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WNC 08-29-2017 07:02 AM

Slick! Good idea

blujay40 08-29-2017 07:08 AM

Good solution "IF" one had a storage compartment opening even close to being that large. On my Eagle TT, I probably couldn't have gotten more than a 12-15" TV thru my opening and with my eyesight, I probably couldn't see a darn thing on that small of a set from more than a foot away! :p

JHerzog 09-06-2017 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by SparkDr (Post 336030)
Picked up our new 2016 White Hawk 27DSRL two days ago. Has an exterior television mount and is prepped for TV in the bed area. Decided to look into getting the same mount to use inside and then could easily move TV back and forth from one location to another. What I learned is that this is much easier said than done sometimes, so I'll share my experience here to help someone in the future. Pic attached.https://www.jaycoowners.com/attachmen...d326ba6b8e.jpg. Made by L&W Engineering and called the KeBloc system, it has a couple of really neat options to hang a table or garbage bag holder off the exterior mount when television is not in use. I tracked them down through a Google search but couldn't find an outlet for purchase, so I called and spoke to Ryan at their facility. He admitted they don't do a very good job on their marketing nor do they make it easy to order online. They have it designed in a way that you actually have to perform a customer setup online and then you can place an order once setup has been processed. Thankfully, Ryan offered me a workaround and we quickly placed an order over the phone. Very friendly and helpful. Reasonably priced, too. I got a tilt and swivel bracket with an 2nd KeBloc mount for $69.57 plus shipping. I'm guessing my dealer would be at least twice that amount and have me waiting for 2 weeks to get it. Check them out at LW Engineering. I'm a very happy camper!

I have no clue how old this thread is, but it was my best find all year. I have been looking for the same TV mounting bracket that is on the outside of my 2016 27DSRL White Hawk to put in the bedroom for a year. Thank you for putting this out on Yahoo and Google so folks like me could find it. Just signed up. Will order as soon as I hear back.

Santiagj 04-03-2018 07:20 AM

Do any one know where can I buy the KeBloc? I try the company web site but there no buying option. :help:

blujay40 04-03-2018 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by Santiagj (Post 624943)
Do any one know where can I buy the KeBloc? I try the company web site but there no buying option. :help:

You need to create an account first, even if your not a "dealer". Once you do that, they will send you a confirmation email and then when you log into the site, the prices and ordering info will appear.

Start here https://www.lw-eng.com/dealer

01tundra 04-03-2018 09:50 AM

Since we don't do TV outside and rarely inside, I re-purposed the outdoor TV plate and forged a couple hanging hooks for it.

At first I made a hanging rack, but later converted it to just a couple hooks and now it stays on the mount at all times.

This was the first pass at it, but got tired of having to take it off and store it for travel -


This is the current configuration that stays mounted all of the time. The hooks are super handy and there's always something hanging from them while camping (life jackets, towels, backpack, keys, dog leashes, jackets, etc.) -


Atlee 04-03-2018 02:03 PM

My Jay Flight 23RB does not have either a TV mount or a TV cable outlet. So, if I get around to using my TV outside, I'll do you did, and just set up a table and run a cable under the trailer.


Originally Posted by RoyBraddy (Post 561436)
When i was in the market for using an outside HDTV setup with a larger trailer setup I decided the best thing for me to do was install the HDTV set to a swing out mount just inside the storage bay door...


Doing it this way gives you the ability to quickly move the HDTV set back into the storage bay area and be locked up when you have to walk away from your trailer . Also great for pushing the HDTV set back into the storage bay when bad weather starts up on you in a hurry...

But I ended up never getting the larger Trailer so now I just hookup a splitter at the camp ground pedestal area and run two RG cables from this with one going to standard TV CABLE connection and the other RG cable gets thrown under the trailer so I can setup my outside HDTV on a table under the awning... Works good for us...

Roy Ken

Eyebolt 01-21-2019 05:06 PM

This is awesome, I could not find info on the mount or brackets anywhere thanks for posting this 6 years ago. Its still worthwhile.

SparkDr 01-21-2019 06:08 PM

Glad you found it worthwhile, but take it easy on us old folks. The thread is only 3-1/2 years old. We don’t need to be aging any faster than we already are. Winter well and happy camping!

tshaw 06-24-2019 02:34 PM

Wherr did you purchase this tv mount from?

DLPecunes 09-10-2019 10:18 AM

Now Available on Amazon

Originally Posted by tshaw (Post 767213)
Wherr did you purchase this tv mount from?

Link for KeBloc on amazon


Chet & Marie 09-10-2019 03:10 PM

Pair of new First Alert fire extinguishers, one for the TT and one for my PU. Saw them here on a forum for half price on Amazon. You can never be too safe.

4 Boys and Mama 01-22-2020 12:57 PM

Thanks for posting this! Just ordered one for my patio to use when we're not camping
Just ordered one for the house, thanks!

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