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Originally Posted by Charolaisbreeder View Post
Jayco's 2 year warranty claim is not true and their claim of the longest warranty in the business is totally false under these conditions!! I would advise legal advise to see if their 2 year claim with the fine print putting you under one year manufacturer of all the major appliances is legal in your state.

Although not an a/c our brakes (Atwood) received their final "fix" via the manufacturer (paid for us to go to a local brake shop) during the second year we owned the tt (dealer was not successful in resolving the brake issue). Our toilet had a leak and the part was shipped to us a few weeks prior to our 2yr warranty ending. Jayco helped direct us to the manufacturer's contact person for each issue. We did not fill out the warranty cards when we brought our Jayco home; our vin # info was already in their data base. Our limited dealings with a manufacturer through Jayo's guidance has been positive so far. I guess there are still some success stories out there...

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Here is the problem. If I spent $800 in fuel and a couple nights of lodging driving almost 500 miles to the nearest Jayco official dealer they MAY have covered it under warranty. I would have to make two trips. One to drop off, and one to pick it up. I told the RV dealer to just fix it I'll pay. Instead he did everything he could to explain the facts to Coleman and Jayco about the distance and they just said too bad. We won't change out policy for anyone. Once the local RV dealer told them OK just send the parts because your Jayco owner said he isn't going to drive that far they were upset. THEY WANT THE BAD PARTS!! Too bad Jayco and Coleman. Coleman said they were going to delay shipment because I refused to drive to a Jayco dealer. Local dealer said don't worry they will send them but they are just upset you refused to humble yourself to them and they aren't going to get the bad parts. I do still like my Jayco TT but now I understand that the Coleman A/C is the weakest link in their TT line. All the parts come from China. My extended warranty kicks in in another 6 months but if I have more problems with the A/C I'm going to change it out for another brand of A/C.

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How long ago was your situation? Just wondering if there have been changes in the Jayco warranty as I was shocked and very, very disappointed in Jayco when we picked up our unit in March of this year and I read the warranty and started finding all the items that were not covered by Jayco and were only covered by the manufacturer for one year. With the poor economy I don't trust our dealer or Jayco to take money out of their financial situations to fix something they have a "legal out" to say "not my problem" - read your warranty. Jayco would be much more honest based on my papers to say a 2 year warranty on the box and frame. In fact the dealer was trying to sell us an extended warranty when we picked up the unit - I found out why when I got to reading the package of papers!
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Have you talked directly to Jayco? Something just not seem right. I am pretty darn sure that Coleman has a 2 yr warranty on the ac. From my experience with hearing from other members, Jayco should help you in dealing with this situation. I am wondering if this is more of a dealer problem than a Jayco problem.
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I purchased a "extended warranty" from the dealer. It covered all "mechanical failures" such as the awning, fridge, ac, slides etc. It covers it for an additional 5 years.
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hummm..... check out 40 seconds in to this Jayco interview...

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Unless I am hearing things, I swear I heard the "product manager" say they have a 2 year bumper to bumper warrenty that includes appliances. Interesting
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Were you talking to Jayco or the selling dealer? That sounds more like what a dealer would say rather than Jayco..
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I purchased an extended warranty at the time of purchase. It covers any mechanical failure for an additional 5 years. This should include according to the dealer the fridge, a/c, slides, awning, etc. Hope I don't need it, but hope it covers if I do! I just pulled it and it includes a bunch of things I did not list. The water heater, water system LP gas system, heating system, electrical system, audio system,converter/battery charger, trailer suspension system,ventalation and exhaust fans, seals and gaskets associated with any thing I have mentioned, audio/visual package including my dealer installed tv. Like I said, hope I don't need it, but if I do!
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There appears to be many factual assumptions not in evidence. For example, it was stated that the Jayco warranty does not cover any material, component or part of the RV that is warranted by another entity, including, any air conditioner and that Jayco and/or Coleman should have done X or Y. The OP should read the sales contract with Jayco via the dealer, which governs the sales transaction. It would be helpful if the OP posted the pertinent or relevant language from the sales contract as it pertains to warranty coverage and dealer responsibility.

For instance, was the selling dealer ever contacted? As I read the OP’s comments, there is no mention that the selling dealer was contacted. This might be relevant based upon the contract where the language might provide that the warranty work is to be performed by the selling dealer. I assume that the selling dealer was not contacted because the OP was of some distance from the dealer. Nevertheless, if the contract specifies that warranty work is to be performed by the selling dealer, then this course of action should have been initially pursued. (It also may explain why Jayco felt that its hands were tied). Also worth noting is that Jayco or Coleman presumably would approve the A/C repair work if the trailer was taken to a Jayco dealer. The OP, however, refused.

Focusing on Coleman, the A/C manufacturer, it does not appear from the OP’s comments that Coleman refused to honor the warranty. The OP states, “Once the local RV dealer told them OK just send the parts because your Jayco owner said he isn't going to drive that far they were upset. THEY WANT THE BAD PARTS!!” It is somewhat unclear, but this implies that Coleman wanted to see the bad parts (ie, the compressor, the circuit board, and the thermostat) before it was going to honor the warranty. Even though this was a new A/C on a new trailer, it is entirely possible that the OP was responsible for the damage to his unit, and examination of the parts might shed some light on this issue. For example, when the AC unit was being used, what was the condition of the electrical system at the site of operation? Was it at a location that had sub-par wiring? or wiring that hasn’t been upgraded since the 1960’s? Assuming that the electrical system was acceptable, was there a large demand placed upon the electrical grid (from many others operating their A/Cs at the same time) such that the AC voltage dropped below say 110 AC volts? If so, this might explain why the compressor failed on the new unit. (note: there are electrical management systems that monitor the AC voltage and kill the power if it drops below a specific value to protect electrical devices in/on the RV).

In any event, I don’t mean to imply that the OP was at fault and that Coleman and/or Jayco are saints. I would need more info to reach any conclusion. However, IMHO, the OP should have contacted the selling dealer for guidance if the contract states as much, should have continued his trip without fixing the A/C if he didn’t want to wait and sent the bad parts to Coleman, or alternatively, visit a Jayco dealer, and in turn, resolve the issue via his selling dealer upon his return home (where the A/C would presumably be covered under warranty).

As much as I feel for the OP that his A/C unit crashed and burned on his first trip, I also think it’s premature to start bashing Jayco and/or Coleman based upon the limited facts.

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