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A few thoughts and ideas. The grey water tank may be your culprit. Have you used anything in the grey tank? In the black tank I add some Calgon water softner. Soft water makes it harder for "gunk" to stick to the sides of the tank. You could also try adding some to the grey tank. If the black tank is the problem dump a bag of ice cubes into the tank and take it for a ride. The ice will knock around in the tank and dislodge anything that is sticking to the walls of the tank. I also have one of the sticks, and it seems to work pretty well. I do this when the dumpstation is not busy. I dump the tanks. After they are both empty, I close the valve on the grey tank, disconnect the sewer hose from the sewer and use the running water to fill the hose/back flush the black tank. If you hold the end of the hose up higher than the tank, the tank will fill this way. Then put the sewer hose down and let the tank drain again. As long as I see any particles coming out I keep repeating the process. Once the black tank is clean I close the valve for it then open the grey water valve and repeat the process. I have had some nasty stuff come out of my grey water tank. Good luck.

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I second that the grey water tank could be your problem. I put powder calgon (water softener) and powdered tide in both my tanks to keep them clean. And a little lemon pin-sol in the black for the smell. Works pretty good.

For the Black tank, I was thinking of getting one of these.


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Another formula for cleaning your tanks came from another camper on this forum a while back. Seems to work very well for us. No odors at all. In a gallon plastic jug put together 8oz pine-sol, 8oz liquid fabric softener, 8oz household ammonia, and 8oz baking soda. Mix with a quart or so of water, then fill the gallon jug the rest of the way with more water. Mix, then pour about a cup down each drain (sink, lavatory, and whatever else you have), then pour the rest of the gallon into the toilet. Follow with 2-3 gal of water. If really dirty, add 20lb ice cubes and take a 1/2 hour ride and dump. I put this concoction in every time I dump, and never have any odors from any of my 3 tanks.
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Hey Brad & Family, I had the exact same problem in the first camper I bought. I know the post is somewhat old and I hope you have the problem fixed by now but if you don't, here's what I found out. After 2 new seals and even a new toilet didn't cure the problem, I eventually looked at the black plastic ring that's screwed to the floor that the toilet bolts to. I found that 2 of the 4 screws were stripped out, so when I tightened the toilet down, it actually lifted the ring allowing odor to escape. The smell only happened when the fan was pulling the air out. It was an easy fix as I drilled new holes, not interfering with the seal contact and allowing the screws to seat.
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I don't believe your holding tank(s) are at fault. The problem is you need to have a window or another roof vent open when using the bathroom fan. What is happening is that when the fan is on, it is drawing outside air through the holding tank vent stack on the roof, through the holding tank, and up through the toilet. Try opening a window when you turn the bathroom vent fan on and see if it changes anything.
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Originally Posted by Roy W. View Post
I don't believe your holding tank(s) are at fault. The problem is you need to have a window or another roof vent open when using the bathroom fan. What is happening is that when the fan is on, it is drawing outside air through the holding tank vent stack on the roof, through the holding tank, and up through the toilet. Try opening a window when you turn the bathroom vent fan on and see if it changes anything.

Two different 3rd party products will dramatically eliminate smells in the bathroom. They are:

If getting smells within the RV/Chassis during towing, simply install the 360 Roof Top product. This product's design creates a negative air pressure above the vent pipe. Thus, "sucking" the bad air up and out the vent pipe. If wondering, normal vent caps don't create upward suction power. And sometimes, normal factory vents push air "down" the vent pipe while towing. Thus, pushing bad smells down (into) the tank and since air must come out, the bad air goes into into the RV's chassis. Many times, I read the 360 siphon vent Product works great. Especially during towing (that makes wind - to create this upward suction). And, works great when camping on windy days as well. For more details, surf: https://360productsnorthamerica.com/site/more-info

If getting smells within the chassis on "no wind" situations, I read many time the Power Fan vent products works great. They can be either solar power, 12V power or even 110/120V power. I like the idea of solar power product (such as: http://www.etrailer.com/Enclosed-Tra...53-945001.html ) but I read it sometimes has clicking sounds. And, it doesn't work well on NO sun days. Thus, I like the 12V or 110/120V power fan products (such as: http://www.lslproducts.net/IL-DSPage.html ) much better. Especailly with their manual off, low and high speed switches.

If one cannot install the "inline"12V or 110/120V product (re: http://www.lslproducts.net/IL-DSPage.html ) in one's RV, then perhaps one can create their own roof top Power vent product. This is done using some PVC or ABS piping, a properly physical size 12V computer fan, some screen (to keep the bugs out) and some white paint. For a power had product that I created for my seasonal site Jayco 29FBS, surf: http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w...hProduct-2.jpg

Hope this helps others...
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I forgot to mention that a "store bought" vent fan WAS available from http://www.lslproducts.net/ company. Unfortunately, they stopped making this specific product 2 years ago. But, using its design and historical installed pictures might allow you to find a simular store bought product. Or, make your own product using simple store bought PVC / ABS parts. For example, 12V 38 CFM computer fan and an extra large RV vent cover and some plastic piping. For more details of their previous product, surf: http://www.modmyrv.com/2008/10/02/rv...dor-controller

Hope this helps as well...
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I also do as tinlizzie23 says and dump 20 pounds of ice down there once in a while before pulling out of a site. With a few inches of water at the bottom of the black tank, the ice seems to "scrub" the walls pretty clean as you drive. Great thought also about the air lock in the cabinet! Who knows what previous owners put down the sinks - may as well clean the grey tank out as well.

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Same problem: Odor coming into Coach when run Exhaust Fans

We have a brand new, 2012 Pinnacle.. been experiencing the same problem, both with the exhaust fan in the toilet area, and with the big exhaust fan on the roof (run by the thermostat). Am baffled, as everything is new, treating the tanks appropriately (I think), etc.

At one point, I even reglued (put more glue around the pipe connections) the ABS (black pipe) permanent connections under the sinks... which actually did seem to help (one of them had water seeping out of it on some occasions, so did have one issue for sure, under the bedroom area sink) ... as well as hand tightened, snugged up all the threaded connections.

Appreciating the hints, suggestions here on the forum, about other things to watch check... for now, we just minimize the use of the exhaust fans, as every time we turn them on, and leave them on for any length of time, we get black/gray tank (not sure which one it is coming from) odor.

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