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Used TT prices????

I've been looking for a few model years newer TT with a slide and I can't believe what they are listed for and what NADA says their worth. Is it crazy to think that $7000 is too much for a 12 year old (shasta) TT with a slide, or $6000 for a 14 year old Jayco TT with a slide?
Then again, If I clean our '99 242FK up, do you think it would really bring $5000 like NADA says? I would love to upgrade to a unit with a slide and a little bigger bathroom, but I am really struggling wanting to pay more than a couple thousand for the differance.

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Ignore the NADA stats... Go to RVTrader, Craigslist, etc.. There you will get a real world idea of what things are worth.. Our TT was only 1 year old and had been used maybe 3 - 4 times when we bought it.. The original price for our unit with it's upgrades were 23K.. We paid 13.5K. Give it a couple of years and I bet it won't be worth more than 7 to 9k. But then I didn't buy it as in investment either.

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I haven't checked out RV trader, but have been looking all over the mid-west on CL and everything that I am interested in seems to be priced right around what NADA says it should be. I know when we bought our 242 4 years ago, it was first come first served and literally, we were the first couple there and there were 2 other couples that came running up the driveway as we were sealing the deal! As far as compairables, it seems that anything in the age we are looking or have are few and far between so its not real easy to compair apples to apples. My inlaws have the exact same camper as us but a year older, and they paid much more than we did for ours only a couple years before we bought ours.
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Prices are crazy iun the used world

My 2009 Kodiak 25QS, I bought it for 23k.... used it 5 full seasons, traded it in for 13k even if it had a major (unknown) water infiltration problem.

And I bought my new 2014 28BHBE for 25k all included....

Now I saw that there are asking 16,999 for my used one...CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Anyone can ask for what they want, but show up with cash in hand and I bet you can obtain the unit you want for close to what you want to pay.

After so many years depreciation slows and bottoms out. If the unit is clean, fits your needs I am sure it's worth 3-4K. The newer units go for less due to trade in being half price of new, so anything above that is what the seller is considering in the sale.

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Here's my thought, and keep in mind, I've NEVER had buyer's remorse. (Ha!) When buying new you at least have a reference point, being msrp. Knock 30% off and try to do a bit better. But with used, the dealer can price it on a whim, and the private seller will set his price based on need/emotion, you name it. But he has none of the overhead of a dealership so darn well better take a bunch less. You just have to decide what you are willing to pay for a unit, then offer less so you have room to move up. It's real hard to move down! You are likely on even ground with a private seller, but the dealer does this for a living. My motto when working with dealers is, If I bought it, I paid too much!
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There are lots of problems with NADA as a gauge for values. First it list "retail" prices not private party. Retail values are, and should be, higher than private party due overhead at a dealership.

Second, NADA is very clear to only list features/options that are in excess of base model -- yet everyone lists AC, Furnace, awnings, stabilizers, fridge etc --- this is all standard equip on jayco.

Last it's emotional. Folks always think what they have is worth a lot and someone should be happy to pay their price. NADA plays into this emotion. Yet when shoe is on the other foot and it's time to buy...buyers always think the seller is way over priced.

The best thing IMO, ignore tools like NADA & KBB. figure out what you want and what you are willing to pay. If possible show up with cash and make the offer. Cash in hand seem to have a way to motivate sellers a bit more than verbal offers the then require a trip to the bank.
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As long as the subject has been mentioned...

I think that it is more difficult with used trailer purchases than some realize. I've heard of many really great deals and steals. I didn't find one.

As to advice... It is easy for someone to post on forums how you shouldn't pay this or that for a trailer of a certain age, but often if you hesitate someone else jumps on the deal and you are left still looking. It is probably best to never look at prices again after you actually buy what you want whether buying a trailer or any other vehicle.

I paid what I now know was too much to a local dealer for a Kiwi 23b with water damage. The dealer was up front about everything, I was naive as to how much water damage there was and what it takes for repairs. They did include all new tires, appliance checkout and a couple other things so they didn't just completely put it to me.

We really like the 23b. In fact, we kinda like the older model that we got a bit better than the newer style for the larger window over the sink area. It seems more open to us. So another trailer brand or style may not have been as desirable.

After having put the 23b back into usable condition I didn't follow my own advice about no longer looking around. I watched and searched around for Kiwi 23b prices and availability. I was trying to figure just how badly I had screwed up. I learned that there weren't many 23b's in our area. I found some at a price similar or lower than our 23b, but they were literally at least a thousand miles away round trip, often further. Any listed in our local area were priced high enough that I wouldn't have been willing to pay the price.

So we paid a bit too much, but we bought a trailer and have used it a few times for camping. Otherwise I might still be just looking for the perfect deal. I feel like I didn't get a terrible deal. Our repaired trailer does what we need to be happy.
Originally Posted by Plowtoy View Post
...I would love to upgrade to a unit with a slide and a little bigger bathroom, but I am really struggling wanting to pay more than a couple thousand for the difference.
If your present rig does what you need then it would seem to me that you are in the good position to wait for one of the great deals to come along. Just keep looking and something will likely pop up.

FWIW. vic
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There is another thing to consider, not so much on older models but late models. Many buyers take out long term loans on RV`s, including taxes, tags, hitch etc. They may have also initially paid too much as some dealers come down very little off MSRP. In a few years they want or need to sell. Only problem is, nearly all their payments went to interest but the unit still depreciated so they are of course underwater on the loan. Then they have to ask almost new price to get out of the loan even, hence the high asking price for a used unit.

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