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Originally Posted by linkbelt View Post
At my age, if the trailer is rocking, that just makes me look good!
Kinda goes along with my signature.

If the trailers a rockin, dont bother a knockin, just come on in and make yourself a drink. We wont be long.
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Close is good in this case, as in close to level. I carry 2x6 to bring one side up 1 to 2 inches and 1x8 just in case. We are camping for the week usually so close is good and use the stabilizers to just take as much as the bounce out as possible. Do not, I repeat, do not use the yellow plastic wheel chocks from Camping World and Walt Mart and others. Don't ask me how I know. The good sturdy rubber ones can be had for a very reasonable price. I also prefer the Vodka, but to finish it off, and not to start!



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Originally Posted by giddyup View Post
As newbies... copious amounts of vodka...we arrived after dark...edge of a cliff...bright torch of iPhone.
(Key words below)
Good Luck!
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Even with the stabilizers down you can get a substantial amount of bounce in the floor because the bulk of the weight of the trailer is supported by the leaf springs which are designed to move.

To counter this, I use 4 if these

stationed fore and aft of the the wheels between the frame and the ground.
One of them is placed under the frame for the steps (rear kitchen model with a door near the back) and stops the trailer from shaking when someone enters.
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Level and stable are two separate issues. Level comes in two steps. First is side to side, this is where you make a level spot by putting blocks on the ground and then pull/back onto your now level spot. Second step is level lengthwise using the landing gear.

stable comes in two steps. First lower your stabilizers, second stop the wheels from rotating which is where most of the bounce comes from. I use x chocks for this purpose.
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CHEAPERROOTER, don't over think it. Level side to side by placing a 2x6 under the low side tires then use the front jack to find level front to rear. Once level, lower the rear stabilizers to steady the rig. I use the stove to determine level because I don't like my morning eggs running to one corner of the skillet. It is like horseshoes, being close counts.
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What works for me may not work for you. The point is do what you need to do to make you and yours happy...

What you think might be misinformation for you may be just the thing for someone else.

I try real hard to just report my similar situations and let others decide what they want to do after they have read everyone else's problem solver.

This is why computer screens have ON-OFF switches... If you don't like what you are reading then just move on pilgrim as John Wayne would have said...

Just me thoughts
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Don't put too much pressure on yourself. There is more than one way to eat spaghetti, and they are all right. Like will all things, research the unknown, take the advise that seems most supported and credible and try it out for yourself.

When we are set up, i'm the only one who really knows how level we are. I've never had anyone say, "man, i don't think this thing is level". I did pick up a couple universal rv stabilizers (about $50 each). I put one under the door; and one opposite of the door, or back bumper. But as long as a trailer sits on springs, there will be some movement.

I would probably be more worried about bending a stabilizer bar from over extending it, than bending the trailer frame no matter what my leveling system is.
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Newbie fed up with so much misinformation on proper set up of a travel trailer

Originally Posted by Cheaperrooter View Post
2010 Eagle 318RLS: Uggggggggggg!!!! My eyes grow weary of reading so many articles on how to properly set up the travel trailer. I don't know who to believe anymore. I don't know what to believe anymore. ... snip ...

Any help would be nice, as I am totally and irreversibly irritated and frustrated in reading about something as simple as to how to set up a travel trailer.
Are you truly 'irreversibly irritated?' I don't think so, otherwise you wouldn't have asked for help. Be that as it may, I'm going to jump in here with my opinion just like others have done:

Setting up a travel trailer is not rocket science. It is, as you said, '...something as simple as to how to set up a travel trailer.' It is simple, that is why there are so many ways that individuals find their own, individual, way of doing it. The goal (IMO) is for the refrigerator to work well, get a good night's sleep, be able to walk normally in the trailer, and not break anything while setting up.

So, if you pull into a spot and the refrigerator is level (or you don't care if it is not level), and the trailer is still connected to the tow vehicle, that's all you need to do: Sit around inside or outside. Eat, drink, and be merry. And when you are tired, go to bed. There is nothing 'proper' that you must do.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied when you pull into a site because...
the refrigerator isn't cooling as it should, the trailer bounces while you walk in it, the bed angles too much to the side or head to toe, or you want to disconnect the trailer and tow vehicle...
then you have some things to do...
to level the trailer, reduce the bouncing, and secure the trailer so it will not roll when disconnected from the tow vehicle.

I know of no proper way to do those things. On the other hand, some folks have posted things to save you grief and broken equipment...
'A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.'
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OP, I think I know what you need to do to feel good about getting your rig level.
1. Tow your rig to the nearest flat and open paved area.
2. Check the side to side level of the pavement. If it is within half a bubble of level call it good.
3. Find a place on the trailer that matches the pavement for level. Remember that as your place to check side to side level in the future.
4. Use the tongue jack to level the trailer front to back. If your bed runs lengthwise that is a good place to check level Nothing worse than laying in bed and feeling like your head is down hill.
5. Now that the trailer is level place your sticky levels on the outside of your trailer in places that are easily seen, especially the side to side one.

You can now calibrate your levels for future reference. Run the trailer up onto a 1x6 under the tires on one side. Look at your side to side level and mark where the bubble is with a black marker. Now do it with 2 inches of lift. Duplicate those marks on the opposite side of the level. Now when you get to a campsite that is off level just look at your marks and you'll be able to tell how much lift you need to get level, no guessing involved.

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