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I think you may be getting caught up in a bit of the hype. I tow a 2008 29BHS with a 2002 Yukon XL. I know that is pushing it for some, but I am comfortable with it and really have not had any trouble. Both the TV and the trailer are paid for. I can't imagine what kind of improvement I would have to have to make spending 50K (plus interest over time) worth the difference, especially towing a trailer as light as yours. I know you are planning longer trips (I'm just a weekender) but I would just drive your paid for vehicle as long as it can go. In the meantime, instead of making monthly payments on a new truck, make the same payments to yourself (don't cheat!). By the time your current TV blows up (if it ever does) you'll have amassed a small fortune that you can apply to a replacement of your choice (or you can use the fund to make repairs to your current setup as you go). I am sure you will travel easier knowing you have money sitting there, which will help you ignore whatever shortcomings you think you have right now.

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When I had to replace my Expedition El this summer after it was totaled (not my fault, and it was paid for) we had just sold our X19H with plans to go a little bigger with a TT vs Hybrid, prior to the need to replace it I was limited on how much larger we could go on a camper. The Expediton towed well but I was worried how it would do with an extra 2000+ lbs although it was rated for 9,000 on paper but not real world.

I loved my EL as it had a ton of room in the back which I used even when not camping, a Truck really would do me no good unless I put a Bed Cap on it and if I got a truck I believed I should get a 3/4 and if a 1/2 ton was the only option I might as well stay with an Expedition EL. I did not want or need a Diesel as they are not like the ol 7.3's from the old days, to much stuff to go wrong and big $ to fix, my BIL learned this, but he needs one for his work. So I thought a 3/4 was out of the question and almost settled for another used Expedition which would have been paid in full again.

Somehow I ran across the 6.2L section on the Ford Trucks Forum (I wanted another Ford product) and found out that the Gas engines held there own for any towing I would ever do and that the Tranny was the same one they bolted to the Diesel as well as the rest of the Truck was the same mechanically.

So I did more research and read all the forums I could and watched all the towing videos I could find and decided that was the route I needed to go. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to get an F250 but although I have not had the chance to tow with it yet I have put 7,000 miles on it so far and am so happy I got it. We were out again today looking at campers and it was so nice not to have to worry about being able to handle any of the Jayco's we were looking at, the largest being 28BHBE down to a 24MBH Whitehawk. Just because I got a big truck does not mean I want to overdo it, feels good that I have a lot of truck left with less worry on if I even had enough.

I had told myself if I did ever get a F250 I would get a New one and optioned how I wanted it, so I did buy New which hurt $$ and I did put an ARE Z Series Cap on it with Bed Rug which hurt $$ even more but now I got the right truck for hopefully a long time, even though I did have to finance some. It is a tough decision to go from paid for to not paid for, it will be 10 yrs old when my son is 19 and his first truck (that's how I sold myself on it ).

Moral is the Gas engines in any brand of 3/4" are a good choice and allows you to stay in the 75% range of the trucks capacity which is equal to a 1/2 tons capacity. Remember it's not so much the Engine but all the other mechanicals that are so much stronger and heavier.

On a side note I drive 114 miles a day, 110 is highway, for work and have been averaging 15.5 mpg keeping around 65mph on Cruise, my Expy averaged 19. Expy was 2WD, F250 is 4WD. It does not get EcoBoost mileage but I also don't have to ever worry about blowing up a Turbo or 2.

Don't be afraid to get a Gas 3/4... Good Luck with your decision, as you can see I have been there.

