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CallMeChris 08-05-2016 11:17 PM

X23B roof
Yep, another annoying question from me.....

From what I gather reading on the Jayco site my camper has a soft rubber roof that can be walked on but reading on the internet I see a lot of people saying don't get up there. Is it safe to get on to service the ac or to inspect and seal the roof or am I going to need to find a way to hover? Also, if it is safe, is there a weight limit? I'm not a "small" guy.

glsimms 08-06-2016 06:30 AM

I'm a big guy too and I have been on my roof a couple of times with no problems. I see where some folks will get a piece of foam insulation and lay that up there to work on.

sebring96hbg 08-07-2016 05:58 AM

I am about 250lbs. I went up there to do roof maintenance and to install solar panels. I used a 2' square piece of plywood to distribute my weight across the rafters--big concern is the weight on a knee.

One other thing to mention is to place towels or other padding at the edge of the roof where the ladder is to be placed to avoid damaging the roofing material at that point.

dave89 08-09-2016 09:53 AM

I have a 2013 x23b and have never stepped on the roof. While it looks sturdy enough, I can't bring myself to get on it. You see, I have a fear of heights when I can't hold on to something. My son-in-law, who is a BIG boy, climbs on it for me when I cover it for the winter and has no problem walking around up there. A bit of advice though. The plastic skylight will get brittle with the sun beating down on it over the years. The smallest push on it will shatter it. It is not thermal plastic. So be careful around it when on the roof.

DocBrown 08-09-2016 10:04 AM

All of the Jayco hybrids, and probably most other Jayco trailers have walkable roofs. I too have a fear of heights so I don't stand on it, just crawl. My X20E has a front roof section that bows in just a little bit when I crawl on it. I suspect they missed a brace or something. But the rest is just fine.

I put an AC cover on it in for the winter and remove it in the spring. This is also when I inspect the roof. I also clean the roof twice a year.

JaycoNArizona 08-12-2016 02:14 AM

Hey DocBrown, what do you clean your roof with?

richie t 08-12-2016 04:28 AM

We had one for two years. Didn't walk on the roof but went on my hands and knees. Never had a problem.

DocBrown 08-12-2016 06:02 AM


Originally Posted by JaycoNArizona (Post 437543)
Hey DocBrown, what do you clean your roof with?

Just water with some generic OxyClean and a soft scrub brush.

Jagiven 08-12-2016 06:52 AM

As others said it's a walkable roof. However a few things to note. When you are up there the roof does flex, its not as sturdy as a deck. The membrane is very thin, and can tear fairly easily. I but a small nick in mine the first time I went up.

My recommendations, have clean shoes on (no rocks imbedded in the treads, removed things like keys and other sharp objects from pockets. I lower the stabilizers, wrap an old towel around the ladder, where it touches the roofline. I tore the membrane on my roof the first time up, I believe from the HTT bouncing as I was transitioning from the ladder to the roof.

As I clean the roof I check all the caulking. If it has a crack or what looks like a bubble that will burst, I clean that area extra well, and apply a bit of self leveling dicor (once the roof is dry). As for cleaning solution I use good old fashion Dawn dish soap, and a carwash brush. It does a nice job. I clean and inspect twice a year. Starting last fall (2015) was the first time I started to have to apply any new caulk in another area. Also check the sidewall seams and the marker lights for caulking.

Its not a hard job, just need an extension ladder.

norty1 08-12-2016 08:44 AM

A good idea is to keep a written log of any maintenance done on your camper by you or anyone else. Record dates, who and what.

If there are any questions about proper maintenance, it will be a very convincing document if anyone wants documentation.

Also very handy for the owner or next owner.

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