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Dropnaduece 04-19-2018 12:37 AM

Bye Bye 1/2 Ton...& Jayco...
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Hello Everyone!!

Before I start I wanted to say thank you for all the information, great mods, and advice. This forum has taken a first time RV'er full of what do I do now's?? to a confident RV'er who can help others. :) Again thanks to all...

This is more of a thread for me to share what has recently happened in my life. In my second year of camping in the snow capped mountains I was tragically hit by a crazy out of control driver. The roads were severely icy and she was going to fast. Fortunately my insurance was top notch cause I never even asked about what kind of coverage I had. I just said I bought a trailer and I need insurance...done. Well if you don't know what kind of insurance you have you might want to ask. I would of never thought there would be a day I would need to use my insurance yet the day has come. I have full replacement insurance which for the first 4 years the trailer is considered new and will be replaced with a comperable trailer no matter if even costs 5k more. So what this has done sadly is they have taken my Jayco on a total loss. I tried my best to stay with a Jayco product because I believe it to a great trailer even if they build them to fast causing the quality to go down. But I couldn't find one that I could fall in love with :( So I have moved onto the Outdoors Mountain Edition Timber Ridge line. It is an amazing trailer that is built very well especially for the four season camper that I am. It has dual pain windows for crying out load, 2" walls even on the slides and crazy to believe they even use steel pipe to run the gas line instead of just a hose. I'm going to miss you all as I have said this forum has been great.

The trailer is the 25Rd model which comes in at a weight of 7200lbs dry. I have been towing my WH 25BHS with a 2016 F-150 Eco-boost. It has done the job but I will tell you my trailer loaded up around 6900lbs is not the funniest for long distance driving. Yes it has done the job but I always wished I had more truck. Well my wishes came true today!! Since my DW really wanted this heavier trailer I was able to trade my truck in for a 2016 F-350 Lariat with the Ultimate Lariat Package and Chrome Package in Platinum Metallic White. Who she is a pretty truck :cool: I can't wait to pick up the trailer as it will be delivered off the line in about 2 weeks. With a payload capacity of 3360lbs and a 6.2 turbo diesel...well what can I say...it will be a good day :) I'm sure I will look back and wonder why I didn't do it sooner lol. So today I say goodbye to the 1/2 ton family as well. It has been fun modifying our trucks together to compensate for the lack of payload...wink wink. Larger load range E tires, Roadmaster Active suspension, ect.

Anywho, cheers to all who read this and may your dreams come true as mine did today ;)

Ohiofinlander 04-19-2018 01:28 AM

Glad you're ok, and enjoy your new setup! Stick around and continue to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions. Most of all, your stories and adventures.

norty1 04-19-2018 03:47 AM

I love a happy ending. Stay in touch and enjoy the new rig and longer life!

groundhog72 04-19-2018 06:25 AM

Don't leave. Stick around and keep your stories going like someone else said.

Tunce the traveler 04-19-2018 06:38 AM

Glad it all turned out OK and you have a great set up just in time for summer. Timber Ridge does have nice interiors and floor plans.

travelingjw 04-19-2018 07:34 AM

Glad you and your family have weathered this journey. Your new set-up looks great. Have a lot of fun!

curver900 04-19-2018 09:02 AM

I hope you got the 6.7 diesel and not the 6.2 gas diesel.. ;)

nice looking rig.. congrats!

Treatcg 04-19-2018 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by curver900 (Post 630171)
I hope you got the 6.7 diesel and not the 6.2 gas diesel.. ;)

nice looking rig.. congrats!

6.7 you can tell from exhaust pipe in pic.

SkyBound 04-19-2018 10:26 AM

It's got the Scorpion badge on the door, it's diesel. Nice truck and trailer.

curver900 04-19-2018 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by Treatcg (Post 630191)
6.7 you can tell from exhaust pipe in pic.

if you read his post he said 6.2 I was giving him a little ribbing is all.. :rolleyes:

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