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Aero_Dave 08-23-2016 12:54 PM

29.5 Awing Light (Weird) Issue
OK, I now have a new weird issue. While camping over the weekend, the awing light went out for no reason. I wasnít at the site, so the DW tried a few things. The light was turned-on by the switch and I Ďhadí the LED dimmer module installed so I could dim the awing light. She tired the switch, nothing happened, then she hit the light button on the Linc Remote and it came back on.

Now when I got back she tells me about it. When it was time for bed, the light switch wouldnít turn off the light. Then I used the Linc Remote light button and it worked. BUT, I also just happened to notice that the light over the stove went out, as well as the hot water heater. The water heater was on using electricity and the red light was lit before I used the remote, so thatís how I noticed it went out. I tried many combinations using the switch, Linc remote and the remote for the LED dimmer module. Thinking that the LED dimmer module was bad, I just removed it (at midnight). Still got the same results. The only way to turn off the light was to have the switch in the Off position and use the Linc Remote. If the switch is on & I use the remote, the light does not go out until the switch is down. If the switch is down & I use the remote the light does not come on, although I do hear the remote Module (somewhere inside the panel) click when using the remote. I even tried using the hot water heater on propane, but I still get the same results. When the awing light goes out, so does the one over the stove & the hot water heater, even in propane mode. BTW, I did try to unplug shore power and shut off power using the battery disconnect switch. This is not fix or reset the problem.
So Iím guessing there is something wrong with the module that the Linc remote controls. But not sure why its affecting the water heater or the light over the stove. I did verify that the fridge still worked using propane when the swing light is off. Not sure what Ďotherí 12v system(s) this maybe affecting. Has anyone had anything like this before? Iíve been inside the mater control panel once and really donít want to go back in there. Itís a Major Rats nest of wiring. I still havenít yet tried to see if when the light is off and I have no shore power, can I still control the slides?

Iíve also been inside the panel behind the false-wall in the cabinet (behind the master control panel). This is where I think the module that works with the Lincís remote is located. There are fuses & modules in this panel.

I have a few more trips planned this year and don't want to drop it off for service right now. Besides the wait, I didn't buy my 5'er local, so I'm sure I'll be Last on their list of customers to service.


mike837go 08-23-2016 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by Aero_Dave (Post 441331)
...snip... I’ve been inside the mater control panel once and really don’t want to go back in there. It’s a Major Rats nest of wiring. ...snip...

Until you don't have a "rat's nest" of questionable wiring and connections, no one can fix your particular problem.

I've read several times here that the heavy duty connections are not tightened properly.

But you definitely need someone who knows the difference between a DVM and a VOM to get in there and comb out that backlash pretending to be an electrical system.

Aero_Dave 08-23-2016 02:29 PM

Here is that panel behind the false wall

Diagram below the panel above:


Panel is to the left of the Rats Nest Master Control Board.



spepi 08-30-2016 01:35 PM

That is weird. Im sure you tried, but have you tried pulling on each wire that has the crimp wire splicer? Just to make sure none of them weren't half assed crimped? Sometimes gilligan does good work, and sometimes he just does ok work.

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