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ebell619 10-11-2016 04:59 PM

Jay Flight 28BHBE & Appropriate Tow Vehicle??
Hi Forum!

Well we think that we have narrowed down the exact unit that we would like to purchase as our first Travel Trailer for our family of four. We really like the Jay Flight 28BHBE and would like to order it with the following options (15,000 BTU AC, Elite Package, Thermal Package, Kitchen Skylight with Shade, Hide-A-Bed, Cargo Accessory Receiver & Roof Ladder.). I'm adding these details as I know that this will indeed add to some additional weight.

Anyway, we have NOT purchased our Tow Vehicle yet. We want to be sure about both items before we purchase either one.

This is where I'm hoping you can give me advice from personal experience....

We would like to purchase a Ford F150. It will become my husband's primary driving vehicle and he would really prefer to not get too crazy with his truck (i.e. he doesn't want to move up into the F250s, diesel, etc.). So...he would basically like to get "as little of truck as possible" that will absolutely safety pull our trailer without problem. Not too little of truck and not too much.

So....what would you recommend exactly in the line of options with the Ford Trucks. And then, adding a hitch that will help distribute the weight?

And, yes, I am definitely not knowledgable in terms of trucks. So I'm reading as much as possible so that I can learn :) I do understand that I need to take a picture of the sticker inside of the truck door to get an exact list of the maximums, but there is also the complete chart on Ford's website: 2017 Ford F-150 Full-Size Pickup Truck | View All Specifications | Ford.com. For the most part all of this looks like gibberish, but I'm an active learner :) :)

Thanks in advance,


bap 10-11-2016 05:15 PM

With that trailer and a family of four, you are really into a 3/4 ton territory. By the time you load the camper and truck, you are going to be over the weight carrying capacity of a 1/2 ton. Could a 1/2 ton do it, Yes, would it be safe, No.

NVGun40 10-11-2016 05:19 PM

Another slippery slope. There will be those who will tout the abilities of the mighty F150s. Those who can say they have towed the same and bigger for years without problem.
Still others will say, you should really go with the 250/2500 class as you will be pushing the limits of the 150/1500 class.
People can throw weights and specifications at you all day long. You will have to take all this information into account. There is one other piece of information which very few people take into consideration (especially when all weight specifications are met), that is length. overall length and length of the trailer and wheel base distances. These measurements can have a very detrimental effect on towing safety, especially when you are close to weight limits. It is possible for a trailer and load to be under the weight limits of the capabilities of the tow vehicle and still end up with an unsafe situation due to the sheer length of the trailer.
I say this, because ultimately you will have to consider all this.
I know the F150s are a great and very capable truck. I am sure right now that it can do the job you are wanting it to do.
However, I come from an older school of though which lends to the safety of having more than you need. Its not just the safety of your equipment and your family you are risking. It is also the safety of others you are sharing the roadway with.
Based on my knowledge and experience, I recommend a 250/2500 class or larger tow vehicle. This will allow for future expansion, and will give peace of mind that your rig is capable without a doubt or question. I have never heard of anyone complaining of having too much truck when loaded and towing.

LiftedAWDAstro 10-11-2016 05:20 PM

Are you looking at crew cabs or super cabs? How old are the kids? What are you planning to put into the bed of the truck? Are you looking at a 4x4 or 2 wheel drive only?

The 28BHBE is going to weigh at least 8,000# with no water and up to 9,000# with water easily. The dry weight is going to be at least 6500 - 6800# I tow with a Tundra double cab 4x4 but it is just the wife and I. My 2017 28 BHBE has 1200# tongue weight and with water weighs 8500. We don't carry anything but just what the 2 of us need and use.

At the minimum, you will need the 3.5 eco-boost, max tow and max payload. I would also recommend highly to look at the ProPride 3P hitch. Absolutely the best hitch on the market!

flemdawg 10-11-2016 05:28 PM

i have the same exact trailer and my truck hauls it fine. it depends on your family, your situation, and how often you will use the trailer and where you are taking it. I have a 2014 F150 SCREW 5.0 with 18" wheels. I have a 4 point sway control/Weight distribution, timbrens, OEM brake controller and i never haul with full tanks. The power is not an issue. You can definitely feel it behind you, but it is still a smooth ride and i can still get up to the speeds i need.. i just take my time and don't get in a hurry. It works for me and my family it might not work for you. It can be done it just comes down to what you can afford and what you are comfortable with.

Sundancer330 10-11-2016 05:34 PM

If you order a new F150 with the right options it will work. That trailer specs out at 6500# empty, GVRW which is max weight loaded 9250#. A 4x2 SuperCrew F150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost, 3.55 axle, trailer tow pkg, specs out at max trailer 11,800#. Then it comes down to where you want to tow the trailer, if its up and over the rockies it will struggle a bit but it can be done.

MIFL19H 10-11-2016 05:35 PM

First... If you are ordering a BHBE add the 2nd AC, you will be happy you did later. Great choice... You will be happy with that camper.

Second... My pesonal opionion from experience the minimum truck would be a 3/4 Ton (250 / 2500). Gas engine in any line of 3/4 truck will be fine. I chose to go with the 6.2L gas in my F250 and have been very happy.

I had to have some work done on my F250, dealer gave me a loaner 2016 F150 for a couple days. No way would I tow our BHBE (some do it) with a F150 no matter how it is rigged out. When I got my truck back going from driving the F150 it was like night and day.

As I said my opinion only, based on my experiences.

You are going about it correctly in picking your Camper first then researching to buy a Truck to tow it safely. I commend you for that.

Edit: I wanted to add, for me it's not the weight of the trailer that is an issue its the shear mass, size and height of the trailer that drives me to have the opinion I do. I have said on our many trips over thousands of miles that I am glad I have have more truck then not enough. You never say I wish I had less truck.

ebell619 10-11-2016 05:56 PM

Our kids are turning 6 & 8. We are planning on the "Super Cab" (if that is the 4 door option). I would love to put a camper cover on the truck so that we can bring our dogs with us on some of the trips, but haven't researched the weight on that.

MIFL19H 10-11-2016 06:14 PM

4 Doors... Your looking at Crew Cabs. I have an ARE Z-Series cap on my F250. Adding a Cap adds weight that you must also take into account, tongue weights plus a hitch on a BHBE will get pretty high.

See my Sig for our setup. Good luck with your decision.

Sundancer330 10-11-2016 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by ebell619 (Post 457338)
Our kids are turning 6 & 8. We are planning on the "Super Cab" (if that is the 4 door option). I would love to put a camper cover on the truck so that we can bring our dogs with us on some of the trips, but haven't researched the weight on that.

What you really need to do is go to the Ford web site and look at the trailer tow specs for the F150 and also the F250 to see the difference. And remember the payload for the truck is about 2000# sounds like a lot but the trailer on the bumper will take away half of that or more, so that leaves 1000# for four people, gear, dogs, etc. As others have said bed caps add a lot of weight and would probably put you over weight. And the four door is a SuperCrew.

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