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Originally Posted by ninjahbob View Post
Why should the dealer be responsible for the quality of the RV, ie PDI. so many want to blame the dealer. The dealer should have caught this or the dealer should have caught that. The dealer should have to do little or no repairs to a new unit.
Deming once said if there is a problem and you ignore the problem then you become part of the problem. Despite the quality issues we still love and enjoy our little camper and the camping experience.
I agree so then why are the dealers selling this stuff? If they get units that show up all messed up why don't they refuse to pay for them or accept them and send them back to the manufacturers and tell them to send them a good camper and they will buy it? I can see a conversation between dealer and manufacturer going as such. We will knock $5,000 off of your cost if you will finish this unit at your dealership and get it sold. Dealer thinks ok we won't have $2000 in cobbling this thing together and we can make more profit and we sell on the internet so maybe we can ship this unit across the country on a internet sale and stick somebody with it and another dealer can deal with all of the non profitable warranty repairs as it won't come back to us. Does this happen? I would guess every day. The dealer is the first consumer as they purchase these units to resell. The dealers that will take whatever the manufacturers send them and cobble them together are the ones that I would stay way clear of. So this is why the dealers have the responsibility to ensure the unit meets quality standards when they take delivery. If the dealers sent the units back I would think the manufacturers would have a whole different attitude on internal quality control prior to leaving the manufacturers facility. Shipping isn't exactly cheap neither is an entire lot of non conforming trailers sitting at a factory waiting to be repaired to ship. Just my two cents worth.

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ninjahbob, exactly the point. They shouldn't have to do all the fixes on a unit. If the factory won't do acceptable quality control before shipping the unit to the dealer guess who has to?

They sure shouldn't pass on a unit that has problems to the buyer and let him fix everything.

Like ryan1974 says, the dealers accept them as is, and most will do the minimum to get it acceptable to the buyer.

It all starts at the factory and you know what flows downhill.

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Hello, I'm a little late on the conversation but here's my bit. I don't know about other manufacturers except Jayco. My dad and myself each bought 2015 Jayco Eagle Premiers not sure of the model numbers. But in less than 2000 miles a leaf spring broke on my dad's.
By the time that trip was finished (around 6000 miles) we both had 4 or 5 cabinet doors that had fallen off. My hot water heater went out and his light strip went. Since then about 75% of my cabinet doors have been replaced and a/c stopped blowing air into the back bedroom.

The service department has done a great job putting things back together. (under warranty)
So I blame Jayco for doing a worthless job of putting them together at the factory.

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I had similar issues with my 185RB. I wasn't given the Propane hose when I left the dealership and strangely no one could figure out what kind of hose it used. I ended up talking to Jayco customer service and they made it right. The Water heater issue is something I've been trying to get the dealer to fix but it's an issue with a very small pilot light. In a service bay it works just fine but it's so small that even a slight breeze will blow it out and then, no hot water. Otherwise it's a great home away from home!
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Mine was the circuit board. But the difference for me was it would light the first time and heat water but wouldn't cycle after water heated. So in the bay it was fine. After the forth visit to the rv hospital I told them to start changing parts and got lucky one the first one.

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Believe I read that Thor has bought jayco but done know when. Not sure of Thor's track record.
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My understanding it was in July when Thor bought jayco. I bought my new jayco in May. Why? Because they were the last family owned rv manufacturer and I belived because of that at the time that I would get a better product and better service from a family owned company. So far lets just say that I have been less than impressed with either. Time will tell.
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I guess I'll be the voice in the wilderness here. We have a 2015 SLX 264BHW and we've put 3-4,000 miles on it with no problems other than: had to connect a wire in fridge compartment that likely was unhooked for shipping and dealer didn't plug back in, and replaced an outdoor storage door lock which my son broke trying to unlock with wrong key. Yes, there is normal wear and tear after 6 trips or so, but it seems to be holding up well. We weren't in a hurry to buy, and once we did, I checked things very carefully--I'm the kind of person who can't rest until I've read all the lit, pushed and turned and tried every button, knob, and feature. We also reminded the kids constantly at first that nothing was exactly like being at home so to treat everything gently. I hope much is still the same in the next several years. We're sold on Jayco.
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This year we bought a Jayco X23, going a bit bigger than the X20 we had and they sat together in my driveway for awhile.While the new one had several of the extras I had added to the old one, the quality of manufacturing was quite different.I could walk right over and compare things that were done just 4-5 years before. Quality control is most definitely DOWN and the warranty repairs just as bad ! Had both window valances fall of the walls after first trip. Dealer was going to fix them right - used bigger screws and they fell off the second trip too ! Noticed the hinges on the storage compartments were at a different angle (maybe why they leaked) Sure glad I can fix the majority of things myself. Repaired 8 different things that in my opinion should not have left the factory. So much for that Amish quality anymore. Another poster was right , that they have outgrown their repair base also. Large dealer were I bought it said it would be 3-4 weeks to get first warranty fix after I had just handed them a check for $24,000 three weeks before ! They don't care as they are on a roll right now.
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We've taken so many trips since we purchased our Melbourne in May that I've lost count, but 7000 miles already! We are in Laughlin, NV. right now for a couple of weeks. We love our Jayco, and we feel the quality is good.

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