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BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:19 PM

BigJohnD's Mods to 28BHBE
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Got a long list, but these are just a few done recently.

1) Generator and rack. I had this rack shown in first picture laying around for the last 5-6 years, never been used. I can't even remember why I had it. Either way, chopped, cut, rebuilt. Generator's mounted on vibration dampeners, hour meter added, and the whole contraption can be rolled around the shop once removed from receiver. Receiver is not 100% original any more. The whole set up is still well under 200 pounds. Yes, it's louder than a Honda Inverter Gen. I do own 2 Honda EU2000's with the parallel kit, 6 gal aux tank etc. But, I only use the Champion for running AC while getting there, maybe lunch at a rest stop, and worst case, overnighting at a rest stop. We don't boondock and don't care how much louder it is than the Hondas. It works for it's intended purpose, and I have very little $$ in this project.

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:25 PM

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2) Water filter. Ok, I've gutted every stock filter that ever came with any RV we've had due to stupid design, or location. The Jay Flight didn't come with one, so that's good, didn't have to tear one out. We've never used or had a use for these tiny gas grills that come with the camper, so I had been eyeballing the square tubing and mount on the bumper trying to figure out what to do with it. So, here it is. Moved the bracket on the bumper to the left side, used a piece of aluminum that came out of an old tool box, and a short hose I had left over from a previous similar set up. So, again, little $$$ involved here either. Filter can be removed by loosening the wing nut and storing.

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:34 PM

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3) Roof TLC. Everybody has their opinion on what works and doesn't work on a roof. Believe me, I have researched almost every one manufactured and talked with all of them. I haven't kept a rig long enough to justify doing a sprayed roof, so I've done other things. The last several rigs, I've just coated the seams and other areas. On the EPDM roofs, we use the ProGuard Liquid Roof. On this TPO roof, we used another product made by ProGuard that you can't buy in any RV store. Similar to the Liquid Roof though. The stuff fills every void, and makes a nice slick surface, and cleans easier than the roof itself. No more lap sealant deteriorating, turning black etc. We used this method while full timing, and I can tell you it looked the same the day we sold it as it did the day it was put on. Of course coated the skylights as well. If you saw my previous mod with the insulation, panel and LED decoration in the ceiling, you'd know why it's coated.

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:39 PM

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4) Step Mounted Shoe Rack. I borrowed this from another forum member. I thought it was pretty simple yet genius. I welded all of this one together and then bolted it under the steps. Works pretty good for it's intended purpose.

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:42 PM

That's it for now. Residential fridge is on order, so that'll be the next thing. Due to a tight budget, I'll be running it just on shore power or generator for now until more funds are available for the 6 volt batteries and inverter. Wanted to have it installed next time I get in from offshore, but knee surgery may put the brakes on it for now. Stay tuned.

need-a-vacation 08-19-2015 08:46 PM


Nice filter holder! Great idea!!!

Am I understanding the generator set up is for while you are traveling down the road? Never considered that if so. Lol that way the rig is already cooled off once you are done setting up.

The roof sealant- once applied does the ProGuard need to be maintained in the same manner as the standard sealant?

Great job!

need-a-vacation 08-19-2015 08:49 PM

The shoe rack is awesome!!!! TY for posting and TY to who ever had the original idea!!!

Could you take a couple more pics? You have three steps, correct? How is it putting shoes in and taking them out?

Guess I have another mod added to the list!!!

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:51 PM

Generator is for just as you mentioned. Camper is in the low 70's when we get there, or when we stop for a lunch break. Worked well on last trip considering temps were north of 100. On the roof sealant, it doesn't require hardly any maintenance. There is a dealer in Louisiana that does this to all of the units as they come in. That's where I first learned about it and starting researching the idea.

Oh, if anybody wants a brand new never been used gas grill (the one that would have gone on that rack), send me a PM. Pay the shipping and it's yours. Keep in mind I have a busy schedule and do work a 21 / 21 day rotation, so it probably wouldn't get shipped immediately.

BigJohnD 08-19-2015 08:53 PM

2 steps on our rig. I'll take a couple of more close up pics in the morning. It's not hard to get shoes in and out, but I guess what I like is it can keep them out of the way, or it's a place to dry the wet shoes etc.

need-a-vacation 08-19-2015 08:59 PM

TY!!! It is a crazy awesome idea! Lol

Our last two trailers we carried a small three wire shelve (Target special- maybe $15) for shoes and placed it just outside the door. But it was ditched when we got our new tt. Never even considered this. Have to see how if it will work with a three step set up. Don't see why not though!

TY again!!!

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