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NorthOf60 05-21-2018 07:19 PM

Fresh water sensors
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Hi, sorry for starting yet another senors thread. I bought my new 28bhe last fall and didn't get to use it until this weekend. The fresh water sensors don't seem to work. The dealer is 1200kms south so I have to fix it myself. If it's the ground can I test that by adding a ground wire to the bottom wire(white wire) and go direct to the frame? I can't reach the other end of the current ground to see if it is that end of the connection.

wabirch 05-22-2018 06:14 AM

Other sensors ok?
Can you remove switch and check those connections?

NorthOf60 05-22-2018 12:22 PM

Yeah, all the others are fine. Even the fresh water worked last fall on the drive home. Gonna try a ground with alligator clips tonight to see if it makes a diff.

NorthOf60 06-12-2018 05:47 PM

Turned out the ring terminal on the ground was just squeezed between the frame and belly shield. They put a screw in but missed the ring. All fixed now.

White Ox 06-12-2018 06:55 PM

Just out of curiosity, and logging it for future reference, were your sensors showing your tank full when empty, or empty when full prior to fixing your "anti-grounded" ground ring? lol

NorthOf60 06-14-2018 11:19 PM

Tank showed empty until the ground was properly attached.

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