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mikebrls 09-19-2014 01:15 PM

Jay Flight 28BHBE vs white hawk 28dbsh
So I thought I made up my mind and was getting the white Hawk , But after some reading about how the front fade's and delamination on fiberglass sided trailers, I started looking at the jay flight 28bhbe it has the same floor plan as the W H and look's to have a bigger shower " that a ++ " and I can get the second air condition with 50 amp service " that"s another ++ "
Of-course the fiber glass side's are more appealing to the eye , but I what something that will stand the test of time :)

So what are your thought about the difference in construction on these 2 units,

thank you

nbhybrid 09-19-2014 01:20 PM

I though you were concerned about weight?

that one weighs an extra 700 lbs

plus the beds are wider in the WH...that is a huge plus

I wouldn't over think fiberglass...tons of us have them and love them

nbhybrid 09-19-2014 01:29 PM

plus if you have small kids like I do, you or your wife will appreciate the tub instead of a shower.

that's one of the reasons I bought my X17A is because of the tub

Salsa03 09-19-2014 01:45 PM

My opinion

My previous TT was fiberglass exterior... and after 5yrs, even if I was taking extra good care of it, the fiberglass started showing signs of fading and becoming dusty to the touch

I moved to the 28BHBE and I'm happy... no more fiberglass for me (unless it's an upscale gelcoated like on the motorhomes)

I find that the metal exterior last longer, and they can be worked on more easily... a fiberglass sandwich walls needs to be fully replaced if there's ever an issue with it

As for the beds, my 2 boys love their 48'' wide beds. How wider are the WH???

And the shower, I really appreciate the large shower that the JF gives us... a tub mught be nice but even though I had a 2yo when I first bought my first TT, we never used it...it was always a shower...WAY easier and faster!!!

Not sure how the WH is built (in the walls) but I know my previous TT was an all aluminium structure...and over time, woth the travels and the shaking, I had many things inside that weren,t holding anymore... I had to redrill holes to reattach stuff!!!

spoon059 09-19-2014 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by nbhybrid (Post 235741)
plus if you have small kids like I do, you or your wife will appreciate the tub instead of a shower.

We have found that a Rubbermaid tub works wonders camping. We can take it outside and give a bath with the outside shower and not be cramped in the small bathroom. Also, the shower in the 28BHBE is large enough that you could use the tub inside the shower as well.

Crabman 09-19-2014 02:32 PM

The Jayflight is also available now with smooth sides. No idea if there are fading issues with those as well. The Jayflight has 5/8 tongue and groove plywood floors over 2x3 wood joists 16" on center, not the foam/luan sandwich floors. Its also the leading selling TT in America, according to the Jayco website, and leads our TT poll by a large margin. There are many happy Jayflight owners here, as well happy as White Hawk owners!

newbold1 09-19-2014 02:41 PM

My 2013 White Hawk 30DSRE has some fade but no delamination at all. Is the fade annoying... yes. Is it really just cosmetic... yes pretty much. My trailer has been excellent in all other aspects. I wouldn't allow the risk of the front fade sway me from what would be best in all other ways if it comes down to it.

I wrote a fairly in depth review of my White Hawk covering the good and the bad. This is after about 18 months of ownership.


milw156 09-19-2014 03:03 PM

The 28BHBE was also on my list. At the end of the day we were willing to sacrifice the U-shaped dinette and larger tub for more storage in the 28DSBH. You can't go wrong with any of the trailers with that plan as long as your Tow Vehicle can handle it.

mikebrls 09-19-2014 06:38 PM

I think my T V will be the deciding factor , Ram 1500 so It looks like the white hawk will fit in the weight scale better ,

THank' you all for your help and incite

milw156 09-19-2014 11:29 PM

The White Hawk may be ultralight, but it's handled itself very well on extended road trips. We have close to 9,000 miles towed on it without any mechanical issues this far. Good luck on your decision!

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