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New Trailers, Quality and Modifications.. Advice?


well, now that i have the Tow Vehicle dilemma resolved, and am fairly confident we can tow any trailer we would 'want' (we don't want anything crazy big really), now it comes down to choices.

Really want the 8 CF fridge, and thats not something you can modify(easily), so the Jay Flight series is where we are at the moment. Currently considering the 28BHBE and very likely will go with it - even if our TV can do more, we aren't sure (yet) that we would want to do more.

That said, The elite package, with thermal package, and a 15k A/C unit are on our shopping list.

My concerns: I see a LOT of posts about having to rescrew, reglue, fix this and that, etc - on a BRAND NEW trailer. I'm not shying away from maintenance, but it does seem a bit sad that you have to 'rebuild' a new trailer. So I am wondering what the frequency is for these issues. if it's a couple hours on a weekend just tweaking a few things after you get it, thats one thing. if it's major over haul, or weeks at the dealership getting resolved, thats not something I want. Also heard about staying away from models made after 2012 or 2013.

I'd LIKE to order my 28BHBE with what we want - but am not sure ordering, with the recent quality issues, is a good idea. If we get used, we likely won't have a warranty, and also won't necessarily get what we want, so just looking for some input.

you guys have been GREAT with the input so far - helping us move toward a new/different tow vehicle, I am looking forward to your advice on this as well.

thank you so much!

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Does your favored dealer have one on his lot you can purchase instead of ordering? At least you could go through it with a fine tooth comb before you actually pay for it.


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nope. unfortunately what we want is not easily found (the combination) and the closest thing to it WAS a couple hours drive away but that was sold too. I don't think we have a choice other than to order it fresh - and run the risk
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I was very nervous about getting a new trailer for similar reasons to yours. We ended up with one off a lot, but it was brand new. The dealer went over it well before we got there to pick it up, and only missed one thing (the black water flush was installed, but the line to the outside of the trailer wasn't completed), which they rushed to fix right then and there. I assume that the dealer's level of care in pre-inspection plays a big role in this situation. We have found a couple small things since then, but nothing that interferes with travel, and we'll have them fix those this fall.
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I ordered the 28BHBE in my signature and have yet to pick it up, so my experience with this trailer is limited to the 2014 and 2015 versions I have seen on the lot. I have quite a bit of experience in and around travel trailers and RVs over the years however, and I can say the biggest issues I worry about are leaks that cause big repairs or total failures, and appliance failures. Since most TT manufacturers use the same group of vendors, appliance failures are not immune to any one manufacturer in my opinion. It appears Jayco uses good appliances in their JayFlight models, so I will utilize the two year warranty, vs. the 1 year in most competitors, as my hedge there.

For leaks, my research led me to believe the 28BHBE has the same or better leak prevention/performance as others in its price class. I will do my own inspection and maintenance to ensure leaks are avoided or kept to a minimum. Again, the 2 year warranty has an advantage over several others in this class.

In regards to build quality issues in other areas, I have been disheartened by some of the QC issues I've see in this forum, but I've seen the same issues in other forums when talking about other TTs. The way I see it, folks are more apt to be vocal about problems on the forums which creates an impression of a high-level of QC issues in the industry. I think in reality, the experience for most is probably very positive with only minor issues here and there.

This has been my experience staying in family and close friends trailers over the years. I am prepared to do some minor modifications to the dinette and queen bed areas of the 28BHBE, e.g. some wood glue, dry wall screws and some support lumber to bolster these known issues. To me this is akin to minor maintenance on my 1950's home, and in the end, I feel that I can do these types of modifications and repairs more conveniently and confidently then hauling it in to the dealer. I know I will get some satisfaction out of customizing and caring for my investment in these cases.

Being out there on the road and in remote locations, having the gumption and ability to perform minor repairs and modifications is a necessity and will lead to long-term satisfaction. I am usually a glass half-full type person however, so others may have a different view point.

I hope this helps!

