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Doc Holliday 04-16-2019 01:48 PM

BAL LS 5.3 Auto Level issue
Hi everyone,

Brand new to this forum and hoping for some words of wisdom. :)

I bought a brand new Jayco 28bhbe travel trailer last year and have been having issues with the BAL LS 5.3 auto leveling system.

Here is the issue - about halfway through the season last year, under normal operation, the BAL system would stop working. If I was manually raising or lowering one of the jacks, the system would stop and return me to the home screen. Initially it would only happen once in awhile so I dealt with it.

Eventually the problem became worse, to the point where it was happening 10 to 15 times as I was just trying to raise/lower the tongue jack. After having the trailer in for other non-related warranty work over the winter, I picked it up at the beginning of April and the screen would just randomly turn off as I was using it.

I am now to the point where it will only turn on once every 10 tries, and when it does, it freezes at the initial home screen.

Has anyone else had or heard of this issue? I have video from of what was happening a few weeks ago before it became difficult to even turn on.. but I can't figure out how to attach it. :P

The dealer won't touch this, nor will Jayco - they've referred me to Norco for support but I am not having any success getting a call back. The receptionist at Norco referred me to someone named "Tim" and gave me his number. I left a message yesterday but have not received a call back - I'm not optimistic as his voicemail wasn't even branded with Norco.. it just sounded like a private voicemail.

I would also be interested if anyone has any experience dealing with Norco.

Thank you for any and all help!


RoadrunnerII 04-16-2019 02:16 PM

Words of wisdom from our dealer, Manufacturer rep's seldom return voicemail messages in a timely manner their too busy directing repairs. Stay on hold until you reach the person you need.
We had success with Jayco this way. You could be in the helpdesk tier 2 support for over 30 minutes. Their just busy and their workday ends at about 3:00 pm So on the phone at 8-9 am will get you there just be patient.
Just my 1/2 cent of knowledge



Doc Holliday 04-16-2019 07:16 PM

Appreciate the words of wisdom Roadrunner! Good news! I called Norco again and spoke with their customer service rep (small operation:)). She asked me to try calling the technician again and this time he picked up. He couldn't have been nicer and even told me to call him back after his shift (I was just leaving work when I called because I figured I would get voicemail again) so we could troubleshoot at the unit.

I called him back and he spent about 20 minutes with me to try a few things; he eventually told me he is going to ship me a new touch screen panel to see if that corrects the problem. If not, we'll go to the next step, which I'm assuming means replacing the tongue jack part of the leveler system.

Very happy with Norco support! I'll post another update when I get the replacement panel. 🙂👍

Doc Holliday 04-20-2019 04:54 PM


Got the replacement panel yesterday, installed it today. When I took the old panel off (four screws, super easy), I found that one of the four wires (black one) that run into the back of the plastic harness that plugs into the circuit board on the panel was partially unseated. I was able to push that wire in so the metal contact snapped back into place.

I replaced the panel anyway just to be safe, but I would be willing to bet that partial contact with that black wire was causing the screen to act up.

All is well now and the system is now working like new again!! :-)

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue!

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