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stans02 03-29-2017 07:52 PM

I am a little disappointed in my Michelin tires. I has a tire separate at just over 5 years. I thought I could get more years than that. I am looking to replace my tires I am looking at Good Year. One shop says a lot of people use Hankook. What are some of you running? I have a Grey Hawk 26 ft. The tire size I am using now is 225/75/16 Any suggestions appreciated. Stan

bansai 03-29-2017 07:57 PM

How many miles on those tires?
I only put Michelin's on my trucks. 5 years is actually a decent run for a set of tires.

The stock goodyears on my truck only lasted 3 and 30,000 miles. Sorry, I don't have any recommendations.. just curious about the life span expectations.

Gypsea 03-29-2017 09:56 PM

Sounds like a small tire size for 'truck' use. What model number is the tire? I run only Michelins on my 2011 F150 and am about to replace after four years and 92,000 miles. Two have worn on the inside due to me not watching the alignment, but otherwise still have 5-10,000 more miles. These are LTX A/T2, P265/70 R17. Will be replacing with LTX A/S P255/65 R17 (the original tires I took off at 20,000 miles when I bought takeoff alum wheels w/ the bigger tires at the Ford dealer). Originals were on factory steel wheels, but am staying w/ alum wheels. Can't give any advice on alternate brands. I'd go on Michelin web site and talk to chat advisor that will pop up. They were very helpful in advising me about using my tires to haul my new trailer. Good luck.

Jopopsy 03-30-2017 07:01 AM

Were they the M/S tires or the M/S2's? I've read Michelin addressed many of those short comings w/ the M/S2's.

che57vy 03-30-2017 08:12 PM

24k on mine and they were coming apart, Put Transforce on mine

RFSTech 03-30-2017 09:46 PM

I used to be a huge fan of Michelin but just went to Toyo tires because I was hearing the same thing. I run 22.5's on my rig though. Not sure how the smaller tires on a Class C fare.

norty1 03-31-2017 06:01 AM

I have had good luck with Firestone TransForce on my truck.

rgolding 04-01-2017 07:03 AM

I have run Michelins on all my vehicles for years. Our 4 down tow behind Traverse came with Bridgestones. Amazed at how well they are wearing.
18,000 miles on the odometer and another 27,000 plus miles be drug behind the Seneca. Just had it in to shop and there is 10/16's left on thred. They start with 12/16's and dealer recommends replacement at 5/16. I'm impressed. Just put new tires on 2013 Chrysler Town and Country at 50,000 miles. Yep, Bridgestones.

b646488 04-01-2017 08:55 AM

Just put Toyo tires on our 36ms class C for a trip to Alaska. Worked out well. Tire shop told me if your tires were too old and one blew tearing up storage boxes insurance won't cover because of dated tires.

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rgolding 04-02-2017 07:14 AM

In that type of tire, what is considered a "dated tire" or old tire?

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