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RaceChaser0 08-07-2015 10:13 AM

Any Alante owners..
Greetings and first off thank you to everyone to contributes to this forum. It has been a good resource for us in our search for a new MH.

My wife and I have been looking at a few different class A's (FR3, Windsport) and are going to look at the Alantes in person this weekend. We were close to pulling the trigger on an FR3 but the quality didn't seem to be there and some things didn't work on our test drive (if a 2016 doesn't work at the dealer, what does that say for when we get it home?!). The Alantes look great and the 2 yr warranty is se great piece of mind.

I would love to hear feedback from any Alante owners. We have read great posts about the Precepts which r a step up, but wanted to see if there was a big difference based on owners.

Also how has everyone's usage of the 2 yr warranty gone? Is it pretty smooth or a hassle or completely based on the dealer?

Thanks again!!

Bobs A Class 08-15-2015 02:19 AM

I read your post with interest the day you posted it. I’ve been checking back to see the responses and am surprised there have not been any. A couple of weeks ago, we were returning to Chicago from the Jayco Rally in Amana on US 80. About every 30 minutes we would see an Alante on the westbound side. At first, I thought “how can I be seeing so many of a new rig”. Then it dawned on me that these units were going to dealers in Davenport, Omaha, Denver, and other points west. So, I think your lack of responses may be due to the fact that the coach is so new and the buyers even newer. Just a thought.

robkelly 08-15-2015 05:05 AM

Welcome to the forum. I agree with Bobs A that the Alante is so new there aren't may out there

csyrell 08-15-2015 10:14 AM

I thought I wanted a Greyhawk 31FK until I saw the Alante 31V online. Soooooo confused. My dealer won't t have an Alante in stock until mid October, so it's killing me to hear what everyone thinks about them.

Here's my assumptions. Alante might have a little less material quality (cabinets, seating, etc) than the Greyhawk, but gets you the openness of a class A for essentially the same price.

Please, as soon as anyone sets foot in one, add your thoughts and comments!

Bobs A Class 08-16-2015 06:37 AM

Csyrell, I have not been in an Alante, yet, but here are my thoughts. Motorhome Mag's May issue has a test of the Alante you may want to read. I have owned 2 Greyhawks and currently own a Precept 31 UL. I would not assume that the cabinet or seating quality in the Alante is less than the Greyhawk. In fact I'd be inclined to assume they are the same. The HP on the Alante is much greater than Greyhawk. The MH Mag review was quite negative about the driving of the Alante. I would drive both, one right after another and make that comparison myself. Dollar for dollar, Alante looks interesting. Would be interested to find out what you decide.


csyrell 08-16-2015 06:48 AM

Thanks Bob. I'll definitely check that article out!

csyrell 09-03-2015 12:39 PM

If anyone is going to be in the Hershey, PA area for next weekends RV Show, I reached out to Jayco and they advised the following:

Thank you for contacting Jayco and your interest in the Class A Alante 31V. I show the following Alante’s will be at the Hershey RV Show:

26X Alante
30M Alante
31V Alante

Loboclone 09-03-2015 03:05 PM

I was in the 2 Alantes we got from the Jayco Dealer meeting in June from Denver. The interior is much like a Greyhawk Class C. Its about price point for a Class A. Competes well with Thor ACE from quality and price. As with all Jayco's you have the 2 year warranty. As pointed out the V-10 in a Class is not the same as a V-10 in a Class C.

If you look closely at an ACE you will buy the Jayco Alante

JesseS 12-20-2015 08:20 PM

I pick up my new 2016 Alante 26Y on the 4th of Jan so I get to check everything out on the 1000 mile drive home. I will post up my impressions. I have been Motor Homing for 10 years and do a lot of boondocking.

Bobs A Class 12-21-2015 07:51 AM

JesseS, good luck with your new coach. Since your retired, take your time going that 1000 miles. Travel well


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