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My biggest fear getting my TT was backing. My wife and I use very simple hand signals, she points which direction the back of the TT needs to go and I make it happen. We go *slow* and by some miracle it's working perfectly.

Best advise I got when I started was to put one hand on the steering wheel, at the bottom of the wheel. If you need the back of the trailer to go left, you move that hand on the wheel to the left... and vice versa. It's ALL you have to remember.

I've also heard walkie talkies and a back up camera have saved more than one marriage.

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Lots of great advice on here, but I'll add my helpful thoughts.

I'm the wife and I found it easier to do the backing up as standing outside telling husband where to go was confusing for me. Left, right Whos side etc.

Even then sometimes husband would yell left and it was to the wrong persons left.

3 years of this and finally this summer I had a new thought. Forget the left and right stuff.

I put my hands at the bottom of the wheel and told husband to yell either DRIVER or PASSENGER. With hands at the bottom and he yells DRIVER my hand turns wheel to driver side and the trailer swings to driver side, he yells PASSENGER my hand turns wheel to passenger side and the trailer turns to the passenger side.

With this new idea of yell only DRIVER or PASSENGER we have cut the time it takes down by 75% as well as we are still married after backing up.

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Originally Posted by Jhowemca View Post
Best advise I've gotten "just have her watch the trailer and shout out if you're about to hit something".

That's all we do!

The driver should be in charge of the driving, not the spotter trying to drive from outside.

That advise has saved many camping trips for us!
Works for us! When it comes time to back up the trailer she says "put it right there", and so I do. The only job she has is to make sure I don't back into a tree. And even then, with the camera on our trailer, that isn't too big a concern either (knocks on wood)

When the day comes my wife has to tell me which way to turn the steering wheel I'll just return my man card and hand her the truck keys
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Well, I hate to admit this, but we all just gave the wrong advice....

Pull through site- all issues solved!!! Lol

Ok, one thing I didn't post was when we pull up to our site, I always stop a little short of it, and get out and walk the site as others have mentioned. As I did post, then my wife's job to to keep me from hitting things, and if needed let me know which direction the trailer needs to go.
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Use the Trucker's plan when backing; G.O.A.L. Get Out And Look.
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Originally Posted by Jhowemca View Post
Best advise I've gotten "just have her watch the trailer and shout out if you're about to hit something".

That's all we do!

The driver should be in charge of the driving, not the spotter trying to drive from outside.

That advise has saved many camping trips for us!
This ^^^^^^^.
Also, cast aside any need to have the back in procedure be perfect. My only goals are 1) to get backed in without destroying anything, and 2) to get the trailer positioned where I want it to be. If it is a sloppy back in, or takes a while, AND we accomplish those two goals, we have succeeded.
There's lots of advice and information in forums... sometimes it is correct. For example, all of my posts are made by a political appointee who got the job as a reward for contributions to my diesel bill.

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She's always right and it's my fault. No matter what happens...my fault.
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Originally Posted by Northern Jay View Post
Some good points here. SWMBO and I discussed before we bought our TT. She had some experience guiding our Northern Lite into some tight spaces as well.
Our method is to pull up and walk the campsite first to identify possible issues and where we want the TT to be parked. I then jump in truck and with windows down do the basic approach to the site and start to back in. She stays in my mirrors and directs me with ARM signals as I am 40+ ft from where she is, where she wants the BACK of the TT to go. If she disappears from my sight I STOP. We have never raised voices or had a fight about parking.

Most times we get to where we want TT on the first shot. After that it is decide how many Lego's to get level and we set them right beside the tires with a chock at the back. I pull ahead, she slides the Legos into place and then I back up to the chock. Double check level and we be done. Usally under 5 min. Then disconnect and grab a bevview. ..
Happy Camping
At CGs I pretty much follow Jays method. Get out check the site, discuss where to stop, etc. Typically all hand commands. If I cannot see her, I stop. If we pull in late, she uses a flashlight to signal.

At home is a whole different story! We use our phones. Other than at the initial start to back in, I never see my helper. I have a longer driveway to backup maybe 100 feet, its up hill for the first third. Level for the next third, and down hill the last third. One side of the driveway we have a 6' privacy fence all the way down the driveway line. Often I have to pull in the driver's side mirror, so I can swing the nose around and not hit the fence. We have retaining walls on both sides, in the front, the driveway maybe 10-11 feet wide total. When backing up off the street, one retaining wall can never be seen. Middle third our house comes right up to the driveway, maybe 11-12 feet wide, but we have a step out the side door, which I cannot see at all when backing in, as the backend of the truck is aimed up to the sky. The back third is a piece of cake, the drive opens up nice and wide, but the TV is still never clears the house, and I like to push the TT over all they way so I can access my 3 car garage that is back there too. 4 Low is a great tool to back into my drive, she just creeps right back, I just apply brake, to stop, never touch the throttle.

This is all done by voice. Typical commands are we are getting to close to our house or the fence. Unless the street is free of parked cars (rarely is that the case), I have to pull up 3 times to straighten out. I scrub a lot of tread off my front tires on my TV.
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My wife and kids just tell me which way the back of the trailer needs to go and stop me if I am going to hit anything. Works great. No yelling, We just use hand motions.

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Marriage saved by keeping the wife in the truck and sending one of my sons to be the spotter. But someday she will have to do the dirty deed.

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