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  1. Rog1968
    10-02-2015 11:26 PM
    Trip sounds like fun, I am same situation with the HOA ....I will let you know what happens with my claim....keep in touch...don't be a stranger, lets talk again soon.
  2. Rog1968
    09-30-2015 01:40 PM
    I had no idea...I did not read the directions until lately. I upgraded the TV recently so now I am anxious to try it!
    I like the idea of a cover but you are right....seems like a giant pain, but I might not have any choice....the front of the trailer looks bad. I will try and do a warranty claim, because I think it is fading prematurely. I have washed it and waxed it....should not look like this.
    My plan is to hit Joshua Tree in December....other than that I do not have any plans.
    Let me know if you see any fading on your....is yours at home or in an RV lot? When are you going out again? How are the RV parks in Bakersfield? Have you found any local places you really like?
  3. Rog1968
    09-27-2015 10:14 PM
    Yo Darren, whats up.....so, yes the front black strip that runs across the front of the trailer where it changes from one panel to another....it was coming un-glued. so, I used some adhesive caulking to hold it down and silicon caulk on the top.....looked factory when I was done. Was looking at the front of the trailer today and it looks like it is starting to fade a bit on the drop down door-bed and the curved part on the front top of the trailer. Not sure what to do about that?? I started looking today at what I need to do for yearly service cause I really have not done anything.... By the way, I was reading the manual and I never knew about this....do we have this??

    For good station reception, the TV power supply must be turned
    ON to view local television stations. Turning the TV power supply
    ON sends 12-volt DC through the cable to the TV roof antenna.
    The voltage energizes the transistors in the antenna head
  4. Rog1968
    09-24-2015 03:13 PM
    Well, I guess that is our fault for spoiling them .... My wife kind wants the best of both worlds....full hook-ups and breathtaking beauty and privacy...."ummm yeah Dear, ummm that does not really exist that I know of yet" .So, I was thinking a good compromise would be a more self contained option and being able to get out to some more remote places. Darren, to be honest she kind of ruined it a little bit for me....I was happy as a clam...until she planted that little seed...."this place feels too much like a parking lot".....

    That sounds like a good plan for Utah, when are you thinking of making the trip??? Have you had any issues with your trailer? Where do you store it? I posted a pic of my front hitch on my profile for carrying bikes....check it out.
  5. Rog1968
    09-23-2015 11:12 PM
    Darren, Just typed you a new message and I think I accidently deleted it!! Anyway, yes we stayed at the same place in seqouia too! Amazing swimming hole!! Instant relief!! My wife has talked about Utah too.....have you found a good place to stay yet? Do they permit RV'S inside those parks or do you stay outside and drive in?
    I am going to try and do more trips in fall and spring when the weather is a little cooler. We are planning to camp at Joshua Tree in December and i am hoping to have a generator by then so that we can camp at Jumbo Rock Campground? I have also been looking at trailer modifications that will allow me to enjoy more remote places. Kinda checking out the forum to see what others are doing.
  6. Rog1968
    09-23-2015 03:59 PM
    That is too funny....I have been "away" from the forum almost since the last time we talked, but I have used it as a resource to see what others are doing and to problem solve. I got back on and then got curious what you thought about your X23 since we purchased near the same time and also the whole RV'ING in general. This is my first RV, so I don't know exactly what I expected so my idea of what I thought it would be like to have a trailer vs. the reality of actually having it and using it are still taking shape. There are things I like and don't like mostly related to the "rv parks", but as far as the trailer, love it. We have taken a couple trips to Santee lakes, Sequoia, Ventura KOA, San Diego KOA in Chula Vista, Idyllwild, and we found a cool spot at Yucaipa. We have talked about a coastal trip, any recommendations? Is this your first RV?
  7. dmkerns
    09-23-2015 02:53 PM
    How are you Rog? Funny thing is I have not logged in to the forum in months and decided to look today as we are going over to Pismo in a couple of weeks. We love the X23B and the kids really like it. How are you liking yours? We have mostly camped on the central coast and up near the Sequioas (above Visalia). Where have you guys been going?

  8. Rog1968
    09-22-2015 11:07 PM
    Hi DMKERNS, we talked when we first joined the forum....was wondering how you and your X23B are doing? Also, where you have camped?

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