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Potential new TT purchaser....

I purchased my first and only TT nearly 20 years ago. It was a 29 foot Jayco bunkhouse and by and large, it was a decent unit that I enjoyed with my wife and 2 young sons until we ended up trading it for a piece of real estate that we really wanted several years later. We've talked about purchasing another camper over the years, but have never really gotten around to it. Now that we're approaching retirement (at least I am, my wife may have several more years to go), we're discussing getting another.

In all likelihood, we'd have it delivered to a campground on a lake, build a deck for it and leave it there without hauling it around the countryside. My boys are mostly grown and have their own lives, so most of the time it would just be two of us using the camper. I think a 24-26' unit with at least one slide-out will be adequate. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for, but I'm also of the belief that for 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars or more, that you should probably get quite a bit.

I have to admit that not having looked at trailers in many years and just starting to do some research on them now is a bit frustrating and scary. There was always some junk out there, but if you paid a moderate price and did your research, you could expect to find a decent product from any number of manufacturers (Jayco offered a pretty good product for the price at that time). I've spent most of the day today looking at this forum and a couple of others and I'm horrified that there seems to be an attitude that for anything less than Airstream prices, you're going to get junk and you can fully expect to find a bunch of quality control issues with almost anyone's product that you look at. Has our manufacturing industry really fallen off that quickly in this country? Am I really to believe that I could find a mid-sized travel trailer with an MSRP of $30,000 or more and fully expect it to be junk?

Maybe I'm making a mistake and I don't really want a camper anymore. And yeah, I know that I could always go out there and drop $80,000 and get a decent unit, but that's not what I'm looking for, even assuming I could afford it (I can, but I'd almost assuredly prefer to spend my money in retirement on family, travel, boats and other things).

Just really frustrated and disturbed by what appears to be a willingness to accept a poor quality product in what I believe to be a reasonable price range. Am I wrong?

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As with most things, people only tend to post online when they have a problem, so you see thread after thread on here about people's problem units.

Yes there are issues, but in general I don't think all modern RVs are junk. You see hundreds of participants on this forum who love their units and usually only have minor issues if any, or are just really happy "modding" their units. I have bought 2 recent Jayco units, a pop up in 2016 and a 2017 travel trailer early this year. We have used our unit half a dozen times so far and I have had zero issues with it so far. Everything works and we couldn't be happier. Fast forward a few years from now and we will see how the wear and tear from my family weighs on it, but I just plan to be as diligent as possible and as proactive as I can be to make sure I take care of our $30k plus investment as best I can. We only recently got into Rving, but for what they are, I don't know how you can offer all the amenities they offer and be able to pull it down the road if they were built to last a long time.

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Thanks for the response JP Brown. I'm glad to hear that not all believe that the new campers are all junk, but even if a fair percentage believe so, it's still a bit disconcerting. There should be a rigorous inspection process and problems should be rare, not to be expected. I think that I am fortunate in that we likely won't travel much, if at all, with ours and because our kids are young adults (no grandkids yet), we probably won't see our unit getting beat up the way that some do. That said, it doesn't mean that I'm OK with flimsy or with poor quality control. Thanks again for the response.
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Welcome to the forum.

If you search around, you'll find that you are not alone wondering about quality issues.
You'll also find that many/most of us are satisfied with our Jayco trailers.
You'll also find there are some owners that are dissatisfied and some of them post often about their issues.
You'll also find that many quality issues, and warranty repair issues, are dealer - not Jayco - issues.
Reading closely you'll also find more that a few cases where some buyers neglected to do a thorough PreDeliveryInspecion before leaving the dealer resulting a ruined camping trip etc. and blaming that on Jayco, or the dealer, not doing a thorough inspection.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea that I am very pleased with my Jayco TT and the dealer that has done the warranty work - fit and finish items - quickly.
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Thanks oldmanAZ, much appreciated. I am the sort to do a fair amount of research before purchasing (though I don't mind pulling the trigger quickly either if I think I've found what I want), and I'm also pretty good about doing my own inspection before taking an expensive product. That said, if there's something wrong with the trailer, it's the fault of the dealer AND the manufacturer and shouldn't be blamed on the purchaser who failed to do an adequate inspection (and who may not have even known what they were looking at). A bit of knowledge and a proper inspection may save the buyer a real headache if there IS something wrong with the camper, but there shouldn't be something obviously wrong with it, that's why companies do inspections of their own and have QC checklists.
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Unfortunate in travel trailers what you pay may have no connection to what you end up with!My camper is three years, that's how long its take's to get everything fixed under warranty! I think if everything works in what your looking at that's a good start! Thanks
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I would disagree that quality issues are a dealer issue, they are most certainly a manufacturing issue as there build and assembly the product. If you buy a new truck and it has quality issues do you blame the dealer? No! You blame the car company and rightfully so.
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TT Quality

I have a 2017 JayFlight 23RB. It was what I would call an inexpensive trailer if you consider a similar sized Airstream. We have had ours 15 months and have around 10k miles and 50 camping days in it. We have been mostly pleased with our purchase. If you are a handyman used to doing your own maintenance then you will probably be happy. If you have to take it in to get the dealer to fix every little thing then you will be unhappy. To get a repair done at the dealer takes way too long. We purchased at what is considered the best Jayco dealer in the DFW area and a repair takes at least 2 weeks after your appointment date which is 30-60 days out from today. I find it much easier to fix most things myself. So far I have fixed multiple plumbing leaks because the fittings vibrate loose. Had some loose wiring connections, loose hinges, loose bolts, you get the idea. If I had of taken each of them into the dealer then he would of had my trailer 50% of the time. Mostly what I do is tighten things up. I also realize that it is built cheaply and as such I treat it gently. It has met my expectations.

Good Luck and enjoy retirement,

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Thanks for the responses everyone. As for doing repairs on my own, I'm more than happy to do them, but tightening up loose fittings and screwing in loose screws and bolts is about as far as I'm willing to go for two reasons. First of all, I'm simply not that handy with certain things, and secondly, I don't want to bit** something up, thereby having the dealer give me a hard time or void the warranty when I have to subsequently take it to them.
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If you are afraid of Jayco, don'y buy it. I am happy with my 2015 195RB. We have had no problems with it aside of the mattress and the bed support which was easy to fix. Mattresses are a very personal thing. Good luck with anything you choose. The more complicated your trailer is, the more chances things can go wrong.

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