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CRael 09-21-2019 01:35 PM

Jayco vision 31v tv cable access
Trying to find locations where I can access tv cables besides the main room cabinet above counter. I have 3 unconnected coax cables 2 cat 6 cables and a cable with a 6 pin connector that I am trying to trace. I do not have a satellite dish. The Rv has 3 TVs living, 1 bedroom and one outside. I would like to find where those cables go and what they were meant for.

hawkster 09-22-2019 05:30 AM

On my 31ul there are 3 extra coax cables for satellite. There are 3 cat 6 cables that go thru a distribution box 'connex' on label. These are used for DVD or you can input a fire stick in connex box input to route the signals and use HDMI input on tv. My RV came with the connex distribution box.

Foretm 09-22-2019 06:41 AM


Im not at my pc, but I did find this previous post on another thread which has the schematic for my Vision 31v with the same setup.


Additionally, you can see the cables behind the fridge from the outside, but their tightly bundled. The two cat 5 will go to the bedroom, one for the bedroom and one for the outside tv to be used with hdmi over cat 5 switchers to send signals from the main tv area to the others if you had a dish or something up there. Not sure about the 2 coax, but one of those should go to the wet bay for the portable satellite hookup. There should be two coax to the roof satellite hookups, but those should be tied to a wall plate and labeled. The 6 pin I cant say without seeing it, but maybe its an s-video connector?

Regarding accessing the cables, the best place for the cat 5 is behind the outside tv and behind the center and left drawers of the dresser. I just acquired an hdmi over cat5 system from a very nice person on this forum and will be installing it soon, so will have better info once I dig into it.

Lastly, contact Jayco motorized customer service and ask them for the satellite schematics for your rig. They will send you something similar to what I linked above and it will be specific to your build which may be a bit different from mine. Youll need your vin number. They can be reached at 800-517-9137. Make sure you ask for the roof satellite schematics and wiring diagrams. This will get you the structural design of the roof as well as the wiring for signal cables.

Hope this helps,

Motorhommie 09-22-2019 11:14 AM

2020 Pinnacle distribution box and investor locations
Does anyone have pictures of where those might be? I am looking for the distribution box for the satellite signal so that it goes to all 3 TV's.

Damn predictive typing software. Should be INVERTER not investor!

CRael 09-29-2019 04:20 PM

Jayco sent cable identification and location schematic, was able to find all cables. Installed a dish system 1 receiver for living room pay as you go. Works good so far. The location of the cables in the roof were 22 1/2 inches from the center of the tv antenna crank towards the center of the Rv. Then from that you go 22 1/2 inches back towards the rear of the Rv. You end up a in front of the air conditioner. The cables are right under the roof surface. On my Rv there are a white, grey, black and pink rg6 coax cables. Also a black cable with 6 pin connector as well as a black and white single conductor cables. The other end of these are all in the cabinet over the tv in the LR. Behind the panel where the tv cables exit.

Foretm 09-29-2019 08:21 PM


So glad to hear you got the information from jayco and was able to get the satellite working. I was able to locate the cat5 cables and hookup the hdmi over cat5 matrix and get it working on both TVs this weekend.

Its interesting how they wire these similar coaches the same even though they have different options. Seems the allante 31v comes with the hdmi over cat5, whereas the Vision 31v does not. But I had all the cables and everything to do it with. Im guessing they choose to stick with keeping the wiring the same for consistency and fewer mistakes. Likely cheaper than having to go back and wire one after the fact.


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