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There's an ongoing debate about TV capacities - my brother pulls a 2100 lb tent trailer with their Kia minivan (rated to 2500 lb) and blew by me pulling our 6,000 lb Jayco 267BHS behind a Ford F150 Lariat (8600 lb rating), so try yours and see but don't trust what the dealer says. I'd definitely put the tranny cooler on regardless. As for the mattress, the factory foam is crap and a mattress topper or entirely new mattress are well worth the money spent. Have fun!

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The key thing to know about TV capacities is that main TV manufacturer's do not currently use the SAE towing capacity standard; they all say they will in the next few years. That means it's really hard to get it right. I've found that if I stick to the basics and test, test, test it generally works out OK. I learned, just this week, that the previous owner of my SLX 185RB was towing it with a Traverse - and reported all kinds of towing problems. I'm pulling it behind a 2012 Escape and not having problems at all. I didn't get to see the previous owners setup so I don't know if it was simply wrong or what. All I can say is give it a try, take it slow and easy at first, and be ready to adapt and update as needed.

Ross & Joan - 2014 185RB - 2012 Ford Escape V6/4WD
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I have a 185RB that I used to tow with a 08 Escape that had the tow package which said I could tow 3500#. The escape towed it fine until we hit a head wind, then a head wind going up hill, needless to say after a year of towing the 185RB with the Escape, the Escape is no longer with us.

Here is the true to life rundown on the 185RB loaded with 2 peoples stuff for the weekend. The trailer weighs in at 3264, that is with a full propane cylinder and 6 gal of water that is left in the water heater after using. Now we are going to Walt Disney World for a week and here is the true weight of the 185RB 3397#. Now the tongue weight is a little over 400 pounds. Oh yeah forgot to add the weight of the WD hitch 50 -75 pounds depending on which one you go with.

Don't get me wrong you can pull the trailer with any SUV you want, but the thing that cause the Escape its untimely death was a combination of the tongue weight and trying to pull the trailer up a hill with a head wind while gravity is trying to take t back down.

Hope this helps.
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Some will say a particular combination tows great. Others will say it doesn't. Its all about expectations. What are yours?

Are you OK climbing hills at slower speeds? Are you OK with "packing light"? Are you OK with limiting your travel distance and terrain?

Do you want to go into a head wind with little effort? Do you want to go up hills and not struggle to do so? Do you want to travel long distances and tow in mountains?

How you answer questions like these will help you set your expectations.

Over the years I have twice towed very close to my rated capacities. Both times I knew what I was getting into and what the limitations would be. The first was a 3500# hybrid with a mini-van (summer of '03). The second time was with our X20E (4750#) and a Chevy Trailblazer (summer of '13). I would describe both experiences as adequate. Both times I knew that towing in mountains would be out of the question. However I was setup properly and never felt unsafe or had "white knuckle experiences". In the case of the mini-van we replaced it after the first season for 2 reasons, we really hated owning a mini-van, and we wanted to tow on long trips, and in mountains. We just sold the Trailblazer because it had 160k on it and I really didn't want to spend any money on it anymore. In both cases, prior to towing close to capacity we towed trailers with those same vehicles that were well within capacities and with plenty of spare capacity.

That said, there is a definite difference between towing up to your limit and having spare capacity. I've heard in the past that some people use "the 1000 lb" rule. That is, for maximum flexibility and towing "pleasure", tow no more than 1k lbs less than than your towing capacity. There is a lot to be said for that rule.
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I have the 195RB Baja and tow with a Nissan V6 pickup with the same tow limits as yours. I've had no problems. I did add an auxiliary transmission cooler and a anti-sway/weight distribution hitch (Anderson). I recently went through eastern Utah on a fairly long trip, with lots of steep climbs. On my return to Idaho, I was driving into very strong north winds (around 30 mph) and that was not fun and my mileage plummeted. I don't think I will push my truck in winds like that again, but it got me home fine.

The water heater in the 185 is under the bed, while in the 195 it is around the axle. That makes the tongue weight on the 185 bigger. The 195 bed is smaller, but a standard queen memory foam pad fits.
- Greg
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We have a 2013 185RB and our biggest issue is the undersized air conditioner.. It is just too small for the area it needs to cool. We looked at newer 185RB models and noticed that Jayco is putting a larger AC unit in them... ALSO, two things about the mattress... 1. A memory foam topper made a huge difference... 2. We pulled the mattress away from the front wall by about 8 inches... Then, we filled the gap between the mattress and front wall with a round foam cushion... We sleep with our heads to the front wall and our feet are pointed to the bathroom... Doing this has made our bed bigger (wider) than a King and one does not have to climb over the other when leaving the bed....
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Oops, one more issue about our 185RB is there is no connection outside the trailer for cable tv coax. One would have to install their own inside/outside connector or cut a hole in the trailer to run the cable through...

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