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actually the key you were speaking of is really CH "751" not 271. Yes you can change them out. Most door lock assemblies do have proprietary deadbolt keys, however, most of the other locks may have fairly common keys. Just an FYI.

I have been camping at public & private CGs for 30+ years. I have never felt threatened or had anything bothered while camping. It is just a different world at the CGs

I started with nothing, and still have most of it left
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Let me start by saying I camp every year near a prison. I've never felt unsafe. If an escape ever happened they would notify the surrounding area and the rangers would beef up patrol. I usually camp with friends/relatives so we would all have kids and would group them together on one site and we all have some sort of protection.


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locks can never make your trailer or home safe, if a thief wants in, he can get in. windows,even double pane mean nothing. I have never felt unsafe or threatened in a campground,we camped many years in a tent, never felt unsafe in it either
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Locks keep honest people honest. The thieves can get in any time they want.

Prayer has always worked best for me!! :-)

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Having camped for 40 years, in tents, pop ups, class 3, tt etc I have never felt unsafe. But, I also don't do boondocking where I'm alone. I camp in CG with other campers. Also having worked in campgrounds I know people do patrol at least some, if not all of the night. Also most criminals are going to pick a less congested area to try and steal a vehicle or take refuge. Being in a campground where your screams would be heard by dozens of others, it would make no sense to target a camper. As other have said, the police also will be more visible.

I do take all precautions, change locks (which only keep honest people honest) leave nothing out that could be used as a weapon against me, and keep situational awareness around me.

The campers that I have heard of that have been robbed or killed, have always been alone, boon-docking, or in low traffic rest stops. All this being said, i do have the means, and the knowledge, and the will, to protect that which is important to me. I am mentally prepared to do what I must. That is the biggest failure to prepare...mentally. Can you do harm to someone else without thinking...something we all need to dwell on..

Many years ago when I got my first CCW the instructor, a police officer, asked each of us if we could take anthers life. When it came to my turn, I just said, "my government had me kill people I had nothing against, do you really think I would hesitate if my wife or family was in peril". He just smiled and moved on... When a situation happens you have seconds to respond, and no time to think.

I pray it never happens, and the need never arises...but....
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After reading this, we picked up a pie iron at Menards for $9.99 yesterday. It's a heavy one.
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I have a license to carry. And I do.

A few years ago a Midnight Bandit attempted to steal the gas from my tow vehicle, but they were smart enough to not come inside. Most fortunate for all of us.

It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
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I have changed my locks as well . But like said only met to keep honest people honest. I would do whatever it takes to protect my son and wife. I guess I was getting at we should be prepared . It is not something most people think about but situations even fun ones can go bad. I mean allot of people get to a campground and feel it's there babysitter. Kids do what they want while parents drink. I have seen this at super RV resorts down to local nice mom and pop owned. My son is five I do not let him out of my sight. I love camping and font want to be negative and I have multiple trips booked and can't wait to go. But you can't tell me everyone here has not come across that one weird camper. Any way I cannot wait to go Camping

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Originally Posted by Donedroolin View Post
But you can't tell me everyone here has not come across that one weird camper. Any way I cannot wait to go Camping

That "one weird camper" exists at the bus stop, the gas station, the library, the grocery store, the laundry mat, in the car next to you in 5 o'clock traffic, in the department store, in the restaurant, and yes probably in the campground.

Weird people don't scare me. Weird people shouldn't scare you.

After a decade of working in law enforcement, I've learned that its not the weird people you need to worry about.
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Funny. When I moved to Chicago many years ago after having spent most of my life on the farm and in a small town one of my co-workers gave me some advice.

"If you ever feel cornered and threatened, act like a crazy person. Foam from the mouth, talk in gibberish, do whatever it is you have to do to convince the other person you are crazy. Everyone fears crazy people."

Todd Klassy
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