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MrJackSprat 06-21-2016 07:13 AM

Greyhawk TPMS and Valve Extensions
Hi Gang, anyone update their E450 Greyhawk with real duallie valve extensions and a TPMS? Just curious if you think TPMS is really needed or just another gadget to buy (piece of mind)? If already purchased, what brand did you buy & why? Also for rear dully valve stem extensions, braided flexible or ridged 'dealer installed valve stem'. Found these on Amazon



A little side note, friends were on their way from GA to IN this past weekend and blew an inside duallie tire causing a bunch of damage to coach. Not sure exact cause or conditions, but makes you wonder if a TPMS could have prevented/warned about this.

hoppers4 06-21-2016 08:16 AM

Have been using the TST 507 flow-thru for several years now. The main reason I have them is to keep track of the duallies as you never know when one has gone flat. I use a 135 degree steel extension on the outside tires and the stock braided flexible extensions on the inside tires. They make it very easy to check tire pressure every morning before you get underway. Also if you hit something on the road you'll know immediately if it caused a problem.

Boudreaux 06-21-2016 06:06 PM

I completed the installation of a EEZRV TPMS System today. I chose to pull off the four rim covers before attempting the EEZRV install. I broke out the air compressor and aired-up the six tires first.......

Installing the front wheel sensors were easy enough. But I needed to remove the sensors, air up again to about 78 (front tires), to compensate for the small amount of air loss in the installation of the sensors. The front sensors ended up showing 76 instead of 75 on the front tries.

With the two outer rear tires I intended to use some U-shaped extenders, but that didn't work out, so I removed the anti-thief shell of the sensors, and placed the sensors directly on the valve stems of the outer wheels. They are easily removed, but are hidden so I think I'm good.

The two inner tires of the rear dually setup were really easy because of the long extensions sticking out through the outer rim.

Because of the necessary over inflation to compensate for the air loss of the installation of the sensors, the rear tires read 80, 81, 81, 81.

All done, the monitor reads well......Just like it should ..... This system covers lowest pressure, highest pressure, highest heat, and blow-out deflation.

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