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DTryan, thanks for your response (Congratulations on your smug, uninformed comment...) to some of the negative comments some people feel they need to make when anyone posts about a problem(s) they are having with their Jayco rv's.

I'm not sure why having the expectation that my trailer will not fall apart inside while it is being used for the purpose for which it was intended is considered unreasonable but I guess to some, it is. I just finished rebuilding the tv cabinet and am about to start work on the over bed cubby (it's also falling down).

Your problems are more extensive than mine and I wish you the best in getting them resolved.

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Before this thread goes further south I think its time to review the forum rules;


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Originally Posted by DTryan View Post

Congratulations on your smug, uninformed comment...

What part of my post was smug?

Dry humor, maybe... But not smug. I was honestly trying to lighten everyone up. We've all got problems with our mass produced American compromises. No one should feel singled out about having to fix TT problems.

Ease up! We're all here for the fun of RV camping.

I certainly don't need direct slaps like what you gave.

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I'm guilty of having a dry sense of humor as well. Combine that with the ambiguity of a forum type environment and inevitably some people are going to take things the wrong way or get upset. I can live with that but my intent in general is to help you solve your problem, not to antagonize or taunt. The key words is "help you"

What I see more and more of is that people think that this forum is Jayco and that somebody on here has the ability to fix the problem for them or that they are doing some sort of community service by repeatadly bashing Jayco here.

Further it then seems as though they have an axe to grind and refuse to take any personal ownership of fixing the issue or even being reasonable about proposed solutions.

It's unfortunate but as you stated many of us treat the ownership experience as a hobby and are prepared for some of these little things that just happen. It makes us more knowledgable and gives us expereince to help those along the way and a sense of pride in our choice.

So if I come off less than warm, when you bash Jayco repeadatley, or obviously have not read the thread, or simply don't wish to listen to good advice from multiple people I guess that's what happens when you insult people... you may not realize that's what your doing but it is...

Youv'e come into a virtual clubhouse composed of Jayco owners, RV'ers, and enthusiasts who for the most part have done their due diligence and share a passion for the brand they chose, and the RV lifestyle. We all realize that your new, you have the glitter still in your eyes and think your the first person to purchase an RV, that all dealers must be scum and that anybody who makes a profit is a bad company... we will listen, and we will try to help but the bashing day after day gets old.

Anyway, this isn't directed at any one person in particular, just my thoughts from this side of the fence where we try to keep the lawn green and let the fun days outweigh the bad.
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I am on my 4th Jayflight, and yes, not one has been perfect, but there is not another line of trailers by anyone that gives you the best bang for your buck. As for Jayco, i think they have fallen into the GM syndrome. To many damn models, like GM had. Get rid of Pontiac, Olds, Saturn and concentrate on doing right what you have left. When i bought my 1st Jayco,,back in the late 90's, they had the Eagle series, Eagle lite, Lite Hawk and Qwest, plus i believe .... damn, forget the high end ( it will come to me), all with 1/2 dozen floor plans. Now look what they have. Jayflight alone has umteen floorplans, plus hybrids of different types, even the Hummingbird, which by the way, i will give a 2 year life span. They need to do like the General, go back to the basics, and build 'em right, like they have been known for....quality at an affordable price, the way they began!

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