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Lightbulb Watch different channel with dual receiver

Interested in how people have connected a dual sat receiver in their Jayco so they can send the side B output to the bedroom tv. Picked up our new 2014 Whitehawk 30dsre last month and info from dealer and Jayco cust service was no help. CS advice was to run a new coax [under the belly of the TT] to the bedroom. I understand that the 2014 wall connections by the tv are different than the 2013. The direct connection for the main tv is via a [supplied by Jayco] coax jumper from the ant/booster to the back of the tv. A 2nd wall plate has 2 connections [A and B] and is delivered with a 6" loop jumper looping A to B. In that config. the roof ant. is delivered to all tvs.

I have a dual Dish receiver and want to connect side 1 to the main tv and side 2 to the bedroom so that channel viewing can be controlled individually. My wife doesn't like Swamp People, Mountain Men, and the other Discovery, History, NatGeo stuff I watch. Ask dealer and they were not aware that the 2014 [mine was apparently the first they had sold] was different from the 13. Called Jayco and their advice was to run the 2nd cable. Seemed like my objective was something that a lot of owners would want to do. Kind of got the feeling from the dealer and Jayco that this was the first time anyone ask this ??.

Thru trial and error, I figured out how to accomplish the objective without having to run any new wiring. The key was figuring out the original wiring layout. Connection A on the wall is the feed from the external input for Sat or Cable. Connection B will feed a signal to the lower ant/booster box which then distributes all signals to the various tvs. What ever goes to the main tv is what goes to any other tv outlets. If the external input is hooked to a campground cable system, leave the loop jumper connected between A and B and the cable signal will go to all tvs.

Now for the dual Sat receiver. On a single receiver, remove the loop and connect a short jumper from A to the Sat in on the back of the receiver. Then connect another short jumper from the tv out on the back of the receiver B on the wall plate. Leave everything else along and you will now get the Sat channel on all tv's but the channel is selected at the receiver and the same channel must be watched on all tvs. For a DUAL RECEIVER disconnect the installed coax from the ant/booster connection and connect it directly to the sat out for side 1 on the receiver. Then connect another jumper from side 2 out on the receiver to the ant/booster wall connection. That's it, your done. The main tv will be controlled by the side 1 remote and the other tvs will be controlled by the side 2 [infrared] remote that comes with your dual receiver. You
go to go. The wife is happy watching her dancing shows and I'm out front on the recliner with the swampers.

Has anyone attacked this in a different way?

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Sorry for the typos on the post. The final comment was you are good to go. If you can't follow my directions I'll try to answer questions. I am interested in how my fellow TT'ers have done this.

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I just got a new dual hd Dvr from dish. I have not tried this yet, but I think I will be sending tv1 by hdmi straight to living room TV. Then the bedroom should get the second channel by way of the coax. Living room TV will be HD and the bedroom should be SD. I should not have to run anymore cable other than the hdmi cable which is close to my tv.
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I've been using the dual receiver in my 2012 JayFlight for the last year and it works great no extra cable to run just hook up the HDMI cable to the back of the TV to the receiver and the cable in to the splitter box the return line goes to the coax connector for the rear TV. DISH is the only satellite company to offer this receiver and they by far have it all over direct tv.

Has any one used there dual receiver with any of the auto tune satellite dishes?
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The OP and I, and probably many others, got little or no help from anyone in the RV business. I gave up on the factory satellite input and split to bdrm TV and ran cable from the Sat dish to the 612 receiver, split the signal and ran cable to the other TV. I feel certain that if I'd used the dual 622 instead, putting it in dual mode would have worked just fine. When the Tailgater and 211 came out, I switched to that system, adding an external ac powered HDD. That works and setup takes about five minutes, plus downloading time. However, the 211 remote is IR, and that's a pain.

BTW, about a month ago we switched the home system to the Hopper/Joey. It's visually unfriendly, difficult to locate DVR recordings, and the skip back, skip forward features are particularly frustrating. Skip back might go back 8 seconds as it's supposed to, or a few minutes. Skip forward has similar problem, and pause pauses, but when unpause is tapped, it may go to live.

Didn't mean to HJ.
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Have the issues with the Hopper/Joey been addressed by Dish. Do you wish you had not upgraded? We are seriously considering it for our home and RV viewing. Would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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