P.S. I plan on performing a very thorough PDI and will not take delivery if there are any major or significant issues. Dealing with problems before delivery will likely handle most of the initial stress-inducing issues before that first big trip.
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There's an old saying, "You either need to be handy or rich to own an RV" While the dealer may catch some stuff it's latter down the road when things happen.
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I have had 2 new trailers and found that the Jayco is more solidly built. That being said, anything from cars to ships need a "shake down" cruise to discover things that weren't done correctly. Thankfully, your dealer should schedule a time to fix what went wrong. Perhaps a little inconvenient, but if it was not a production product, few of us could afford the end result.
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Originally Posted by Monterey Diver View Post
I have had 2 new trailers and found that the Jayco is more solidly built. That being said, anything from cars to ships need a "shake down" cruise to discover things that weren't done correctly. Thankfully, your dealer should schedule a time to fix what went wrong. Perhaps a little inconvenient, but if it was not a production product, few of us could afford the end result.
That's what we need: Builder's Trials!

The buyer takes the thing for an extended outing with a representative of the seller along. Together they create a written punch list of all the shortcomings still remaining.

The seller then has xx days to get everything right.

The buyer has their own copy of the punch list. Only after every item has been cleared, the money changes hands.

What Say All? Is this a good idea? How can we implement it?

(or is this all just belling the cat)
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Hi OhioRVMom,

We ordered a 2016 28BHBE Elite through The RV Express with the thermal package, 2nd AC, and electric stabilizer jacks at the end of April. It arrived for pickup at the end of July at their dealership in Southern California. While we were waiting, I did a lot of reading through the forum and saw a lot of quality concerns and issues people were having. It certainly made me extremely nervous reading these stories, especially since we were making a trip to pick up the trailer over 10 hours away. I also know that you tend to hear more about things when they go wrong and a job that's done right is generally always expected and not always talked about. That certainly did not stop my stomach being in knots on the day of the walk through though.

To put your mind at ease, the walk through was thorough and I didn't feel rushed at all. We had the opportunity to look through the entire trailer and they did a great job prepping it. We spent the 5 days following our picking camping on our way home. During that time, I found a few "quality" issues that developed:

- The second day in, I pulled aerators off of the sinks and cleaned them as they had pieces of the PEX tubing blocking them and had little to no water pressure at the bathroom sink. The shower head needs to be pulled as well as you can see the small pieces of blue and red tubing in the spray nozzles but by first glance, it looks like it will be a chore. Many members have recommended upgrading to a different shower head by Oxygenics (I think) and plan to do so.
- A few loose screws were tightened in various places.
- A bracing piece for the dinette bench popped out because they missed it with the screw. The seats and supports are pretty lame in this area and I was able to put it back in with no issues but I'm going to be beefing up the dinette down the road.
- There's some scuffing on the dinette end wall between the dinette and couch and it really bugged my wife. I'll be filling it with some putty/stain to blend it.

These are all things that I fixed or easily can fix.

The only item I will reach out to Jayco on is the door between the bedroom and kitchen is on a barn door slider. While towing, it slid past the "open" stop catch and got caught in the bottom guide which did some damage to the bottom corner of the door. Otherwise, all the systems have been working great. There are things that are cheap. For example, the plywood used for the short queen bed is very flimsy and I'll replace that down the road. It's a bit disappointing because of the amount of the money that is spent on a trailer like this one shouldn't involve having to "upgrade" things like that. Same with the dinette. I will say that having looked at various other manufacturer's trailers and similar floor plans, Jayco's quality surpassed them all. Plain and simple, she's sexy

Regarding the 2nd AC - both units are loud but with the second unit located right above of the queen bed, there's no way I could sleep with the unit on for AC, heat or fan. No joke, it's really loud! I'm actually a bit disappointed we spent the money to add that in; however, it will definitely help keeping the place cool when we aren't worried about sleeping and it's triple digits outside.

Feel free to ask any questions about the trailer and I hope that helps. Definitely expect there to be things to fix, if you guys are handy in the slightest, you'll be able to fix them in a few minutes. We were fortunate to not have any big issues for sure.
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The majority of things you hear about are fit and trim issues that you will find with any manufacturer. I can say in our case, all of the new units we have purchased over the last 38 years, have been basically flawless. However we always go to the same dealer who has a reputation of making sure all is right before you even come to pick it up. To me the dealer is the weak link when people have issues.

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