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'12 X19H Hybrid (Sold)
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I say if your truck is towing your rig good stay with it. That looks like a good combination. Having had a Ram 2500 with hemi , that towed good. The diesel is like night and day ,on hills with the a.c. cranking. It's nice. However I do find it difficult when towing to find a gas station that sells diesel. Sometimes you gotta travel miles off the highway to find one. I also have a 2012 Ford F250 with the 6.2 liter. It does toe very well. Any gas 250 would tow what you have and then some. Your setup works don't go into debt. The book of the club month to the bank is terrible

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Originally Posted by Donedroolin View Post
I do find it difficult when towing to find a gas station that sells diesel. Sometimes you gotta travel miles off the highway to find one.
Costco is now selling diesel; I emailed them on their roll-out plan and they pointed me to their site ... Google Costco+diesel to see locations.
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I didn't pay anywhere near 50k for my diesel. Buy a slightly used one I got mine with only 14k miles on it. I use it as my daily driver. Fuel cost difference is a wash compare the fuel economy with the big gas motor in a 3/4 ton. If i just drive freeway unloaded 20 mpg I avg 17.7 mpgs using it as my daily driver. I never had a problem finding diesel at the pumps but if your worried about that just fill up just before you get off the interstate that should give you a 600mile range. If in farm country you'll always find diesel fuel. I don't need a diesel for my trailer but boy do I look forward to towing it. Exhaust brake is sweet and I like trying to find steep hill to pull up. It is a super fun truck to drive. They hold there value really well. Fyi I did compare the price of f150 ecoboost with max tow and payload to my 8 month old used diesel and the price was a wash. My advice buy the diesel it'll put a smile on your face but don't pay 50k buy used should find one that is hardly used for 38-40k. Good luck. Fyi sorry for spelling and grammar errors i didn't proof read...
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I just got into this last summer, bought a used 2013 26BH, which was the first time I have ever towed anything. I had a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew with 3.21 gears. I promptly installed airbags (cheap to do, got an Airlift kit on Amazon for $150 and installed myself) to help with the ride. Got into it for the same reasons as most - young kids, fun family activity, and also good to have for the dirt bike trips we do a few times a year.

Two weeks ago I traded in the Ram 1500 for a 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Crew with a Cummins. While the 1500 managed the trailer well enough, like you I was at the 80% capacity (+/-) and when I looked at putting in more than one dirt bike in the truck I was quickly at my payload capacity with bikes, tongue weight and people.

Is the one ton overkill for what I am doing? Yup. But I'll never have capacity and capability concerns again no matter what trailer I have in the future. We are really enjoying this and this upgrade has paved the way for a pretty care free towing experience (from a "how heavy am I" perspective, not safety! ). And, I just plain love trucks!
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I'd go with the 3/4 and lose sleep over something else. If you want a diesel and have the money, then get one. I've had a few and love them. But I have to say, they're getting pretty expensive for what's now pretty much an EPA mis-engineered engine. I've been trying to talk myself into one for two years and just can't make myself give up my 7.3 for a few nice whistles and bells at $70k with an engine that needs expensive VitaJuice along with the fuel to satisfy the government.

But I'm no expert. Caterpillar is, though, and they've punted rather than play the never ending emissions games coming out of Washington.
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One thing I forgot to mention after buying the diesel you'll be wanting a new camper because now you can tow it!
2014 6.6L Duramax 2500hd CrewCab
2018 5th wheel on its way
2011 x23b (sold)
05 f150 5.4 v8 (sold)
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Originally Posted by nwminnesota View Post
One thing I forgot to mention after buying the diesel you'll be wanting a new camper because now you can tow it!
Exactly what we did. Compromised on first TT to accomdate our tow vehicle. Decided after a year I needed a new TV. Went for the 3/4 diesel, then 6 months later decided to get the TT we originally wanted. Definitely not the most cost effective way. Buying the durmax and 29QBH used helped, but I still lost considerable money doing it this way opposed to just getting the right TV up front.
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Thx for all the advice

Trying to consolidate all the great, but different opinions on diesel or not. I'll stay put for now(no intention of going bigger than 23mbh). someday it'll be time to get a replacement truck then I'll look into these choices again, n def not go 50k+ on something brand new.

Interesting to see new 2016 Nissan Titan diesel. Kind of in between 1/2 n 3/4 ton.

I feel much more capable about buying a moderately more powerful truck (gas or diesel) sometime in the future.
Thank you all

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