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The industry is really driven by introductory dream-oriented owners buying new with available bank financing, who often don't know to PDI their units themselves, AND then find themselves selling by trading in and rebuying in a very short time (loved by the dealers) after living the reality.

The well-experienced owners know that the only way to beat this game is to use your unit, keep your unit forever (really important if you buy new), downsize your expectations, upskill ones diy capabilities, pay cash, and buy a premium used unit direct from an owner = privately.

The most important words are "use" and "keep."

But not all buyers actually want to use their unit. Some just want to show it off to others.

After all, these are optional toy purchases, so it is entertainment money down the drain anyway. If you are worried about price, it tends to suggest you are running too financially thin of a margin...but of course, nobody does that.

I just was talking to a guy trying to sell (for many months now) his motorhome for $70k with a high nada of $35k. His only justification was that it had 4 slides (already considered in the nada book I use as a rough pricing source). Good luck with that. He probably is upside down on his loan and hoping to escape it, is trying to con a dimwitted buyer (some do exist), or is mentally looped.

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Next time you are in Myrtle Beach, look across the highway at the thousands of rv's sitting in storage lots.

Many are used minimally and the rest of the time are sitting in the weather.

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Lost in the Woods
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Right. Actually, don't need to go out of my local town. We have several storage lots and just like those you mention, they spend a lot of time sitting there.

The full timers and snowbirds get a lot of lived in use out of theirs, but many of them don't move around in them that much either.

It really is all about the chassis. If the chassis is in good shape, you can extensively remodel the house for way below new. But if you buy low end, the house just doesn't hold up and you have an entry level chassis as well.

I just did an inspection of a 12 year old County Coach yesterday. What a beauty and would sell for well under 100K. I really like the 2016 Jayco Seneca, but what a choice to have if I was buying today at less than half the cost of a new Seneca.

The only major repair I could find in 3.5 hours of inspection was new tires and the Frig not working off the 120VAC, only the gas ...other issues were seemingly operator errors and need to educate themselves re: a complex unit. The unit had already been through a Cummins inspection/maintenance, new batteries and etc at a local shop. Roof was immaculate and so was the undercarriage. CC actually preventative rust coated their in-house chassis before putting on the cage and house...amazing.

Just drop dead and pass out options seeing what can be had for under 100K for cash if you have some diy inspection, repair, and maintenance skills.
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Camping World will pull a " we only do wholesale for trades" NADA guide is pretty close.
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Originally Posted by IceOnFire View Post
We ordered a 2016 28BHBE the 2nd week of October thinking we could potentially sell our 2014 Feather Lite X23B Hybrid within the time before delivery. We listed the X23B over $3k less than NADA value and we haven't received a single inquiry. It's probably not the best time to sell, so I can understand. The dealership is offering $6k less than the NADA value, so we will most likely be screwed. We ordered the rig at an RV show, so we will be getting a good deal vs buying it any other time of the year.
You can always hold on to two Trailers for a couple months. There is no rule that you can only own one a time. If yours is "really" worth what you are asking, then keep it till the spring. Worse case, it's not worth it and you sell it for close to the trade in number
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When I was looking for a trailer, I inquired about a 2-year old private sale, a 2013 324BHTS. The guy was asking $29,500.

After doing my homework I did the following analysis, which drove my purchasing decision:

According to NADA, $29,500 was below the low asking price for the used trailer... however...

The difference between "new" and 2 years old on that trailer according to NADA was 24% (i.e. the 2 year depreciation according to them meant the value was 76% of the "new" price).

According to the window sticker (which he sent me a scan of), the MSRP was $35,643. Knowing that dealers can be persuaded to discount 25% or more, I estimated he probably actually paid only $31-32K for the trailer brand new.

Taking 24% off of that for depreciation, I gave him an offer of $24,000.

I never heard from him again, and so I spent the extra few thousand and bought a custom ordered brand new trailer (for ~25% off MSRP, albeit by the time I bought one, I'd decided on a different model). Note that the brand new 2015 model of the trailer he was selling was quoted to me by a dealer for $34,000... ($46K MSRP) and that was just their first blush before I even bothered to start negotiating.

The moral of this story is twofold:

1) NADA guide prices are just as inflated as the MSRP, in my opinion.

2) I'm reasonably sure I was right, or close to right, about the actual worth of the guys trailer, which I assume is why he never bothered responding.

The point being, I wouldn't put too much stock in online pricing websites.

Just my 2 cents.

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