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Seems to me if you are asking the question you already know the answer. There is no practical reason for me to spend $23k on a trailer. $8.5k on a truck that's mostly only used for towing and today we signed up to spend over $3k to get a seasonal site so we can go camping on the spur of the moment cause the trailer is already here. It doesn't make sense but I'm happier here then anywhere else.

If you lose interest it's time to move on. If you get bored , try sailing. I really miss my Catalina 27.

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You are asking people that care enough to come to a forum and meet with other people of similar interest. Not a great place to seek advice (half joking).

If it isn't your cup of tea... Do you know what is? Is there something else that you'd rather be doing? What kinds of other hobbies would you chase? Does the cost of the camper outweigh the fun you have? Would a smaller camper + tow vehicle combo make you happier? Popup campers can be towed by most non-4cyl cars and are easy to store and still allow you to camp.


...she started talking about how I never listened to her or somethin, I donno, I wasn't really paying attention...

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Originally Posted by newrvguy68 View Post
The added monthly payment and extra cost of the suitable TV that we require to tow the trailer all add up to me questioning more and more if the trailer is really a necessity and worth keeping around?
Unless you're living in the trailer full-time it's not a necessity it's a luxury. I would recommend not take out a loan to buy luxuries.

My wife and I saved to pay cash for our trailer. We compromised on the size, weight and expense of the trailer in order to avoid an extra payment, avoid having to buy a TV that was major overkill during 90% of the time it was not being used and avoid having to pay for storage (it's kept on our property).

We purchased the trailer facing the reality that since we both work and have a limited amount of vacation time the trailer was going to be parked a majority of the time. Having to make payments every month regardless of whether you're using the trailer is just a monthly reminder you're paying for something what sits idle most of the time.

I owned an airplane once (fyi, you paid more for your TV then I did for the plane) but ultimately sold it after a winter where I got to fly about two hours total but still had to pay the monthly expenses of storage, maintenance, insurance, etc. Given our family situation and the sacrifice to keep the plane was outweighed by other things that were higher priorities.

Everyone's situation is different and only you can decide if the reward of ownership (those times you actually get to use the trailer) are worth the sacrifices you have to make (monthly payments, maintenance, etc.) you have to make to keep it.
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Most of us don't really NEED a trailer and tow vehicle but we WANT one. If you enjoy using the trailer then keep it. If you would rather leave it in the driveway and do something else then sell it. Good luck with your decision.
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Lots of good advice and input from everyone so thank you. There's no doubt that once I'm at the campground and relaxing, there's no place I'd rather be. I think, looking back at it, that I would have been best to do what a lot of people here have done and that's save up before buying. Thanks again all.

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Why I bought a pre-owned unit and paid cash for it. Matched it up to my TV (which is almost paid off) so when its all said and done we will own both free and clear. Had a boat before the TT and paid cash for it, used it for 4 yrs then sold it (actually got back what I put into it believe it or not) to buy the TT. Everyones financial situation is different aswell as needs but for us right now I couldnt justify buying a new TV to pull a TT and carry pmts on both. Now If I was a full timer...might be a bit of a different story. Sell it to free up your $ for more importiant things.
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The question is what is it worth to you? No one else can answer that.. if you dont enjoy it then sell it personally I would rather sell my house than my RV..
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Your Input Requested...Do I or Don't I?

I own an antique fire truck, how do you think I feel? :-)
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There is no way to justify the cost of RV ownership. If its causing you strain financially or if you simply aren't happy owning an RV there is only 1 answer, sell it.

Just because you don't own an RV doesnt mean you can't still camp either. That's what tents are for. Plus the cost of RV ownership + cost of using the RV will certainly pay for some nice hotel vacations.

If you don't love the lifestyle then you need to sell and move on.
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Your Input Requested...Do I or Don't I?

Do u have kids?

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