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Toilet Bowl mysteriously filled w/ water

We dewinterized and camped 2 weeks ago. At the end of the weekend, we did not drain the hot water heater knowing we were going again in 3 weeks. Went out to the trailer last night to load some things in, and found the toilet bowl filled to the brim with water and some on the floor.
My husband opened the drain for the hot water heater (since that's the only water we knew was in the camper) and nothing came out-it was empty. It did get pretty cold one night between the time we camped and now and thought maybe the line had burst and it drained into the toilet. So we tried filling the hot water tank and nothing leaked out. We even fired it up and the water got hot.
How do you think the toilet filled up? Where did that water come from? How come the hot water heater was dry? Everything seems to be working ok, but it's just really strange! Any insight??

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Odd but that's why I drain the lines after each trip. Just thinking out loud here but sounds like the HW tank somehow drained back into the lines or a stuck/leaky flush handle? FW tank full and drained back into the system (pump not sealing right)..No clue really.

After re-reading I will add MAYBE somethings up with your HW tank and had back flowed water in the cold water lines through your TT. It would be under pressure and your sinks/tub wouldn't show standing water (assuming the valves were open)unless it was plugged thus the large amt of water in the toilet. Not sure on the toilets water valve if they fail on high pressure. I'd hook the TT up to city water and test each water outlet thoroughly before the next trip that's for sure.

Others please chime in here..

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I read a story somewhere that the people came back to a flooded trailer. They left and came back to realize that the toilet foot flush failed and stucked into place and the water kept running in the toilet, the black tank filled up and the rest is a mess. We now turn the water off outside when we leave the campsite
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It is either the foot valve is sticking or possibly if you are hooked to city water you may be low on pressure if your regulator is not working as it should. If you don't have enough pressure the foot valve won't close all the way or it may close slowly allowing more water to enter the bowl.
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If you find out what caused your problem, please update the post. Our bowl filled overnight from a constant drip, caught it just before it overflowed. May have been a good thing because now we gently lift the floor pedal with our toes, at least I do, and now always turn off the outside city water when leaving for more than a few minutes.
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We never leave the camper with water on, either city or pump. Saw water running out of a trailer this last weekend and called the camp host to let them know.

We run on pump at night and use the switch to turn on and then back off should someone need water in the night.
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Originally Posted by cekkk View Post
If you find out what caused your problem, please update the post......

This one has me wondering

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Logic would say that somewhere you have a hot water line connected to toilet and pressure from a pump or city water hookup forced water to a faulty toilet flush device. My toilet overflowed once by itself while hooked to city water. Never have figured that one out. City water off when tt is alone and pump at nite, always.
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Did you leave the bypass valve at the water heater open when you winterized?
IMO.That would be the only way that hot water could get to the cold water side.
Make sure it is closed.
Then check for the toilet valve leaking.
Sometimes they leak so slightly that you cant see it.
Dry the bowl to bone dry,then lay a peice of toilet paper around the upper rim inside the bowl,pressurize the system and check the paper for dampness.
Valves are not hard to replace,there are lots of Youtube videos showing how to.
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Thanks for all of the responses! To be a little more clear- We camped without problems, disconnected the water, drained the tanks (except for what was in the hot water heater), and pulled the trailer home. It sat in our driveway for 2 weeks, and when I went inside to get things ready for this weekend, I discovered the full toilet. The lid was up-which is why I noticed it. At first I thought maybe the ceiling fan had been left open right above it and rain came in, but it was closed without any sign that it had leaked at all. That's when my husband opened up the hot water heater to make sure it still had water in it, and it did not. So, that's why we thought maybe it drained into the toilet somehow. We could be totally off base, but don't know what else to think...

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