for the first 2 to 3 days then I use the main gray tank so when I have to dump the black I us the gray to flush the dump hose.....
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Those blue totes are handy that's for sure. Another way to save grey space is to do your dishes in a wash tub and dump all your waste water in the mode... right to the black tank.

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Hey Adina,
We also just took delivery of our 2014 28BHBE, also our first TT, and spent our first trip for a week on a site with full hookups. We (2 Adults, 1 kid) quickly filled our gray. We couldn't believe how quickly it was full. 24 hours in and it was full. My son mostly took a Navy shower that night too. The 28BHBE has an amazingly large and comfortable shower. Too bad the gray tank is so small that you can't really take advantage of it. The shower head also doesn't have an instant on/off which makes conserving water a little difficult.

I'm thinking part of our problem was dishes. We only had one wash pan, so we were rinsing dishes under the tap. We also had a strong bleach/chlorine taste coming from the water, so we did run a bit of water through the sinks thinking maybe the pipes needed to get flushed out. Still, it's hard to imagine we went through 32 gallons of water in 24 hours. I'm fairly certain the tank was empty after the PDI.

On our way home, we'd dropped off my son with Grandma, and the wife and I stopped at another CG for a single night with no sewer. Being one night, I took a full length shower (Ahhhhh) but were otherwise conservative on water usage. We left with the Gray 2/3rds full.

I'm certainly worried about a 3-4 day weekend.

One of the other trailers we considered was a Puma bunkhouse. It had an 80 gallon gray tank. I can't fathom why Jayco doesn't put a larger tank on a 33' trailer.

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Gray tank capacity Jay Flight 28BHBE

This weekend we had three adults and two kids.

Fri through Monday.

Showers at the campground

Only got to 2/3 full

For a long weekend avoid showers and you can in no way rinse under running. I fill both basins with 3 inches of water. That way I'm maybe using 1.5 gal each wash.
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Do the math and then make your decision. Yes, showers are the main culprit in filling a grey tank. When available use the CG facilities. Just figure, if your grey tank was twice the size and the family showered in the TT, you would only fill the tank every 2 days. See my point! RVing is about managing your resources [power, water, tanks] to max the set up time.

Some other points: If kids are involved, have them shower outside. If people insist on showering like they are at home, give them the fun of dumping the tank the next day.

Everyone in the group should understand that RVing is a series of compromises. That doesn't mean you must give up on creature comforts, just that you need to manage resources to max the fun.
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That's understandable, Bass, and I agree with what you're saying. My only point, is that the 28BHBE sleeps 8-10. There's no way 8 people could live with a 32 gallon grey tank over a weekend.
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We have the same TT. 2 Adults and 3 kids(19mo, 4, & 6). DW is not used to RV life, and the kids left the water running for everything. Filled the grey in the first night! Schooled them on army showers, use lots of anti-bacterial wipes, wash dishes in a bin with the outdoor shower, get a camp stove, cook as much as possible on previously mentioned stove without dishes that need washing, and use paper/plastic plates/utensils that you can burn/trash.

I bought one of these: http://www.campingworld.com/shopping...5-gallon/37872

DW knows that if she takes a "real shower", she gets to dump the tank

On the last trip we lasted 5 nights dry camping with 2 7 gal fresh totes. The smaarttote and gray was full, and the black was 2/3.

Want to hear worse? The 28BHBE has double the fresh capacity, and the same 32.5 capacity grey/black tanks.
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Originally Posted by Shmeek View Post
The shower head also doesn't have an instant on/off which makes conserving water a little difficult.

The dial on the shower head that selects the stream also shuts off the flow. Took me a few trips to figure that out.

As for 32gal grey tanks...we are family of 5 (very young kids)...We don't really conserve water other than "Navy Showers". With daily showers, dishes, hand washing, teeth brushing etc all done inside will fill out grey tank every day. I carry a barker tote when visiting campdgounds with out hook ups. I dont' mind using it at all. I would rather spend 10-15 minutes shuttling grey water to the dump station than be constantly watching water usage.

If the CG has no hookups and no dump station we limit our trip to 2 nights 3 days, no showers but use everything else a normal and have no problems.

Black tank easily goes 5 nights and I'm sure I could go 7, but if we are camping for a full week we only go to hookup sites.

2007 Chevy Duramax LMM/Allison
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