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We have it worked out pretty well.

She tells me where the trailer should wind up. She is quite good at finding a near level place.

I do the backing and re-trying.

All directions from her are hand signals of which direction the back end of the TT should go. "Left" and "Right" have no meaning when each may be facing in different directions.

I trust her eyes and judgment. She trusts me (mostly) not to break her truck. Take it slow and easy.

Then I lay a level on the rear bumper of the trailer (very often bubble is centered)and give her a hug!

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What is the big deal??? I RV solo.. I back in solo.. Never had a problem in 20 years.. IF the GF does go with me she just sits in the passenger seat while I back in..

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What works for me is I watch the left side and have the wife watching the right side. She stands off to my right up front so I have her visually in sight. Just check and see how far back you can go before you start to back in. Of course I mastered my backing skills on the farm as a kid.
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I just read an article on backing up and this quote sounds like it would be very helpful:
GET ORIENTED-In the moment it can be super confusing which way to turn your steering wheel to move the trailer the direction you want. One bit of feedback I received that was super helpful was to place your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel then turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go. So if you want the trailer to go left, push the steering wheel left (with your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel.)
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My wife and I use a combination of cell phone (her phone to the truck's bluetooth) and/or hand signals. She says "Driver or passenger" and points to what side the back of the trailer needs to go and holds up a closed fist to signal stop.

As an airline pilot the hand signals are pretty similar to the ones used by the rampers at work when they park us so it helps I use them frequently and the reason I suggested we use them.

We tried walkie talkies but she wouldn't press the "TALK" button down long enough before speaking and I would only hear the static of her clicking the button and miss whatever she was saying.

I've found it's much easier to just use the mirrors rather than look over my shoulder. Looking over my shoulder gets me confused as to which direction the steering wheel needs to go.
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These have been all great responses. My preference is first the "lone wolf" approach, where she and the girls (DD's 3 and 6 year olds) all stay in the cab with me, after I've scoped the site. It just comes with practice and experience.

My dad always told me to figure out how to do it (whatever) on your own, because the DW will usually have her hands full with the kids.

My next preferred is If it's dark I'll have DW spot and its limited to hand signals only for stop, or she points with an index finger where the tail of trailer needs to go, and then she uses two hands and closes them slowly to indicate when to stop pushing back.

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When I towed a TT we kept it very simple, DW would just direct me where the TT had to go, I would decide and execute on how it got there. Now with the MH DW stands behind, directs me with large motions since I am looking at her in the back up monitor. We can get into anywhere that we physically fit. This system works for us. Good luck in you marriage saving efforts!
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Forgot to mention: We tried the radios for a while when we first started out. But since I would forget them if we didn't leave them in the truck, that's what I did. Second time out, we had dead batteries. Replaced them real quick, and got through the process. Third time out, dead batteries again. I guess they just can't handle sitting in the hot truck for a month. She also had the bad habit of not giving the radio a second to transmit before she started speaking, so all I would hear is a click on my end. I tried to train her how to use them, but it didn't take.

Cell phones usually don't work where we are, so that's a no go.

We've stayed many places where an RV park staffer escorts us to our site and spots/guides me into the site. DW LOVES this; she just sits in the passenger seat those times.

We have our process down pretty good now though. We have only 2 difficulties: 1) She doesn't seem to think staying in sight of my mirrors is important, so we've had a few times where I'm just sitting there waiting on her to appear again, and she's waiting for me to keep going. 2) She doesn't understand the hand motions of go/stop. We've worked it out that as I get close to something, she begins with her hands spread apart and brings them closer as I get to where I need to stop, when they come together, I stop. She thinks the space between her hands needs to represent actual distance, instead of just a representation of how far I have until I need to stop! So she'll typically just wave me on with her fingers until I need to stop, then she puts both hands up, palms out, I stop. If I don't, she yells "STOP!" (my windows are always open).

We do okay now though. She still hasn't let me hit anything (yet, knock on wood)!

As far as saving the marriage, just come up with a system that works for YOU and go with it. If that means one of you has to walk away for a few minutes and leave the other alone for a bit, then so be it.

If you're going solo, the GOAL becomes VERY important. And DON'T FORGET TO LOOK UP!

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After years of trying the hand signal shouting thing we needed a new solution. DW never seemed to get the "If I you can't see me in the mirror, I can't see you..." We do agree that her role is to stop me from hitting obstructions. She is responsible for the TT, I am responsible for the TV (my fenders are still unblemished, but there have been some close calls).

We finally invested $30 in a decent set of walkie talkies; Motorola, but pink, so they were heavily discounted. This past year has been much easier. If she transmits too quick, I stop, and broadcast "say again". She quickly learned to wait, and then hold the transmit a little longer. But now she can walk around wherever she wants to check angles and I'm okay with not having her in sight. I do still GOAL once or twice each time to make sure I'm putting it where we want it. I am responsible for the "line" I take, and will try a new approach when necessary.

As the talkies are pink they are her toy, and she always remembers to turn them off when done, so no dead batteries yet. They live in the console of the truck full time, so never forgotten.
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GOAL = Get Out and Look.

For those that are going to ask.

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