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Scott 101 06-19-2012 05:39 PM

Jayco Eagle Super Lite HT 23.5RBS
We are considering buying a 2013 Jayco Eagle Super Lite HT23.5RBS and will be using a 2011 F-150 Ecoboost with Max Tow package. I was hoping to get feedback from someone with a similar tow vehicle. We pull a 21í Kodiak TT (5400 lbs loaded) now and donít even know itís there. We pulled through eastern mountains last year, and had no problem with uphill or downhill grades. I know that we will be going to a model with a dry weight of 5800 lbs. I was wondering if anyone else pulls the 23.5RBS with a similar tow vehicle and what your experiences have been towing in the eastern or western mountains?

dlongley 06-19-2012 08:50 PM

Hey Scott,

We have the 2012 Super Lite HT 26.5 RLS. I believe it is heavier than the unit you're interested in. I pull it with a Dodge RAM 1500 Quad Cab, with a Hemi and 3.92 gears. We don't have many mountains here in CNY, but what few grades I've pulled have not been a problem. I'm not as concerned about the towing weight, as the pin weight. The pin weight on my trailer is, if I recall correctly, 1300 lbs. That just about is at the limit of the truck.

My truck does "squat" a bit in the rear, but I still have good clearances on the bed rails and the ride is smooth. I'm sure it's more of a case of me over analyzing things.


Scott 101 06-20-2012 06:46 PM

Good to hear
I have been following another thread on the Ford F-150 forum and I have been hearing good things there about towing fifth wheels with the 1/2 ton trucks. Most of the posts are from others that do not have a half-ton PU, but there are a few good posts from folks that have Ĺ ton trucks.

What type of hitch do you use? Does your Jayco have the optional Reese Revolution pinbox. If so, what are your impressions? I looked that the 26.5 RLS and the other 26.5 model with the rear bath a couple of weeks ago in Ft. Lauderdale. I really liked them, but still like the 23.5 RBS. Unfortunately, few if any were shipped the Florida last year and the closest one is a 2012 in North Carolina.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of the Jayco?

I recently ran across a 22' Elkridge E22 by Heartland at the show in West Palm Beach last weekend. I was impressed with the extras that came with it, but it had a pin weight about 300# more than the Jayco. It would currently be my second choice, but am concerned about the extra weight. Thanks for your response.

dlongley 06-20-2012 08:56 PM

Which hitch?
Our dealer installed the Reese 16k slider hitch. I don't know much about the sidewinder or other hitch setups, but 2 friends of mine who are pulling a Cougar and a Montana had the same hitch installed. I'm still relatively new to this 5th wheel thing, but I haven't noticed any problems. Even with the short box, you have to crank it around close to 90 degrees before you're even close to hitting the camper nose with the rear of the truck cab. That's without engaging the slide on the hitch. RV manufacturers have done a great job streamlining the nose of the units to get them out of the way.

We love Jayco products. I'm not just saying that because I'm on this forum. The workmanship is good and the floor plan is well thought out. We previously owned a Jayco G2 travel trailer and loved it. No trouble at all, and everything was built soundly.

Plus you can't beat the 2 year warranty.

Dukedog 06-23-2012 08:43 PM

We have a 265RKS and it pulls very easy. I have a Ford power stroke diesel though, and also tow a 2000lb boat behind my Jayco. I would not be afraid to pull the trailer only with a gas half ton truck at all. Good luck.

Boubou 06-28-2012 10:04 AM

We also are looking at the Eagle HT superlight 23.5
My concern is the Ram payload. Says I can only have 1300
Lbs ~ in the bed. Other concern is the Jayco
Website says the dry hitch is 1055 lbs and the brochure says 1155 lbs
At this point, I'd feel better with the lighter figure but am I being anal about all of this? I read lots of comments in different forums about NoT exceeding payload and all that. We are almost ready to get this 5th wheel but I would love to hear more about people actually pulling 5th wheels and experiences.

Scott 101 06-30-2012 06:30 AM

1055 vs 1155
I believe the weight of the 2012 model was 1055lbs. The 2013 model added 100 lbs and weighs 1155 lbs. I am not overly concerned going over by a little bit, but intend to relocate the spare tire off the truck and travel with only 1 30# propane tank vs 2 and upgrade my truck tires to D or E range.

My total combined vehicle weight is still way under the limit. We travel light anyway, so I don't expect that my loaded pin weight will increase significantly. Still wish I could gain back the 100 lbs lost to the change in model years. Ask Jayco for a construction plan for the 23.5 RBS. Adding weight behind the axels (truck spare, coolers, partially filling fresh/gray/black tanks located behind the axel will also help with the pin weight.

Since I just bought my truck a year ago, I will not be buying a new one any time soon. I intend to compensate by using the methods above.

My problem is finding the 23.5 on a lot within a two day drive.

Boubou 06-30-2012 08:02 AM

Getting the Eagle Super Lite 23.5 Thursday! it's getting prepped now and getting the hitch (Superglide) installed Thursday morning.
Looking for tires now, the ones I have are only P rated.

Boubou 06-30-2012 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by Scott 101 (Post 84933)

My problem is finding the 23.5 on a lot within a two day drive.

Did you get it? did you find one?
Have to say, we are lucky, we got this one at our local dealer in Kingston just 20 minutes away.

Scott 101 06-30-2012 09:12 AM

No, still waiting for one to be delivered to a lot within a reasonable driving distance. Closest units are in western North Carolina or eastern South Carolina. We are in south Florida. Funny thing is that we have gone to Myrtle Beach,SC for the last five summers. Chose to stay around home this summer. We were thinking of ordering a unit, but wanted to see one first.

I keep checking in with Jayco. So far all 2013's have been sent to western and Midwest dealers. Only thing we have seen that is comparable to 23.5 RBS is the Elkridge 22' . Outside kitchen a lot nicer than Jayco and there is a built on bike rack on back. Elkridge has a pin weight that is 200 lbs heavier than the 23.5. Jayco appears to be a have a lot more window area in the main living areas. Still leaning towards the Jayco.

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