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freemanbobj 08-31-2016 05:40 PM

Severe Tire Blowout
Has anyone had an experience like this....We are driving along towing our x23b , when the left rear tire blows, tearing it to shreds. While the AAA guy is replacing with spare, we notice that all the other tires are worn down to the steel belt on the inside of the tire only..i had to crawl to
the nearest tire dealer , get four new tires but now what?

Question: what would cause this? Appears to have 'lost camber' according to the dexter manual....please help!

Bucko06 08-31-2016 05:51 PM

Have you weighed your unit? I am thinking that weight causes axle deflection which could give camber in a tire.

norty1 08-31-2016 06:00 PM

Is this a new rig. You may need the axle alignment checked and a trip to the scales.

RickAE 08-31-2016 06:08 PM

Some of the White Hawk TT had been built with the wrong axles. Mine had to be changed. Don't know if this is your problem, but read the thread shown below. There is information to contact Dexter in that thread if there is something wrong with the axles.https://www.jaycoowners.com/forums/f3...ted-15137.html

Jagiven 08-31-2016 06:16 PM

A little more info could be helpful. How old of a htt? Are they the original tires? Do you check the tires often, ie wear, tire pressure? How fast do you tow? Have you ever checked your weight to ensure your not overloaded?

As for wear, I had that issue with one tire, but it was due to how I have to back into my driveway.

Blowouts on trailers usually are not good.

freemanbobj 08-31-2016 06:25 PM

Severe Tire Bliwout
thanks for the replies...we've had the trailer almost two years now and have put on probably 7,000 miles, then this happens ...the load was not excessive ...the only new thing i did was have about 6 gallons of fresh water in tank , seems like about 60 lb , again , not excessiive.

I was driving on a bumpy road when it happened but I've been on far worse with problems like this.

I have read posts that talk about poorly rated axles, but wouodnt that have happened much sooner than now.

Also what i dont understand how i seemed to lose camber, ie i guess the 'natural' bend was lost in BOTH axles at the same time??

bankr63 09-01-2016 11:56 AM

The first step for me would be a trip to a CAT scale to find out exactly what the load on your trailer is. There is a bit of natural camber in regular axles that flattens out as load is added. But if overloaded, they will over deflect and wear the inside of the tires. I am not sure if the Torflex setup does the same thing? Regardless, you may be surprised at how much all of your trailer cargo actually weighs out to when you have less than 800 lbs to play with (the 23B actually has a fair bit less CCC than our 19H, so I know how tight it can be).
I did bend the axle on our pup trailer after hitting a large road swale with a near full load. I wasn't overweight, but that big a bounce certainly stressed the axle beyond its limit and "reversed" the camber on my axle, and after that my tires would wear out in a couple of short trips. It is possible that a road hazard has caused a similar problem with your unit. If your weights are okay, then it is time to start looking at the axle geometry to understand what is wrong. Just like a car, things can get out of alignment, especially after encountering a road hazard.

TWP723 09-01-2016 12:03 PM

I think you have the wrong tires on the unit or they're just worn and need replacing. I seriously doubt anything's wrong with the axles.

DanNJanice 09-01-2016 01:18 PM

I have a 27RLS with close to 10000 miles on the original "china bomb" tires. I do not see any unusual wear. If you are seeing the belts starting to show at 7000 miles, then IMO something is wrong. I would do as others have recommended, first check your weights, if OK, then start looking for axle/alignment issues.

freemanbobj 09-04-2016 07:19 AM

Update and requested advice on Severe Tire Blowout
Hi and thanks all for feedback...it all helps. To recap, we were driving in Maine , near the end of a 2,000 mile, three week road trip, when a tire blew to shreds on my Jayco x23b. As the very nice AAA guy was putting the spare on my left rear of a dual axle set, he pointed out We Had a much bigger problem....all the other three tires were worn right down to the steel belt showing, all on the INSIDE of the tires. So, we crawled to a tire dealer in Harrington,Me, where we met another super nice and honest guy who ordered four Goodyear ST175/80r13's for next day delivery. His price was LOWER than the Walmart online price!
Then, we limped into Bangor,Maine, to McKays RV , a Jayco dealer, who said he could take a look the next day, so we once again overnighted unscheduled.
Mike Sr, another super decent and honest guy, told us we were ok to drive the remaining 600 miles to my dealer in Ontario, but that I should get new axles and new tires , under warranty , the two year one from Jayco, once we got back.

We drove back all the way at 50mph or so on the brand new Goodyears, without a problem, but presumably with the tires wearing unevenly once again.

So now my trailer is sitting at my dealer's,waiting for inspection . Questions I have, begging for feedback:

1. The Dexter axle manual says that when all tires wear out on the inside of the tire,it's due to 'loss of camber' and alignment is the remedy.Anyone else had something like this happen to them?

2. Steve, Mike's service manager told me they don't do alignment, they replace the axles. Has anyone had any experience with axle replacement? We are still in the two year warranty period.

3. I am fearing I am going to get told there's nothing wrong with the axles by my dealer, who is fairly small and is having a trailer axle guy from down the road look at it. Can anyone suggest what would be my next step?

4. I've done a lot of reading about this and it seems there are tons of measurements that can be taken, but with my pea brain, I find it hard to understand what's what. If I get given a bunch of numbers, is there anyone here who can interpret them for me? Or can you tell me what numbers I should be asking for, with respect to camber, axle bend, etc?

5. Overloading was not and never has been an issue with my towing. On the day when the tire blew out while driving, there was not more than 400 lb in and on the trailer, including propane tanks and batteries, and my side sticker says my max is 572 added lbs. We've never ever had enough extra weight in the trailer to get anywhere near that. Would anyone agree with me that when all four tires wear all evenly in the same place down to the belts exposed, overloading in this scenario is anyway highly unlikely ?

6. Ever since we got the trailer, I've noticed that the rear tires are tilted off-vertical when parked, especially when parked on an angle. I've always been told 'that's normal'... Anybody else ever noticed this degree of 'camber'?

7. Some would say, well you should have noticed that when you periodically checked your tires. A month ago when I was towing home thru my city, a guy followed me home to tell me he thought my tires were 'bent on an unhealthy angle' while driving. He and I both looked from the back and it was noticeable but not excessively while parked. We certainly didn't see any belts showing on the tires. I called my dealer the next day and was told 'that's normal. Also when I tightened all the wheel lugs before leaving for this recent trip , I never noticed any wear on the inside of any tire. Either it wasn't there or its in a place when you just can't see it without pulling the tire off. My question here is, how long would it take for all 4 tires to wear this badly... A long period of time, eg 10,000 miles, or could it happen in just a few hundred miles of driving?

Sorry for the length, but my reading of these forums tells me there are some very intelligent and knowledgable folks out there who can help me get through this. At the very least, we've all been there (or somewhere around there) and done something like this. If You are one of the experts on this, or have had a similar experience, please post?

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