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Bikester 03-10-2015 08:58 AM

Top 5 Things I need for a MH
Hey all,
I'm looking for the top 5-10 things that I need for my new MH that I probably don't have from my TT days. You know, gadgets, tools, safety equip, maybe Class C specific, even nice-to-haves, etc.

Example: I just ordered a good Air Compressor after looking at another thread (maybe I should have had that for my TT too :facepalm:), but what else that specifically relates to a MH as compared to a TT.

And.....GO! :)

Wertles 03-10-2015 08:49 PM

1. Spare motor oil
2. Spare generator oil
3. Cigarette lighter adaptor for coach battery tender while plugged in
4. Wingdshield cover for privacy
5. Sunglasses

1-4 are pretty class c specific. 5 was just to make the list.

Bikester 03-11-2015 05:10 AM

Good list. Thx. Can you explain more on #4? I have a battery tender but not sure I understand the situation/use you are speaking of. Thanks

Wertles 03-11-2015 06:09 AM

When the camper is plugged in to a 110v, the battery camper gets charged but the motor one does not. I have a small battery tender that I plug into an outlet in the camper that plugs into the cigarette lighter to charge the motor battery when I'm storing the camper (I have access to keep the coach plugged in) or if I'm camping for over a week somewhere. In my previous class C, I had a parasitic drain somewhere that would leave me with a dead battery after a few days.

This is what I use now.

Bikester 03-12-2015 06:02 AM

Ahhh, I see. I don't have the ability to plug into shore power when I'm storing the camper. So in winter time I remove the battery (now it will be both batteries) and I put it on a battery tender in the garage. I'm hoping that I don't have a drain the will cause problem "in season", between trips. We'll see. Thanks again for your list!

TX_Arvee 03-13-2015 03:22 PM

1-WD40-cleans bugs and goo off front cap and front end.
2-HD Rubber Gloves from Harbor Freight
5-Inspection Mirror (little mirror on a telescopic wand)
6-Good Tire Gauge & Filler
7-A box of replacement fuses for all your common sizes and amps. Micro and standard.
8-IR Temp gun
9-Camp-Fire-In-A-Can (we like ours especially when burn bans are in effect)
10-Blower style fans (2) for summer months.

WDW 03-13-2015 06:25 PM

Ir temp
How do you use the IR TEMP gun? What are you checking?

dennis b 03-13-2015 08:08 PM

Add lots of gas to list!LOL

Mr.Oz 03-14-2015 10:59 AM

Beer. :)

Bikester 03-14-2015 11:11 AM

- Jumper Cables
- mechanics gloves (mostly for TOAD hookup)

Bikester 03-14-2015 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by dennis b (Post 279001)
Add lots of gas to list!LOL

Yup ;)

Bluesky46 04-01-2015 11:43 PM

I have dedicated on of my smaller storage compartments. Jumper cables, small air compressor, motor oil, WD40, Windex, tool box stocked with variety of tools, electrical and duct tape, fuses, box knives, VOM meter, spare light bulbs, 12v circuit tester. And leave room for more stuff as you think about them.

fam cruiser 04-04-2015 07:03 PM

A hammer! especially when loaded. very quick and easy way to find a soft tire! listen when you hit them if they all sound about the same they are about the same pressure. if one sounds different check the pressure, might save yourself hassle of having a blow out. I check mine after every few hours of driving.

hoppers4 04-04-2015 07:27 PM

TPMS is sure handy especially cuz you're runnin duallies.

Jmooney 04-04-2015 08:47 PM


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