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Cheaperrooter I'm out of your conversation. Good luck finding the answers you want.

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Originally Posted by Cheaperrooter View Post
2010 Eagle 318RLS Fiberglass. 2015 Chevy 3500 crew 4x4. After much debate, I decided not to go with the weight distribution hitch. Did a direct connect. Made some newbe mistakes, like brought too much weight with me and didn't empty any of the tanks. It seemed that anything over 40 mph it was all over the road. Now all over the road does not mean it was swaying, no. Shouldn't have even use that term. Let's just say it felt unstable. Call it 30 years experience of being a contractor towing things and I could just tell it didn't feel like it was under control. It just didn't feel right.

I drained the holding tanks and the water tank and picked up about an extra 400 pounds. Then I got rid of some 5 gallon containers of water which is another 250. So I dump 650 pounds including taking the propane bottles off of the front and putting them in the rear of the trailer. She's riding much much better now. Still, my speed seems to be about 50 mph. Anything over that and she starts to not feel right. Not sway now, I have no sway at all. I've got it loaded to prevent that. So I don't know how to describe it, but if I have to, I would say the tires need to be so much more stiffer. I would say I'm just carrying too much weight still.

I don't know why, but I just envisioned that I would be able to sail down the road at 70 mph with no issues at all. Now that I'm actually driving this thing on the interstate it is obvious that is not going to apply. So I have a couple of questions and also, my main question is simply this. Is that normal? Should I be able to cruise down the interstate at 70, or was that never really going to happen and I was just stupid?

1) Does it have to be level? Right now the front is pointed down a foot or so, as I didn't want to use a high-rise hitch because the load rating was lower than my straight hitch. It's not awful, but it's obviously not level. Is there any rule that says it has to be level to pull it?

2) Don't understand why they only have load rated C tires on this thing. It seems to me that it is begging for some load E tires. If I take a turn, one of the tires literally looks like it's coming out from under the rim. But it has its maximum air pressure and weight I am carrying is not enough to make it do that. Only on turns ?? Think I am going to upgrade to some stiffer tires, there is no way that can hurt.
Let me try it this way:

1) YES it has to be level. Fine, grab a large drop shank and flip it over, it will continue to ride poorly.
2) Don't know why they don't. Trailers of this nature aren't designed to go fast but I can't speak as to why they don't use them.

Other things:
-You shouldn't have to move propane tanks to get your weight distributed. I've never heard of someone having to do that.
-You would be able to tow at 70, if you wanted to, safely if everything was distributed properly and sway control was utilized.
- A WDH isn't about a truck not being able to take the weight, it's about even distribution on both truck axles (allows more weight onto the fron axle as to help with directional control of the entire rig), and even distribution on the trailer tires. All four tires should experiance the same load. My guess is if you have a tire "coming out from the rim" it's because the weight isn't where it should be.
- Tongue weight should be about 13% of the trailer weight for proper trailer stability. In order to achieve this without ridiculous loading techniques and a 6" riser shank to make the trailer level, we use WDH. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL IS YOU WANT THE RIG TO BE STABLE AND CONFORTABLE.

We aren't trying to sell hitches, but realize most of us have been in your position and came to realize it's proper loading that makes a huge difference.

I've towed with about every style truck there is. I've towed TT, 5ers, construction flatbeds, horse trailers, etc and I can tell you these very large bumper pull trailers require proper loading. MOST EASILY ACHIEVED WITH A WDH. I presently own a 1 ton and pulled my last bumper pull with it. Of course it would do it without a WDH, but it was a much more harrowing experiance. Also, not trying to be a pain but you may want to look at the placard on the actual hitch for maximum weight. It's lower than you think for a trailer not utilizing weight distribution.

As for why they designed 1 ton trucks. Yes they can handle it, yes the hitch will probably be fine, but you are seeking a more pleasurable driving experiance, right? Load and distribute the weight properly, and use sway control, and you WILL achieve this. It's not about what they truck can or will do. Not an ego contest.

If this doesn't you at least help you understand why a WDH was so commonly answered I don't know what will. We did answer your question, with a solution. We can't answer as to why things are designed the way they are. Only offer solution. We are not trying to belittle you or your truck. As I said before, I would not ever go back to high speed TT towing without the proper setup. And for stiffer tires, haven't run into anybody yet who feels they need them when the rig is balanced. Remember from front to back, it's one unit. Should be level and properly balanced to achieve the best towing results. It makes more of a difference than people think who don't have one.

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Now I remember why I was afraid to switch to a TT!
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I'm sure your truck can handle the weight but what about the "Fish Tail" you may encounter at 65-70 I doubt they built that in and I could be 100% wrong. You might be a nice man but reading your posts I must say you don't come across that way. Don't mean to bash you but that the way it sounds " to me at least".
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I have the solution to all his problems...Sell the Chevy and get a real truck!

Just kidding. Level the trailer and put on some heavier rated tires. Then weigh it at an appropriate (CAT) scale and make sure the tongue weight is around 12-15%.

If that doesn't work, then sell the Chevy and buy something else...since obviously you don't need WDH. Must be the truck simply can't handle it. Meanwhile, The rest of us using WDH with sway control will be passing you by in the fast lane. Just means we can get to the campground to have a beer quicker! LOL

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Originally Posted by LiftedAWDAstro View Post
, The rest of us using WDH with sway control will be passing you by in the fast lane. Just means we can get to the campground to have a beer quicker! LOL
We'll bring the beer you just start the fire.
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I believe the OP got the answer he wanted (and some he didn't want) to his question. Time to put this one to bed.

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