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Originally Posted by Swampy View Post
"tree rats".

I don't think your bucket trap would work on these guys ... they can jump vertically at least 6 feet into the air and get into the bird feeder, plus they leap 20 to 30 feet going tree to tree. They also seem to have a keen eye for hitting the mark when throwing acorns and pine cones at you when you get in range.

Yes, they also breed like mice. Like the chipmunks, they are all rodents.

Jim Knoch
Can't jump in 8-10" of water. Also use a metal trash can and same formula of water and seeds. Squirrels are smart but greedy and likely can't resist a free lunch. Also had issues with squirrels in my attic. At night you could here something running around above the ceiling in sons bedroom. Went up thru a trap door and there it was a nest with 6 small squirrels about half full grown. First messed with the nest hoping that would discourage the mom and move them out. Failure so I went to lethal force and popped all of them with a bb gun. Then layed the bodies side by side on the roof directly above the hole they had chewed thru the fascia under the gutter. Next morning all were gone. Like to think the mom got the hint but likely they were taken by hawks or something. Patched the hole and no more issues.

Also had a war with woodpeckers. I know they are protected in most places but they too were destroying my house. House sided with rough cedar siding which I found out was a favorite target of the peckers. Pecking for grubs in the wood or some think just showing off for the females, but they could pretty much shred a 10 foot vertical board near a corner in just a weekend. NOthing worked to scare them off so out came the bb gun. With my house as a clear backstop, I could get pretty close [30'] and popped several. Dropped some for good and others left in a puff of feathers and again hoped the survivers would spread the word. Must have worked as the frequence and scale of the damage slowed way down. Still had some patching every once in a while. Now live in a home sided with large horizontal popular planks with chinking like a log cabin. LIve in the mid south and carpender bees are a big problem here. They drill into the planks and lay eggs that turn into larva which are a favorite of those very large woody woodpeckers. They can do more damage than a chainsaw. That problem is ongoing and so far no peckers down.

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My Springer Spaniel used to chase gophers around on our property and take care of them. We had a few that were pretty smart, so I would put a water hose in one of the holes and the Springer would go around to the other holes looking for the exit and sit and wait. 100% effective... one VERY HAPPY DOG!
What a team we made, may he rest in peace.


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I hadn't thought of using a garbage can ... that would probably work. We have to watch for containers holding water down here ... breeds mosquitoes which carry all sorts of things you don't want. Like Dengue Fever, Equine Encephalitis, Kissing bug (I forget the virus name for that one), and now a new one called Zika virus.

I had a camp on the Amite River, near French Settlement, Louisiana and the wood bees would infest the exposed beams. Then along would come the woodpeckers and they would shred the wood into splinters while going after the bee larvae. They actually caused the roof on the boat shed to collapse over the course of a week's time. The game warden stopped me with my pellet rifle before I could take revenge, even after I explained and showed him what the woodpeckers had done.

Since I couldn't beat them, I sold the camp. Now the new owner could deal with the birds & the bees!

You know how it is, when it ceases to be fun, it is work!

You had better keep any eye on the wood bees, if the woodpeckers see them, you could end up with a shredded house, too.

Jim Knoch

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