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EA37TS 09-29-2019 10:29 AM



Seriously, Jayco wonít pay for a major problem under warranty??? You did the right thing in walking out of there. A dent in a wall is not related to screws as the fiberglass/luan/styrofoam/interior sheathing is all one glued piece. Water intrusion, however, can unglue (delaminate) that wall. PLUS you get 5 years of warranty on this!!

I think the dealer either did not see or failed to report the damage when took delivery from Entegra or they damaged the unit on site and the sales manager knows they will have to eat the cost of repair.

Either way my money is on the fact that if I drove it off the lot yesterday and then reported it under warranty tomorrow they would deny the claim saying it was my negligence that caused any damage.

I am not a spring chicken born yesterday and this is not my first rodeo.

We'll see what they have to say tomorrow.

EA37TS 09-30-2019 07:11 PM

Dealer called today. First the DW lit into their butts over not having the coach ready for the PDI. The dealer believes the bottom slide molding is positioned too low and it is hitting the horizontal body molding causing some inward pressure on the side wall. They are working with Entegra/Jayco engineers to determine what the correct gap is supposed to be between the bottom of the slide and the top of the body molding under the slide.

My response to them was if Entegra agrees it is an issue and will be repaired under warranty I may continue the deal with a reduction in sale price and Entegra or the dealer pays my round trip expenses to take the coach to the factory service center for repair.

I should have their decision by Wednesday noon at the latest. I told them the check I have made out to the dealer gets cancelled and redeposited in my account Wednesday afternoon.

McGintys924 10-01-2019 12:23 PM

My picture frame just touches that molding strip in the front and rear of that slide; itís just something I felt wasnít concerning.

If yours overlaps I see three problems. One, that may crack the paint and look bad soon. Second, it may crack the fiberglass wall from flexing onto it using the screws as a fulcrum and then allow water intrusion. Third, and most probable, it will loosen the sealant and allow water behind the picture frame and rot out the flooring of that slide (another owner had it happen on their FS).

Sounds like you have a lot of leverage with this dealership and that is a good thing; itís refreshing to see them get pushed around rather then the other way.

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