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SlingShot 03-24-2018 04:25 PM

Whisper quiet A/C Followup
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This is a continuation of a previous posting...

It is nice and warm this morning, so itís time address this AC issue. After removing the evaporator cover, a glistening pool of water is visible inside of the intake ducting. And if you look closely to where the black wire enters the ducting you can see that the ductwork has collapsed inward on itself. What a fantastic way to start the morning. Its about to get sarcastic in here. Buckets of sarcasm are on the verge of spilling out onto my keyboard.
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Anyone who has even considered owning a camper knows that water is the enemy of everything good in an RV. OSB, plywood, and particle board soak it up like a drunkard takes to a bottle of whisky. Trim work, and even structural supports are no match for the intoxicating effects of water.
So how did this liquid substance come to pool within the attic of my ceiling? Its simple reallyÖ. No quality control. Thats it. Time and time again, that is what I have found. The results of apathy from the workers that assembled this coach. RV repairmen do not despair, your employment is virtually guaranteed by the assembly crews that can create a disaster out of an otherwise decent product. All of the sawdust that was sucked out of the attic and into the AC had plugged off the condensation drains so the water only had nowhere to go.
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Ok, back to work. After mopping out the ductwork I began isolating the attic from the AC with a can of spray foam. Then I glued a shim in place to prevent the duct from collapsing again.
The foam is really ugly, but it works perfectly. I am happy with the results.
Attachment 38205
I have encountered numerous quality control issues with this toy hauler. I canít say if a different manufacturer would be an worse or better because this is my first. It has been a learning experience and I hope that these sarcastic spews of mine are of some help to others out there who are on the same adventure as I am.

Octane2Go 03-24-2018 07:18 PM

Just curious
Which model is this?

SlingShot 03-24-2018 07:19 PM

It is a 2017 Seismic 355W

Octane2Go 03-24-2018 07:25 PM

We have a 273. Found similar kinds of stuff. Still working to get it fixed up.

Lady Fitzgerald 03-24-2018 11:19 PM

It's not worker apathy as much as the worker's being forced to work at a pace that's too fast for them to take enough time to do a quality job.

RoscoW 03-25-2018 08:16 AM

Most issues can be placed back on to the way the industry pays employees, I've said before piecework with quotas will alway result in the lowest quality possible. End of line QC doesn't work. Maybe Warrantee issue costs should come off the build teams paycheques....quality would jump almost immediately but the numbers would fall off.


Wilsonbryk 03-26-2018 07:41 AM

Slingshot... after seeing this I am now going to remove my AC as well and see what mess I can find. I first have to wait however to get my unit back from our dealer who is repairing the roof sag in two areas. Yes roof sag! Both at the AC unit in the middle of the RV and the area where the optional AC unit would be in the bedroom are the areas of concern. Seems according to the dealer that the joists are no longer doubled up in these areas. After the snow melted from this winter I noted the ceiling in the bedroom appeared to be sagged a bit. Turns out the trusses are not broken but they are no longer holding the curve they should. Another QC issue. The dealer is going to replace and double up the trusses in these areas. You may want to inspect your RV as well to ensure this condition does not exist prior to your warranty running out. Ask me if I am impressed! Jayco's video with all the bricks on the roof must have been filmed in one day as it does not seem my roof with a light snowload from this winter stood up over time.

EdBob 05-29-2018 06:00 AM

Wilson, I’m right there with you on the truss issue. My roof does not have the water intrusion, but there are 2 unique sag points. First one being up front with the Bedroom AC, and the other at the rear garage AC. My warranty has expired, but I did purchase the extended warrranty. Will have to see what and how they recommend repairs.

Wilsonbryk 05-29-2018 06:20 AM

Yes EdBob I would hope the extended warranty will cover this for you. My dealer did the work from the inside and reinforced the 2 areas you mentioned with aluminum tube. I also recently removed the AC and found much the same issues as Slingshot did with debris, wood chips etc. getting sucked into the AC condenser. Nice mess and the foil tape had all let go considering it is not designed to stick to wood. My AC unit seal is good and I did not find any water intrusion so I am happy about that. The last issue I need to fix that I found is the intake vents inside the coach have sagged cutting off the intake air to the AC somewhat. As the rectangular vent material is soft it will not hold up the insulation in the middle top portion allowing it to sag. I will likely install a divider piece in the middle to remove the sag. If I shove my hand in the vent to expand it while the AC is running considerably more air discharges out the return vents thus improving flow and efficiency. Who knows what is next!:scratchhead:

CHV_FRK 08-01-2018 11:07 AM

Thinking I will check my a/c units as well. I was thinking this would be a good place for using ice shield or eternabond tape.

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